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This section functions much like a toy chest. It helps to keep things accessible but orderly.

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Site Development

Instead of being a mega-page that covers every aspect of ABDL life, Understanding Infantilism is structured to work along with partnering websites. For example, all sites are invited to link directly to the glossary or to individual words in it, as discussed in "Need a Definition? Don't Write a New One". This is the most efficient way to achieve the page's vision. Another way is by encouraging link-friendly web page features and puzzle-like connectivity.

More recently, alternative information structures such as Hybrid FAQ pages, targeted to specific audiences, were proposed.

It also has a developmental Style Manual being refined and implemented on a going-forward basis, and a statement on the coverage of non-baby-themed masochism.

Legacy Texts

In the past, a number of articles and texts have been added to Understanding Infantilism. However, some no longer fit into the site structure. They ended up here.

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