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How To: Increase Enjoyment of Diapers

To an infantilist who just got back into them, every diaper is a joy, fresh and new.  However, it is human not to be content.  He'll be looking for ways to bring his experience closer to his fantasies.  

As time goes on, he may find that a good fantasy might not be a good reality.  He may also become curious about new things.  In turn, he may become "hooked" on the fading thrill of newness, driving him on to try other new things.  This downward slide will hopefully be brought under control.

Hopefully, his explorations will lead toward a stable level, where he is happiest.

Table #3
New Things


Would you like to feel more babyish? YES Yes
The least complicated way for some infantilists to enhance the experience is with accessories.   This could include stuffed animals (my personal favorite), baby bottles, books, etc.  Most of these items can be tried out cheaply.  

Baby powder and oil can also have wonderful effects on the experience.  Please note that baby oil will shorten the life of plastic pants.  

Other items, such as specially modified clothing or custom furniture, might also be worth considering, but they may be expensive.

Would you like to wear diapers more often? YES Yes How often you should wear diapers depends on the compromise between the diminishing enjoyment and increasing cost of wearing diapers.  In most cases, the first diaper is more fun than the second, which is more fun than the third.  In turn, the expense and trouble increases: the cost of a leak into your Saturday jeans is less than a leak through your Monday suit and onto the chair of a potential customer.

In spite of this, being in diapers all the time is a common fantasy.  Some have made it a reality and have shared their experiences of being back in diapers 24/7.  There is also a journal of one person's long-term use of diapers.

Would you like your diaper to feel thicker or bigger?
YES Yes There are many ways to make a diaper feel thicker.  They can be as simple as using a doubler or baby diaper inside of the adult diaper.  They can also be much more elaborate, as in the case of an Orca_Stack.

Do you want to feel incontinent [def]?  Do you want to feel out-of-control of when you wet or mess?
YES Yes Control can be lost behaviorally, chemically, hypnotically, mechanically, and surgically.

Behavioral modifications involve untraining your bowel and bladder.  The difficulty varies from person to person.  These are only practical for those who plan to be in diapers full-time for the foreseeable future.

Chemical loss of control is easy for the bowel, but not for the bladder.  Laxatives and enemas can cause an urgent or irresistible bowel movement, and are available over-the-counter.  There was also a mention of a combination of herbal teas that caused bed wetting, but this hasn't been confirmed.  
There are also hypnotic tapes and CDs that may also be able to cause incontinence.  

Mechanical loss of control can be caused by the use of a catheters, as described by Medicaltoys.com or bardex*** enema [def] kits.  These are inserted into the body through the urethra or anus, respectively.  With catheters, there is a significant risk of infection.  

Surgical alterations are not recommended.

Are you interested in transvestism or masochism and wish to incorporate them into infantilism?
YES Yes When combining activities, please insure that they are done safely.  This is more of a concern for those seeking to make diapers a part of their masochism.  

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***  The term Bardex Enema is used as a term for an anal retention catheter. This has nothing to do with the current products from CR Bard Inc. marketed  under the brand name BARDEX. The use of the term on this webpage is in no way connected to C.R. Bard. BARDEX is a registered trademark of CR Bard Inc.
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