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Understanding Infantilism (.org)

Where can I get in Touch with other Infantilists?

By BitterGrey

Newsgroups permit you to anonymously read what others have posted, or to post questions or comments. Many infantilism newsgroups have a lot of off-topic messages. Email forwarding systems, as you might have guessed, forward messages from subscribers to all of the other subscribers. The most established email forwarding system is BBIF.

While newsgroups and email will store up messages to be read later, there are also real-time channels for contact. Internet Relay Chat is a system of servers and chanels. Some of these channels are devoted to talking about diapers and infantilism. You may need to setup IRC software on your computer before using it. If you would like to do more than chat, a few telent systems offer text-only virtual realities, called Mucks. The most developed is FurryMUCK where you can generate a furry alter-ego and interact with . It has a daycare center, diaper company, a nursery, and much more to see. ICQ is also a way to keep in touch with infantilists, but doesn't have a dedicated room or channel. To use IRC or ICQ, you may need to set up some software. The software for telneting is on most computers, but you should allow some time to learn the commands; the more you know, the more you can do.

How to get Connected With Other Infantilists

BitterGrey's Den was founded in September, 1995. Since then, the infantilism community on the world wide web has grown considerably. With the increase in the size of the community, the time demands of maintaining a linxs page have also increased. As a result, the Den can't maintain an up to date links page. However, below is a list of some infantilistic newsgroups and chat rooms.


Email forwarding

Chat rooms

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