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When Understanding Infantilism was started back in 1995, the Internet was young, and there was little information on infantilism there.Now information is much more abundant, but finding the information that you are looking for can still be a challenge. Tools for finding this information usually fall into two groups; the structured indexes and the automated search engines.Of course, there is also the option of asking someone (for example, you could Email BitterGrey[mail] )

Understanding Infantilism has three index structures.They all connect to the same information, but offer different ways to find that information.The most conventional is the UI Articles Index (under construction).This would be the best index for those wishing to read Understanding Infantilism 'cover to cover,' as if it were a book. The second is a decision tree that directs the reader to information, based on who they are and what they want to do.This emphasizes pages on how to do things, and so is called the HowTo index. This structure is useful if you have only a general idea of what you are looking for.Finally, there is the AtoZ (alphabetical) index, which is structured like a dictionary or encyclopedia.

Search engines are a more common way to access information.Among the search engines, three are noteworthy.The PicoSearch engine, above, will search Understanding Infantilism for any word or phrase.General search engines, such as Google, are also great.Another search engine that should be considered is Alta Vista, which can complete strict boolean searches.For example, a Google search for "diaper fetish" will list thousands of pages.Some of these pages will actually be about diaper fetishes, and many will be pages that included every adult search term, just to get the traffic. These pages can be filtered by searching for pages with the phrase "diaper fetish" but not "fisting."In Alta Vista, this search is entered as +diaper +fetish -fisting. Search engines are often the most up-to-date indexes.

The final decision of which search method to use will depend on how focused the search should be.The indexes favor general searches, which are useful for those who are new to infantilism.The search engines favor sharply focused searches, for those seeking to learn more about particular details.


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