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Textbook of Psychosexual Disorders

Quoted from: A Textbook of Psychosexual Disorders
Written by: Allen, Clifford
Published by: Oxford Medical Publications, NY, 1969
Copyright Notice: This material is copyrighted. What is reproduced here is intended to permit access to those who would otherwise be unable. It is not to be reproduced for profit.

(It should be noted that elsewhere in this book, infantosexuality is misused to mean pedophilia . It seems to be mostly a semantic error on the author's part, but it could lead to misunderstandings.)

From pg 290...

Infantosexual Transvestism

There is a rare form of 'transvestism' (if one can call it such) in which the patient does not dress in the clothes of the opposite sex but as a child. This was first described by Pettow in 1910. I have never treated such a case but have seen very rare mention of them in the public press. The patient seems usually to be a woman and in one case actually went to school for a time. The psychopathology of this is that it is a reversion toward childhood, a most obvious regression. It probably appears in more or less normal adults who like to go to fancy-dress balls dressed as infants complete with feeding bottle or dummy. (We have already noted, under infantosexuality, the curious fact that present-day fashion tends to give the impression of immaturity-the Little Lord Fauntleroy hair styles amongst young men &c. Possibly this is related to infantosexual transvestism.)
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