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Understanding Infantilism (.org)

Understanding Infantilism's Vision

By BitterGrey

Strategic Vision|Goal

The ultimate goal of this site is to serve God. More specifically, it is to promote life and to enable Christians. This will be accomplished by distributing information about paraphilic infantilism.


To achieve this goal, this site should be positioned as a "front door" site. That is, infantilists will see it when entering the community, if only once. It will be something they can present it to their guests; wives, parents, or friends they have told about their infantilism.

This position may involve little traffic, but will require a high visibility. Without an advertising budget, visibility must come from relationships with other sites. Two primary types of relationships are link exchanges and strategic partnerships. Link exchanges do not imply an involved relationship, merely that two sites have links to each other. These exchanges only offer visibility.

In contrast, strategic partnerships imply interlocking subjects or services. Proxima's Nursery is a furry specific art and multimedia page, that updates frequently. This is in contrast to the Den, which needs to remain a general information page. Strategic partners divide up broad topics and handle it better as a team than any of them could individually. Partnerships improve on the body of information as well as making it easier to find.

- Updated:20 March 2011     

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