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Coverage of Non-Baby-Themed Masochism

by BitterGrey

The careful reader of Understanding Infantilism.org will notice that it focuses primary on infantilism and diaper fetishes, as opposed to non-baby-themed masochistic elements, babyfurs, etc. This focus is a partly arbitrary organizational decision.

According to the second ABDL survey, about half of participantsSTATS had an interest in sadomasochism and power exchange, and about a third of participantsSTATS intermix baby-themed and non-baby-themed masochistic elements. However, as there are already great sources for material on many non-baby-themed masochistic elements, this website will not attempt to address them. (As some non-baby-themed masochistic elements can be dangerous if practiced improperly, readers are urged to use care and take advantage of these other sources, especially local classes.) This website will instead focus on baby-themed elements (including diapers), and discussions on how to intermix the two (e.g. ABDL for BDSM Enthusiasts).

Writing personally, some readers might attempt to infer my own preferences from this. I engage in limited conventional masochistic activities, but have decided not to intermix baby-themed and non-baby-themed masochistic elements. I'm also experimenting with hypnosis as a form of solo power exchange. While pleasant, I can't write that this experimentation has been concretely effective. A few files have proven particularly compatible with my interests and lifestyle (see Rebar Hypnosis Files), but these had the sense more of reinforcing and supporting, as opposed to taking control. I also have a number of other interests that are not central to the focus of this website, ranging from being a babyfur to road cycling, although these might affect content tangentially (e.g. the use of cycling bottles in experiments toward a lower-profile or bigger baby bottle). Clearly, interests and experiences will differ, so while this is the case for me, it might not be the case for any other particular ABDL.

To avoid a lack of focus, this website will focus on elements central to infantilism and diaper fetishes - diapers and babyhood - but may include some peripheral elements that are not well-handled elsewhere. This is intended neither as a value judgment, nor as an assertion that any one set of practices is more "true" or "right" than other sets.

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