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Masochism and the Self

Quoted from: Masochism and the Self
Written by: Roy F. Baumeister
Published by: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1989.

Copyright Notice: This material is copyrighted. What is reproduced here is intended to permit access to those who would otherwise be unable. It is not to be reproduced for profit.

From pg 82...

Some masochists like to be treated as babies. They submit to being dressed in diapers, kept in playpens, given bottles to suck and baby toys to play with, and are typically spanked at some point.*

* There are apparently a category of adults who desire to be dressed or treated as babies, for sexual pleasure, without any other signs of masochism.

From pg 159...

A second category of status degradation involves being treated as an infant. These masochists reported being dressed up in diapers, which they would often wet (sometimes serving as a pretext for spanking). They described being bathed, having their diapers or other baby clothes changed, being kept in playpens, and so forth. This pattern was rather rare.* Still, it was exclusively associated with male masochism. No female masochists reported being reduced to the status of a baby, nor did any dominant writer (male or female) mention such a practice.

* It must be noted that Variations contained other sections devoted entirely to adult baby activities. These were not included in my analyses because they made no reference to S & M activities.

From page 220, Table 17

Humiliation of Submissive Partner

Author was.... 
Male Author             Dominant Submissive   
Animal                 0(0%)    15(17%)   
Baby                   0(0%)     8(9%)   
Verbal                 5(16%)   30(35%)   
Display               10(32%)   24(28%)   
Urination              1(3%)     8(9%)   
Enema                  2(6%)     4(5%)   
Oral*                  1(3%)    34(40%)   
other                  2(6%)    39(45%)   
No humiliation        15(48%)    8(9%)  

Female Author           Dominant Submissive   
Animal                 5(15%)    5(17%)   
Baby                   0(0%)     0(0%)   
Verbal                 7(21%)   19(26%)   
Display                5(15%)   32(44%)   
Urination              4(13%)    5(7%)   
Enema                  4(12%)    4(6%)   
Oral*                 12(36%)    5(7%)   
other                 13(39%)   10(14%)   
No humiliation         5(15%)   17(24%) 

* Oral humiliation includes kissing feet, kissing buttocks or anus, oral consumption of sexual juices other than through oral sex, and/or underwear held in the mouth.

Some letters included multiple humiliations, so columns do not add up to the total number of letters. percentages are based on comparing letters that included vs. did not include each particular type of humiliation.

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