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If Your Child is an Infantilist or Diaper Lover

By Stormbird

First let me say congratulations for researching information on this subject, your child will be better for it if you are as informed as possible. I too am a parent; I have 4 boys ranging from 3 to 13.  

Why do you suspect your child of being an infantilist?

Have you caught him/her wearing diapers? Has he or she been to “these” types of web sites? Have they come right out and told you? First and foremost do not, DO NOT go crazy or yell at your child. Do not accuse them of doing anything dirty. You are the parent you must remain calm. Do your research; ask questions of others, and your child. Never shame them, or punish them for having these feelings. Please remember your child will be confused about why they have these feelings too. I was. They too would like to know the answers to the same questions you have. You may want them to look to you for the answers. So you use the internet and encourage them to talk with you about it.

 From the research I have done, at this point it is much too late to change who your children will become. So why not be a part of their life now? Don’t shut them out because of this. If you go crazy about this, then later your children will be afraid to talk to you about more harmful things, like drugs and sex. Trust me: diapers are much less harmful! Try to point out what following this lifestyle will mean to them. It is not easy to hide this from friends who will tease them.

My background: I enjoy wearing and using diapers, I have had these feelings and desires all my life from my earliest recollections. You may be wondering if my parents and upbringing have any thing to do with this. No! That's right, my parents didn't unwittingly force me into this by some action or inaction on their part. The same is true for you and your child. Some people want or need to blame this on something. Many blame potty training at an early age, broken homes, or child abuse. But we know that infantilists come from both supportive and broken homes. They might have been trained early, or late. Because of very limited memory of my early years of life I can not say that external factors have any thing to do with this part of me. Could my parents have done any thing different in these most formative years to change my path in life? Maybe, but what? I don't know what events or other factors guided me along this path. Simply put, no one is to blame, not Mom and Dad, sister or brother.

This page can only scratch the surface of this iceberg. If you wish email me privately at me262_stormbird (at) hotmail.com and I will try to answer your questions in more detail.

- Updated:20 March 2011     

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