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Why would someone want to wear diapers or be a baby?

The reasons might be as diverse as the people themselves. An Adult Baby (AB) is simply someone who enjoys being a baby in fantasy or roleplay, often in diapers. Someone who enjoys diapers but doesn't enjoy being a baby is called a Diaper Lover (DL). Since the groups overlap, they are called AB/DLs or ABDLs.

ABDLs might have infantilism, a diaper fetish, some other condition, or might simply want to wear diapers and/or be a baby.

What are infantilism and diaper fetishes?

They are deep and lasting urges with a specific focus; diapers and/or babyhood. Infantilism is the desire to be a baby. Even with the Internet and TV shows about adult babies, infantilism is still widely misunderstood.

Diaper fetishes are easier to describe - they are a fetish for diapers. Infantilism isn't a diaper fetish, but one person might have both. Neither involve actual children.

Is being an ABDL OK?

Other than a potential risk of diaper rash, these desires aren't directly harmful. Still, indirect risks, concerns, and misunderstandings might need to be addressed.


Learning More

This website also provides information on the practices of ABDLs as well as an A to Z index and glossary. Those interested in a printable overview should see the ABDL Primer. There is also a wealth of information from past ABDL survey series available, although data analysis is ongoing.

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This is an academic site. However, because of the topics it deals with, it may be sexually or religiously offensive to some readers. Those who are under 18 are welcome, but are encouraged to keep their options open.

A triangle relating a paraphilic infantilism, emphasizing change in role or loss of control, to a diaper fetish, emphasizing diapers as objects.  In some ways, the corners are similar to transvestism, masochism, and not surprisingly fetishism.

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