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The Understanding Infantilism Style Manual

Topic Progression

As content matures from definition, to article section, to article, to sub-index, the connections should be updated accordingly. Links leading to just a definition or survey statistic should be marked with an icon, as detailed below.

Definition Links

Links that lead to a definition, not a page section or more extensive information, should only have the DEF tag linked. eg: Some ABDLs simulate the feel of a messy diaper by using bananas or oatmeal in a practice called diaper stuffingDEF.


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Survey Statistics Links

eg: Only one ABDL in ten wears diapers but does not enjoy urinating in themSTATS.


eg: Surprisingly, an ABDL who is equally adult baby and diaper lover is more likely to be interested in messing than one who is only an adult baby.[2]

External Links

eg: There are also email-based groups, such as Big Babies, Infantilists, and Friends (BBIF)EXT, which also has some regional chapters.


WARNING: Sip the water frequently over a period of time, generally not more than a liter an hour.
CAN'T UNSEE: A perceived lack of control might only seem real until you critically test it to make sure it is real.

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