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The Rubber Sheet

The case history of Michael L. from the files of googoob@aol.com
August 1995

I was born in 1934. As a baby, Mother dressed me in cloth diapers and Playtex brand, latex rubber pants. I slept on a soft, white rubber sheet in my crib, just in case my diapers got soaked at night and my rubber pants leaked. My parents did not want the mattress to get soiled. The rubber sheet covered the whole bed and I slept on a large quilted pad under me that often got pushed aside or bunched up. I usually found myself sleeping right on the rubber sheet. I liked the way it smelled and felt.

My Playtex rubber baby pants were stretchy and swished and popped as Mother put my legs in them and then pulled them over my diapers. They had air holes in them up around the waist so they wouldn't fill up with air when you sat down. I think she told me the holes made them breatheable. But when I was sleeping, they leaked if I wet my diapers too much. I remember how sweet they smelled and how good they felt when I touched them. I had them in blue, white and yellow, as I was a little boy. I can remember seeing little girls in pink rubber pants stretched over their diapers in a nursery I went to. You could always see them under their dresses. I often looked for them.

My rubber pants were washed in the bathroom and hung to dry on a towel rack reserved just for them. Whenever I toddled into the bath room I always saw several pairs hanging to dry. My wet and dirty diapers were put into a diaper pail. My room usually smelled of wet diapers.

I guess I enjoyed being in wet diapers and my rubber pants for my Mother told me years later, that I never cried when I was wet and only a little bit when I was soiled. I enjoyed being in wet diapers and remember feeling them soppy wet. They squished and bubbled and I like the tickling feeling they gave me.

I wore diapers every day and night until I was 4 years old. Mother began to toilet train me late and my diapers were replaced with thick cotton training pants. In a way they felt like diapers but didn't have to be pinned on like diapers. I didn't wear any rubber pants over them. I didn't really like this, for I missed my rubber pants and diapers.

During my toilet training, my rubber sheet was left on my bed just in case I wet at night to keep the mattress fresh. It was a good thing too, for I had many night time bedwettings as I remember. I still slept on the quilted pad laid on my rubber sheet. Mother did not put cotton sheets over it. I had a top sheet and blankets. Mother would make me wear my thick training pants under my pyjamas to absorb my bedwetting if it occurred.

I really missed my diapers and rubber pants and one day I began to search in my dresser where Mother had kept them. They were gone! There were nothing there but my training pants. I asked her where were my diapers and rubber pants and she told me since I was growing up to be a big boy, I didn't need to wear diapers anymore. She had given my diapers and rubber pants away to the lady next door for her baby boy. I really cut a tantrum! Those were mine and they shouldn't be given away! I immediately got a spanking for my tantrum.

That night I took off my pyjamas and the quilted pad. I pulled the rubber sheet between my legs like a rubber diaper and began to wet my traning pants. The rubber sheet felt wonderful on me. I was happy to be wet again and I went to sleep. That morning I was soaking wet and Mother found me lying in a puddle on my rubber sheet! She got me to clean myself up and wiped the rubber sheet dry with the quilted pad, which had fallen on the floor. As she made up my bed and I dressed in clean training pants, she commented how restless I was that night. She made my bed up again with the rubber sheet stretched tightly over the mattress and out a new quilted pad on it.

I was playing in the back yard that morning and saw the lady next door hanging out diapers on the line. I knew they must have been mine! Then she began hanging my old rubber pants up to dry on a rack under a tree. She went back inside and I sneaked through the hedge and took a pair of the rubber pants and ran to the garage. I was delerious with happiness at having them back! I quickly stripped down and took off my training pants and pulled the rubber pants on. They felt so good! They popped, swished and tickled me all over! I put my training pants on over them and my shorts. I didn't want Mother to find me out. I played all day in them and it was such a secret thing for me! When I felt I had to go to the bathroom I just pulled them down and peed in the toilet like a big boy. They got hot and sweaty on me and I enjoyed the slippery wettness. I dared not wet them on purpose for Mother would see the wet stains on my shorts if they leaked. I really wanted to though but didn't.

That afternoon, I took them off and hid them in a box in the garage. It was my secret place for my little treasures! I even got some baby powder to rub on them to keep them from sticking. All that week I sneaked into the garage and wore my rubber pants under my my clothes and enjoyed them immensely. I got another pair off the neighbors drying rack and one day she found her puppy pulling off a pair. I guess that answered the question of what happened to the missing rubber pants!

That night I went to bed on my quilted pad and rubber sheet, wearing my training pants. I woke up soaked and wet and Mother just changed my bed again. I was happy sleeping in my wet training pants. They were still something like diapers. And I always had my rubber pants to play in, hidden in the garage.

For the next several nights I woke up dry and Mother was delighted. She always made me void before going to bed although I often woke with a full bladder, wishing I could wet my bed. She told me if I hadn't dried up she was afraid she would have had to put me back into diapers and rubber pants. Oh how I wish that could have been!

As I grew older I had a few bedwetting accidents and Mother let me keep my rubber sheet on my bed for security. The rubber pants I had, ripped or were too small for me to wear and I always day dreamed of beng a baby again and wearing my diapers and rubber pants. At night, when eveyone was asleep, I would take off my pyjamas and training pants and pull on my rubber sheet diaper and go back to sleep. It felt so good to be wrapped up in it like huge rubber pants!

When I reached seven, I was dry at night and Mother took off the rubber sheet much to my dismay. I really liked sleeping on it. After that I didn't really think much of not having it. Once in awhile I dreamed at night of being in my rubber pants and wetting but the dreams got further apart.

When I was 12, I got a job delivering newspapers, making my first money other than my allowance. My bicycle was my mobile freedom as I used it to visit friends and work my paper route. One day Mother asked me to ride to the drug store to get her some things. She gave me the money and I got on my bicycle.

At the store I got her shopping list filled and as I walked out I passed by the display of baby pants. There were the Playtex baby pants I had worn as a child and for some reason, the old urge came back to me. I opened one of the boxes and felt the soft rubber between my fingers and yearned so much to wear them again. I was overcome with compulsion and looked for the largest size they had. I found a super toddler size in a cream color and nervously bought them.

I took my purchases and headed for home. I passed a gas station and wheeled into the bathroom. I went inside and locked the door. I opened the silver package and pulled out the rubber pants. They really looked to small for me to wear but I quickly stripped down and carefully pulled them on. They stretched large enough for me to wear, but fit tight. I felt so happy! I pulled my underpants and shorts over them and rode back home, feeling the wonderful ticking they gave me all over my body. Each time I pedaled, they popped and swished over me and I could feel and excitement I had never felt before coming over my privates. They became wet and slippery in a short time! I got home, gave Mother her package and went to my room.

I lay on my bed feeling the rubber pants clasp me all over and slip and slide. I began to rub myself and then faster and faster. I exploded into my first ejaculation and my rubber pants became very slippery. I was in heaven! I had never felt such a feeling before! I kept them on all day and must have had several more ejaculations during that time! All the memories of wet diapers, the feeling and smell of rubber pants and rubber sheets came flooding back from my memory. I imagined I was a baby again and enjoyed the revelry!

When it was late afternoon, I told Mother I was going to shower before supper. I went into the bathroom and locked the door as was my custom. I stripped down to my lovely new rubber pants and looked at myself in the mirror, savoring how they looked and felt on me. I got into the shower with them still on and pulling them back, let the water fill and stretch them out.

I loved the way the water filled my rubber pants and sloshed around inside them. Pulling out a leg, I let them drain out and proceed to wet myself. My bladder emptied fully and the rubber pants held in the warm wettness. They bulged and I could feel the warm water fill and caress my crotch and bottom. The tickling sensation spread all inside them and as I rubbed my penis, I exploded into another ejaculation of emmense proprotions. After a few moments I recouped and did it once more.

I slid off my rubber pants washed them and myself and patted them dry with a towel. Dusting them with baby powder I was almost tempted to put them back on but resisted and took them to my room to hide them away. I kept them hidden and wore them often during my teen years, never telling anyone of my secret. I even bought rubber sheets in a small size that I fashioned into rubber diapers. They were fun to wear too.

When I got too big to stretch the Playtex rubber pants to fit me, I found adult size rubber pants in the Sears Roebuck catalog. They were in the sickroom / hospital section. They called them hospital bloomers for post-operative use. I had remember seeing in the yellow pages, a listing for hospital suppily stores. One day I nervously called one and asked if they had rubber hospital bloomers. The lady on the phone said they did and told me how much they were. The store was many blocks away from me and I wondered if I could ride my bicycle there. The urge was too strong, so one afternoon, after schoo,l I put my money in my pockets and rode over there. It was an old, frame building on a side street and I went in. I'll never forget how nervous I was. An elderly lady behind the counter asked if she could help. I told her I wanted hospital bloomers for my grandmother. She took out some little green boxes with a Bittner label on them and opened them up. Out spilled a pair of gum rubber bloomers! I had seen the same things in the catalog. She held them up and I nearly died from excitement! She showed me some others, in white rubber, that had shorter legs. I bought a pair of each in small, which matched my waist size. I gave her the money and hurried out.

At last I had my rubber pants back with me andI could go to a place that sold them! I put the bag in my bicycle basket and pedalled home as fast as I could. I stopped in a wooded section before I got home and took the rubber pants out of the boxes and stuffed them down into my underpants. I threw the boxes away. I bulged out in front! Mother would notice immediately! Nearby was a small pond with a fishing shack. I rode down the sandy road and went right in it.

I slipped off my shorts and underpants and shook out the white rubber pants. I felt I could wear both of them home and then take them off to hide. I put on the white rubber pants, feeling the delicious sensations creep over my body. I pulled them up and they were a perfect fit! I pulled on the gum rubber bloomers and the legs looked as if they would show off under my shorts! What was I too do! I tried to roll them up my legs and they puckered and bloomered out too much. I took them off, then the white ones, and put the long leg bloomers back on, rolling them up as high as I could on my legs! Then I put the white rubber pants back on and they kept kept the bloomers from falling out of my shorts! Boy, was I happy! I put my shorts back on over my new rubber pants and felt them swishing and tickling me as they done before.

I got on my bicylce and headed home. I began to get hot and slippery inside the rubber pants and they felt fantastic! I got home and after enjoying myself several times, took them off, dried and powdered them and put them away in a secret place in my room. Each night, when the lights were off, I would take them out and sleep in them. Daybreak would find me hiding them away. I did this all of my teen years until I went off to college. I felt I was the only one in the world who ever had this compulsion and never revealed it to others for fear of ridicule.

In college, I had an apartment by myself and could wear my rubber pants openly in the privacy of my rooms. A rubber sheet was always on my bed. I even bought adult cloth diapers to wear and that was a trip! I would to wash them late at night in the college laundromat to avoid embarrassement. I would often wear diapers to class and would wet myself! I found more times and courage to wear diapers under my adult clothes as I went off to college and I still do.

I am sure, those early experieces have left me, as an adult, with a fetish for rubber and the resullting psychological, compulsive patterning that accompanies it. As an adult I have assembled a large collection of diapers, rubber pants, rubber sheets, and rubber outfits that I wear often. Each night I go to bed in my diapers, rubber pants and sleep on my rubber sheet as I did as a child. I have become a cronic bedwetter again. I have no more control of my bladder at night and little during the day. Often I will wear diapers and rubber pants under my adult clothes to shop for my baby things, happily wetting myself as I do. As I live by myself, this practice continues and probably will for the rest of my life. I thank you dear reader, for listening to me.

-Michael L. -

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