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Don't Reinvent the Wheel

By BitterGrey

So you'll have more time...

Lets say you are writing about a fun day for your web page. It was a bright spring afternoon, and you were playing in the sand box, wearing a nappy and a pinaforeDEF. However, you realized that some of your readers might not know what a 'pinafore' is. It is one of the many terms that are common inside infantilistic circles, but rare outside. You could use another word that isn't what you mean, such as "apron." Or you could type in a definition as a parenthetical statement and hope it doesn't disrupt the flow of the page. Or you could put all of your definitions on another page and link to them.

Or you could insert a [def] tag and link it directly to the word in the existing Glossary of Infantilist Terms.This way, you don't need to make your own glossary, so you don't have to repeat the work done by others. Your reader can click on the tag, read the definition and get back to your story with the "Back" button on his browser. So you both will have more time for doing something else.

Better Content for Everyone

Of course, you can still invest this time into your page. Since you won't need to spend that time reproducing the work of others, you can use it to make new or better content. It will also permit you to focus on where you are making a contribution.

Content becomes Easier to Find

With more specialization and less reproduction, the good content becomes easier to find. Without specialization, there might be five people maintaining pages on five common topics, for a total of twenty five pages. With specialization, the five people would pick the topic they were best able to contribute to, and maintain that page. Because each person doesn't need to maintain the four other pages, they can make the one that much better. Instead of the four other pages, he'd have links to the four other people. These four other people would, in turn, focus on one topic and use links.

The total effort from the five people doesn't change. However, the visitors has one really good page on each topic to look though, as opposed to having to look through five pages with OK content. The community benefits from the partnership that the five authors have formed.

I'm Sold. How do I Set It Up?

For just a definition, you can put in a link that will go straight to the word you want. For example, if it was a sun suit instead of a pinafore, the html would look like:" sun suit <a href="http://understanding.infantilism.org/glossary_st.php#sunsuit"> [def] </a>" On your page, it will look like: sun suit[DEF]. (Or you can use optional CSS and sup tags for DEF.) It is a link to http://understanding.infantilism.org/glossary.html#sun_suit. Note that pinafore or sun suit is replaced by the_word_you_want, with underscores instead of spaces. The [def] tag is optional, and can be replaced with the word itself, for example, you could be wearing a jumper instead. If you want a definition that isn't there, please Email BitterGrey[mail] . Someone else might want that definition too.

For common words, you can use other online dictionaries, but their definitions aren't ABDL-specific. This isn't a problem for "pinafore", but it is for "infantilism" , "jumper", etc.

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