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Tomkitty's Biography

The following is an autobiographical account submitted by the subject. Its accuracy has not been confirmed. Identifying information may have been changed or removed.

I was born somewhere in Europe in the late 80's, in a wealthy and loving family. My oldest memories go back to the time when my own 'potty training' was over, maybe I was around 3.5 Years of age. Already back then, I had a somewhat special and hard to describe 'relationship', to diapers, especially disposable ones, like those I used as a baby. For me, there was always a unique 'Aura' that surrounded diapers as an object, and all the actions & things that had to do with it. Even the shape, the material, the changing... All this has for me an almost magical connection to a feeling of security.

Tomkitty's fursona

Even with those strong feelings towards diapers, it took until I've reached puberty before my 'ABDL Career' slowly began to start: I stole some of my Mums sanitary napkins (sorry for that!) and used them for masturbation. In this very moment I did not realize what the reason for this was, that the material that they were made of is quite similar to that of disposable diapers.

Eventfully years passed, and somewhere between my apprenticeship, a late-pubertal existential crisis and joining the Army I've discovered the Furry Fandom and had my coming out as a bisexual male. The contact to the furries lead to some 'childish' elements in my life that I do really enjoy. For example, a growing plushie collection, T-Shirts with toon animal prints and so on. At that point I've decided to live my own life, and that I don't care what society thinks what a 'real Man' has to be or to do. Sleeping with my plushies was the first step in this direction, that I never did regret.

With many months and years in fandom, it was just a matter of time until I've learned about babyfurs. First online, and later I've met some of them in person. First I was irritated by the things those people liked, and the way they spend their time together. But as time passed, I've realized that there was a big similarity between the babyfurs and myself, and that there was this thing that always meant something special to me: Diapers. And that it always was a part of me.

Shortly after, I've began to experiment with various ABDL Things, and spoke to my closest friends about it. From this time on, my Fursona was a little, very cuddly Baby-Tomcat with the human age of aprox. 2.5 Years. On pictures you can often see him in diapers, with a paci and cuddling a plushy. Today I'd live a very happy life, with no regrets. It was a long way until here, but I'm sure there are many other people out there that have to fight a much bigger fight with themselves and their environment that I'd had to. I want to help those people and all the other ABDLs and Babyfurs to more acceptance and a happier life.


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