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Seeking Understanding - ASFD 1 Aug. 1995

By BitterGrey

There is a first time for everyone. The following is my introductory post to the usenet group alt.sex.fetish. diapers.
...I would like to change the world, but first I would like to understand myself.

I have been notably on the -vestic/masochistic end of infantilism for as long as I can remember. I found out this January that I am not alone. However, to make things more complex and am also active in a (straight) church, which does not openly acknowledge any divisions other than Straight-And-Narrow/ vanilla and Hell-Bound Pervert. These HBPs are expected to, if they can't "straighten up," to abstain from any sexual activity, ever. They would never ask a SAN to do the same, nor do they think most SANs are able to (it is a Protestant church).

As a result, I am in two closets at once. In one closet I hide my interest ind diapers from the Christians, who would not understand. In the other, I was hiding my religion from a.s.f.d., hoping futility that the two can be peacefully isolated. This is my coming out. I am a virgin/solo (I change myself) and so am at a clear disadvantage in social/sexual matters. With the help of a.s.f.d, I hope to understand this side of myself, and so become ready to explain it to the Christians.

I am mostly a self-taught Christian, and so am used to working without a net. In the end, I hope to generate a brief text that will explain...

  1. ways to avoid misusing the Hebraic Law - most of those verses about sexual sin come from a law code that also forbids pork products and poly/cotton blends.
  2. what the SANs call "perversion" is, in a broad and usable sense.
  3. what provisions should be made for the non-SAN in SAN churches. (right now, non-SANs are forced to conceal themselves, as I have done, until finally driven out because no one understand, because no non-SAN has come forward and told them.)
  4. what should be expected from non-SANs in return

What I would like are...
  1. a.s.f.d reader's experiences with the church
  2. a copy of the a.s.f.d FAQ.
  3. lists of things you want the church to know about you, lists of things you want to know about Christianity

What I can give is...
  1. personal accounts of being/becoming infantilistic or Christian
  2. copies of my statement of faith and beliefs (it is weighted toward technical types with Biblical background and so can be rather tedious, but can't be beat for a well-defended, systematic overview)
  3. methods of outversing ignorant Christains that quote a Law which they personally have never read (this is fun, but some have ignorance like a brick wall- you just can't reach them)

In closing, I may be a filthy Christian asshole, but I want to change my world, and I will start by first understanding myself.

B. "Terry" Grey a.k.a "BitterGrey"

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