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The biography of ABMichy

The following is an autobiographical account. Its accuracy has not been confirmed. Identifying information may have been changed or removed.

I was born in 1983. I was 1 pound 6 ounces at birth. I was born legally blind. My eye condition is now called ROP. It means that when I was born there was too much oxygen in the incubator. As a result of that my right eye had to be removed and then when I was 6 my other eye, my left, had to be removed due to turning to bone.

I had a pretty normal childhood. I am the baby of my family. I have one older sister. My first memory of diapers was when I was young and was playing at my aunt's house. I was playing with a teddy bear that had a diaper on.

When I was 14 I went away to a school for the blind. Around this time as well I can remember having bedwetting problems. I can remember being at school and getting up in the middle of the night to change the sheets and hoping that my roommates wouldn't wake up. I was never diapered through this time. Looking back though I think that this was also around the time that I thought about them a lot more; diapers I mean.

Then in 1999 I got Internet access. I can remember listening to adult baby radio, ABR. This was on a dial up connection. I can't remember what I typed in to Google and came up with the AB/DL info. I do how ever remember seeing a segment on AB/DLs on sex TV when I was living at home. I can remember thinking that it seemed really cool. Then I found diapermates.com which was the first website that I joined, talking about AB/DLs.

After this I moved out in 2005 and was finally able to explore my AB/DL side more. I even last year bought some AB things like diapers, and I had a friend of mine who I met on line offer to sell me some of her AB clothes, like a play suit and 2 pairs of plastic pants. I also bought a pacifier and bottle as well. I have not really had the opportunity to explore my AB side offline in rl. I did however meet some one on diaperspace.com and she was my Mommy and gf for a while. The problem was that we found that we didn?t have that much in common other then the AB/DL stuff, and she was a lot younger then me. Since that relationship ended I have been trying to find my mrs. Right and my mrs. Right Mommy.

Ontario, Canada.

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