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This glossary was greatly expanded and improved by Jennifer, who deserves much of the credit for its current completeness. Please Email BitterGrey[mail] if you would like to suggest an addition or have other improvements to suggest.

As the meaning or connotation of words might differ from ABDL to ABDL, it is sometimes helpful to ask a clarifying question, such as "what does that mean to you?"


24/7: a continuous experience such as wearing (and often using) diapers all the time, except for changes, bathing, etc. See How to do ... what ABDLs do for more details.


AB: Adult BabyDEF.

ABDL: Adult Baby/Diaper Lover, one who is an adult babyDEF, a diaper loverDEF, or somewhere in between. Also AB/DL.

ABPEFD: alt.Binaries.Pictures.Erotica.Fetish.Diapers, a usenet newsgroup.

ABF: Adult Breast Feeding

ABR: Adult Breastfeeding Relationship

adult baby: a person who is physically adult but enjoys acting, dressing, and/or being treated like an infant, toddler, or small child periodically.

ageplay: a type of roleplay involving roles of different ages. These roles may be younger or older than the chronological ageDEF. Also age play.

agere: Age regression.

age regression stories: stories in which a character, usually the protagonist, is regressed in physical or emotional age, often to a small child or infant.

AIO: All-In-OneDEF.

all-in-one: a fitted diaper that includes a waterproof outer layer and a pinless means for fastening, usually snaps or Velcro.

ASFD: Alt.Sex.Fetish.Diapers, a usenet newsgroup.

anaclitism: deriving sexual pleasure as an adult from from objects that one was exposed to as an infant. See paraphilic infantilism - history of the term for more details.

ANR: Adult Nursing Relationship

attachment object: an object such as a stuffed animal, pacifier, set of adult baby clothes, etc., that an ABDL feels particularly attached to and that helps the ABDL relax or regress.

Attends® pop: the sound of an adult diaper tape pulling free under tension accidentally, sometimes under clothing. Initially attributed to, but not unique to, Attends® diapers.

automatic wetting: a wetting that was somewhat without conscious intervention, in contrast to contested wettingDEF. See Wetting Adjectives and Arcs

autonepiophilia: For sources between 1984 and 1986, see autonepiophilia(1984) in "Paraphilic Infantilism, a History of the Term". For sources between 1986 and 1987, see autonepiophilia(1986) on the same page. Both moneyismsDEF became obsolete in 1987 with the publication of DSM IIIR, which included a formal definition of paraphilic infantilism.


ba-ba: (US, infantile), a baby bottle.

babble: 1.to utter indistinct, meaningless sounds. 2. to make a continuous low, murmuring sound.

babby: (ABDL slang), an Internet meme used by ABDLs to refer to an ABDL, sometimes specifically one who lacks maturity (in contrast to most adult babies who are mature but choose to act immature at times).

bABy: AB, Adult Baby.

baby buggy: (US), a baby carriage.

babydoll dress: a very short infantDEF or toddlerDEF dress with little to no waist, usually made with puffed sleeves.

babyfur: 1. a furry character that is an anthropomorphized puppy, kitten, etc., usually in diapers. 1a. a broader category of characters also including diaperfursDEF and littlefursDEF. 2. noun, a person who identifies as or enjoys roleplaying as such. For more detail, see babyfur at Wikifur.

babified: (slang) immature in reaction to some event; "acting totally babified".

babygrow: (Brit), a onesie™DEF, creeperDEF, or sleeperDEF.

baby pants: a diaper cover, or shorts or pants sized to fit over a diaper. In the 1980's, a line of Luvs® diapers with waist and leg gathers.

baby seat: child seat, a specially constructed seat for infants and small children that is secured to the safety belt of a car.

babyspace: a baby-like or infantile headspaceDEF.

Bardex enema: a type of enema tube that has one or two balloons that are inflated to hold the tube in place in the anus.***

bassinet: a small basket-like bed for infants.

BBIF: Big Babies, Infantilists, and Friends (BBIF), an ABDL email forwarding system that includes the all-purpose bbif-discuss, the low-traffic bbif-announce, and the relatively new  bbif-discuss-moderated.   Regional lists include bbif-atl (Atlanta), bbif-pnw (Pacific Northwest, including Seattle), bbif-dfw (Dallas / Fort Worth), bbif-bwi (Baltimore / Washington D.C.), bbif-eu (Europe), ba-bbif (San Francisco Bay Area), and bbif-deutsch (in German).

big: a person in the older role of an ageplay or ABDL relationship. Contrasts with littleDEF and middleDEF.

binge and purge cycle: a negative and immoderate cycle of binges (excessively wearing diapers, acting like a baby, etc.) followed by purges (reactively trying to quit, especially with the disposal of all paraphernalia).

binkie: (US, infantile), a pacifierDEF, named after company that made a popular brand of pacifiers.

binkie gag: a pacifier gagDEF

birdseye: a type of fabric used in infant wear with a weave characterized by repeated, small diamonds with small depressions in the center, the appearance of this pattern is that of a stylized bird's eye.

black hole effect: the tendency of some ABDLs to move towards more involved levels of practice. Coined by Tommy of DPFDEF. Habituation..

blanket sleeper: a sleeperDEF made with a soft, heavy velour material.

blankie: (US, infantile), a blanket, usually refers to a particular blanket favored by a toddler.

blathering: To speak nonsensically.

bloomers: a type of pantyDEF with legs that end just above the knee.  

blowout: American slang, a messy leak.

bootie: a soft, usually knitted shoe for a baby. Also bootee.

body: bodysuitDEF

bodysuit: a onesie™DEF

bottle-feed: to feed, as a baby, with a bottle.

BPBG: Babyfur Public Behaviour Guidelines

breast-feed: to feed, as a baby, mother's milk from the breast; suckle.

breeching: (archaic) transitioning a boy from infantile gowns and dresses to shorts or pants.

bubble suit: a billowing, legless, one-piece garment with short or no sleeves, usually with elastic around the legs and a snap crotch similar to a onesie™DEF

. buntingbag.gif

bunting bag: an insulated, one-piece garment that encloses the legs together, with sleeves and hood. Usually zippered down the center of the front.

burp: to cause a baby to belch, esp. after feeding.

butterfly diaper: a cloth diaper with triangular front and back sections; not rectangular, but less curved than a typical contour diaperDEF.

bye-bye: (US, infantile), To say (or wave) goodbye.


carriage (baby): a four wheeled conveyance with bedding that allows an infant to be transported laying down.

catheter: a rubber tube used for drainage of bodily fluids, either by insertion or external attachment of some means. Urinary catheters include condom cathetersDEF (which secure to the penis externally), as well as intermittent catheters and Foley cathetersDEF (which are inserted into the bladder).

cereal feeder: a baby bottle fitted with a nipple with an oversized hole or X-cut nipple to allow pasty foods such as puréed cereal to be sucked through the nipple. Made with a sliding bottom fitting that allows the caregiver to apply pressure at the bottom to assist the baby's feeding.

changing pad: a waterproof pad used under an infant while changing a baby's diaper

changing table: a table or platform for changing a baby's diaper.

chlorophyll: a herbal supplement that reduces the odor of feces when taken orally. It will result in greenish feces and may act as a laxative.

chronological age: the physical age of an individual, as opposed to the age of the role idealized in fantasy (the fantasy ageDEF) or the age of the role emulated during ageplay (the play ageDEF).

chuck: an absorbent sheet with a waterproof backing, used as a bedpad or underpad.

coming out: The act of telling others a deep secret, such as being an ABDL.

condom catheter: a catheterDEF secured by a rubber sheath, into which the penis is inserted.

conditional incontinence: a state where an ABDL has less control (usually urinary) when wearing diapers, but control when not wearing diapers. For more detail, see Uncontrolled Wetting in Diapers Only.

contested wetting: a wetting that follows an active attempt to avoid urination, in contrast to automatic wettingDEF. See Wetting Adjectives and Arcs

contour diaper:  a diaper cut in an "hourglass" shape, with less material between the legs.   Contrast with rectangular diapers using the wingfoldDEF, Hrubecky foldDEF, etc.

cot: (Brit.), a crib

cradle: 1. a small, low bed for an infant, often furnished with rockers, verb,-dled., -dling., -dles. transitive verb, 2. To place or hold in or as if in a cradle. 3. To care for or nurture in infancy.

crawler: a long-sleeved, one-piece garment, usually front-opening, with elastic cuffs at wrists and ankles.

crèche : (Brit.), A foundling hospital, a day nursery, a daycare centerDEF.

creeper: a long-sleeved onesie™DEF.

creeping: crawling.

crib: (US), a small bed enclosed on the sides by lattice or bars.

crinoline: a stiff fabric used to make skirts in infants and toddler dresses.

*** The term Bardex Enema is used as a term for an anal retention catheter.  This has nothing to do with the current products from CR Bard Inc. marketed  under the brand name BARDEX. The use of the term on this web page is in no way connected to C.R. Bard. BARDEX is a registered trademark of CR Bard Inc.

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