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How you Can Help ABDLs

By BitterGrey

There are five ways that you can help spread the knowledge and acceptance of infantilism.

Keep a Journal

Store up your memories, thoughts, and experiences. A lot can change during self-discovery, and memories are something that cannot be replaced. Keep them safe: write them down.

Get connected

Meet up with people and talk. It could be in real life, in chat rooms, or over email. There are lots of people who need answers, want to talk, or just need to confirm that they are not alone. Even if you don't need someone, be available for someone who does. So get connected

Provide Feedback

If a web page is helpful for you, please let the author know. A word of encouragement can make his day. Also, if you think something can be improved, make that known too. How can a web page help you better?

Share your experiences

Those who are willing to share their knowledge add to the wealth of the community.  It doesn't need to be a thesis or novel. Just tell about your childhood, an interesting diaper experience you had, or something unique you've discovered. If you were successful, get credit for it and show others how to do it right. If you made mistakes, let others know, so they won't repeat them. You may have had to learn something the hard way because there wasn't a good essay or how-to on the Web.  You may have a tip about how to do something better.  If so, get credit for your idea: send it in to the person who wrote the how-to about it.  Remember to give permission to post it (no information should be posted without permission) and what name you want to use.  You can use a psuedonym if you like.

But what if there is no relevant how-to?  Write one!  It isn't as hard as it looks.  You've already done most of the work by learning how to do it.  Now you just need to write down the instructions and publish them.  Publication can be a breeze.  You don't even need to start your own website if you don't want to.   Some sites, including this one, would be happy to host it.  (Again, please include permission to post, what name you would like put on the byline, and if you would like your email address on the page.  )  You get the credit for your work, and you benefit the community.  Others will be able to read your how-to and be saved the effort of learning things the hard way.  Everybody wins. 

Try to work with the resources that are already available, as opposed to competing with them.

Particular topics that could use more contributions are:

But what if there isn't a relevant how-to and don't want to learn it the hard way?   Just ask.  Webmasters are always looking for ideas for new content.  Maybe they may know someone who could write the how-to, share their experiences, or find the answer for you.

Have a link to a "front door" site.

It's a fact of life. Everybody was a beginner once. And where do these beginners start? If they were first starting to explore infantilism, they'd start at the easier to find pages. It could be a commercial porn site, trying to get an extra dollar by hiding thousands of irrelevant words. If he's luckier or knows what to ask the search engine, he'll do better. Perhaps he'll find one of the big, content-rich infantilism pages. These may be good pages, but are they the most useful for the first-timer? Consider if someone had recently told his wife or parents, what site would he want to show them?

There are a couple pages that are designed to be "front doors" to the infantilism community. I'm partial to this one, but there are a number of others. They are good pages, but they might be hard to find because the don't generate much traffic. (People stop being first-timers quickly.)

A few other front-door sites are:

You can help by putting a link to a "front door" on your page. This way, you can increase the chances that first-timers will get the information they need. Below are a few icons that you can use to link to your favorite information page, (even if it isn't this one).

Understanding Infantilism .org
Understanding Infantilism .org
(OK, so that one is a little specific.)
Understanding Infantilism .org Understanding Infantilism .org Understanding Infantilism .org

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