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Wanted: Critics

This web page is a service to you, the reader. It is intended to meet your needs and wants. As you know, it has much room for improvment. This improvment is much easier if you help let me know what your needs and wants are.

To start with, does the page work for you? People have emailed that the old background didn't give enough contrast to read the content pages: That's why it got replaced. Now you can choose your own colors for the content pages. If your system has some problems with the page, please let me know - it is a sure bet that you're not the only one affected. Even if it is something that can be done better, I'd like to fix it.

Next off, were things easy to find? Most users shouldn't need to learn where information is on a page. The author of the page should learn where most users will look for information. For example, most new visitors have questions to ask, so the main page was restructured around questions. This is part of an attempt to understand the beginner's perspective.  The author tried to look at the page the way a first-time vistor would. "Try" is the operative word. Your perspective may suggest other improvements. These suggestions are welcome.

Finally, was the information that you wanted available? The community is large enough that any piece of information should be available. The web of pages should cover the domain, sort of like a jigsaw puzzle. If there is a piece missing, please make it known. If the information was available, was it clear and concise? As you may have noticed, the text-rich content pages are being moved back, in favor of summary pages. These summary pages should give some information, while showing where you can find more.

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