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On a lighter note, let's explore a question on the minds of a few diaper-loving "My Little Pony" fans...

Is Pinkie Pie an ABDL?

By BitterGrey

I first watched "Baby Cakes" (Season 2, Episode 13) at Further Confusion 2012, surrounded by hundreds of fellow furs attending the standing-room-only MLP roundtable. Given the 'love and tolerate' pony philosophy, bronies and mainstream furs gathered as one herd to celebrate our shared interest in a show exquisitely written (for little girls).

pinkie pie, wearing diapers on her head and bottom, after failed attempt to change the twins.

That episode centered around Mr. Carrot Cake and Mrs. Cup Cakes' twins - the baby Cakes. A communal "ewww" was raised as the father changed his newborns without hands. The Cakes had to leave Pinkie Pie in charge, and antics ensued. The babyfurs in the audience exchanged knowing glances as Pinkie Pie ended up in diapers herself.

pinkie pie, looking bashfully at Twilight Sparkle, trying to kick one diaper off.

There have been many suspicions about Pinkie Pie. There was also lot of fan art of her and the other ponies in diapers. (Of course, per Rule 34, this was also true of a wide range of other costumes.) Now, Pinkie in diapers was canon. But is Pinkie really into diapers - or was she just in them? The babysitter ending up in diapers isn't a rare gag, so we can't tell from this alone.

Pinkie omorahsi, with legs crossed, on train ride.

One other clue might be her desperation in the next episode. In "Last Roundup" (S2 E14), she alone is struggling to hold her sarsaparilla during the train ride, and then hopping off to the outhouse. This might be diminished bladder capacity due to prolonged diaper use... or a coincidental, unrelated gag.

Pinkie bouncing waiting for an outhouse occupant to finish.

Pinkie is a mare with two sisters: Both girls and large families are underrepresented among AB/DLs. Of course, none of the AB/DLs surveyed reported being pink...or a pony.

On one hoof, Pinkie Pie seems the least mature of the mane six. On the other hoof, having no reservations about looking immature suggests that she isn't in the habit of hiding an interest in diapers and filly hood. On the other hoof, the 'love and tolerate' philosophy might let her be herself, with no need to hide. On the other hoof, she generally doesn't wear clothes, so if she were wearing diapers much they would have been seen before now...

Eeyup, that's four hooves. Pinkie Pie is also the most random of the ponies, just the sort to use four hooves to make four points and somehow not fall down. Perhaps we will find out more in season three.

Post-season 4 update

Through season 4, Pinkie showed herself to be consistently young-at-heart. Season 2 ended with her proposing foalish party activities for the royal wedding. However, she hasn't ended up in diapers again - just a brief appearance with a pacifier in "Pinky Pride" (Season 4, episode 12). As a result, the diapers and desperation of season 2 might have been just a random cluster of random gags.

One argument against Pinky being an ABDL is that all of her foalishness was out in the open. There was no secrecy or closetedness. This is in contrast to Big McIntosh, who looked around to make sure no one saw him sneak off with Twilight's fillyhood dolly, Smarty Pants in season 2, episode 3. (In addition to being secretive about things most people aren't interested in, ABDLs might sometimes be secretive about things that many people are interested in and wouldn't be secretive about. While "normal" is a figment of our culture, that figment does affect our actions and expectations.)

Big mac sneaking off with the disenchanted dolly.

Of course, Big McIntosh hasn't appeared in diapers. Oddly, he wears a yoke, but more often puts on a belt to attach the wagon to. He does seem to be under mind control more often than the other ponies. Season 2 included "doggy Mac" (episode 2), "want it, need it" (episode 3), and "love poison" (episode 17). However, this isn't much of a case for him being an ABDL. It is more likely that he has a foalish side, but is saddled with being the stallion of the family. Still, it would have been fun to see his reaction to Apple Jack being overprotective of Apple Bloom in "Some pony to watch over me" (Season 4 episode 17).

Post-season 7 update

In further hindsight, those diapers were drawn as fitted (possibly pull-ons), not flat. The key difference is that a flat diaper might be large enough to fit an adult unfolded, or be folded down to various baby sizes. Fitted and prefold diapers are sewn to specific sizes. This means that those diapers on Pinky are sized for adults, that is, adult diapers are canon. These adult diapers might need to be discretely sourced, custom clothing. However, they wouldn't even be the most notable canon example of secret collections of custom clothing. That distinction would go to Orchard Blossom's outfit, particularly the shoes: Mares rarely wear shoes, Big Mac's hooves are huge even for a stallion, and Rarity had been called away with Apple Jack (Season 5 Episode 17).

Big mac in a dress, wig, and heels?
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