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Survey - AB/DL Practices - 1 - Media Essays

By B. Terrance Grey

Sections: Basics - media (texts) - partners - coming out (texts) - needing diapers (texts) - significant others (texts)

Edit 31 December 2016: This page was updated as part of the tenth year standards update.

13)Is there something that you would like to add about your favorite AB/DL-related picture, story, video, etc.? (optional)

This was the first of the few essay questions that the survey included among the multiple choice questions. Some of the responses are presented below. They are sorted unscientifically. Some have been edited for length.

Given the scope of the preceeding questions, question #13 is particularly useful. Even within 'stag movies,' one surveyee might be thinking about a standard porno, and another about Disney's "Bambi." For the surveyees that completed it, it can be used to provide much-needed context for interpreting the multiple choice questions. Many embraced the question and expressed not just what their favorite media item was, but what it meant to them.

13)Is there something that you would like to add about your favorite ab/DL-related picture, story, video, etc.? (optional) (6x65 character fill-in-the-blank area provided)


Characters to Be

Characters to Be With

Intrinsic Quality

Women in Diapers


Specific Content or Themes

Underaged Characters


Pictures and Drawings





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