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Survey - AB/DL Practices, Part 1

This survey focused on a few common AB/DL practices. These practices were clustered into groups, with each section focusing on one group. Of course, not all AB/DLs engage in all AB/DL practices. To accommodate this efficiently, most sections included an initial question or two. If the section wasn't relevant to a particular AB/DL, then these questions recorded that, and the surveyee was asked to go to the next section. Regrettably, due to the number of AB/DL practices and the desire to cover them in some depth, many practices couldn't be included.

Since this survey did not use tables in its questions, a separate list-based version of the survey form was not necessary to accommodate visually impaired surveyees. This is in contrast to Survey #2, which did.

A copy of the AB/DL Practices survey is provided for reference.

Summary Results

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