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Survey - AB/DL Practices - 3 - Coming Out Essays

By B. Terrance Grey

Sections: Basics - media (texts) - partners - coming out (texts) - needing diapers (texts) - significant others (texts)

Edit 1 Jan 2017: This page was updated as part of the tenth year standards update.

32)What suggestions would you give to others who were thinking of coming out? For example, do you have tips about how or when to come out, or suggestions about determining whether or not someone would want to know? (Optional)

Along with the multiple choice questions, the survey included a few essay questions. Some of the responses are presented below. They are sorted unscientifically. Emphasis was given to answers based on experience or that touched on aspects not covered by the multiple-choice questions. Some have been edited for length. Also, some responses were split and placed in multiple categories if the division didn't substantially affect the response.

The following thoughts and advice are provided the surveyees. They might or might not be applicable to your situation. Some items might be contradictory, or might not be good advice in general.

Short and Pointed

Do or Don't?

Do Tell

No 'Undo' Button

Know and Trust

Do They Need to Know?

Don't Tell

Positive Experiences

Negative Experiences





General Tips


Test the Water

Keep it Simple


Don't 'Get Caught'

Don't Lie

Don't Make Too Much of It

Methods and Tactics

Waiting for It to Come Up

Abortable Lead-In

The Talk

Mutual Sharing

Write it

Start with the Easy Stuff

Closing Points

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