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sailor suit: a set consisting of a loose shirt with a distinctive, squared collar flap. The shirt may be matched with pants, shorts, or a skirt.


shortall: a one piece garment, similar to an overallDEF, but with short legs. Usually has a snap crotch.

shy bladder: the inability to urinate at specific times, such as in crowded restrooms. Also called paruresisDEF. For more information, see Overcoming Shy/Overtrained Bladders.

side-snap shirt: a type of T-shirt that opens from collar to bottom hem on one side of the chest which fastens with snaps.

sissy: a male who likes to dress like a baby girl.

size reduction stories: fantasy stories in which a character, usually the protagonist, is reduced to the proportions of a small child or infant.

sleeper: a one piece garment of simple construction, usually with long sleeves, sometimes with foot coverings. Usually made with snaps (young infant) or zipper (older baby) running down the inseam of one leg from the foot up the crotch to the neck.

snap crotch: a snap closure along the inseam of the legs, permitting easy access to diapers

snapsuit: a onesie™DEF

snibb: an hourglass-shaped plastic sheet used as a cover for a usually rectangular absorbent pad, secured by tying at the corners. Snibb literally translates to "ear" or "corner" in Swedish. They were briefly before the introduction of hourglass-shaped modern disposables, perhaps mainly in Northern Europe. The front and back waist edges might have been folded over to form a pocket.

soaker: a smaller pad worn inside a diaper to increase absorbency.  A doublerDEF.

sphincter: a muscular ring that seals off bodily passages. The rectum is sealed of by one anal sphincter. The bladder is sealed off by two sphincters around the urethra.

sposies: slang, disposable diaper.

spreizhose (German): see hip abduction splintDEF.

spunbond-meltblown-spunbond (SMS): a textured, cloth-like material introduced to baby diapers in the 1990's and to adult diapers in the 2000's.

stealth: the ability to go undetected.  For more information on wearing diapers undetected, see Modesty, Discretion, and Stealth.

stroller: a four-wheeled conveyance used for shopping which carries the infant in a sitting position.

stuffer: a baby diaper, worn inside an adult diaper, to increase absorbency or bulk. Similar to a doublerDEF or soakerDEF.

stuffie: a stuffed animal.

stuffing: see diaper stuffingDEF.

sunsuit: a pair of shorts that include a form of light chest cover, possibly a overallDEF-like piece or a halter top. Sometimes with snaps running along the inseam of the legs.

surprising wetting: a wetting that was not proceeded by warning signs such as the sensation of a full bladder. See Wetting Adjectives and Arcs.

swaddle: a band or cloth used for swaddling. -transitive verb -dled., -dling., -dles. 1. To wrap or bind in bandages; swathe. 2. To wrap a baby in swaddling clothes.

swaddling clothes: strips of cloth wrapped around a newborn infant to hold its legs and arms still.


TB: Teen BabyDEF. 2) Total BabyDEF.

teething ring: a ring of hard rubber or plastic upon which a teething baby can bite.

teen baby: a person who is teen aged physically but enjoys acting, dressing, and/or being treated like an infant, toddler, or small child periodically.

terry: (Brit.) a diaper or towel, particularly if made from terrycloth.

toddler: a very young child, older than an infant, but still considered a baby, "one who toddles"; baby between the ages of 1 to 3 years old.

top-sheet: the waterproof backing on a disposable diaper.

topping and tailing: a method of washing a baby where the baby's body is cleaned without removing the baby's clothes entirely; a type of sponge bath.

total baby: a person who periodically regresses to infancy, and may use various means to become more fully infantile.

transvestism: The desire to periodically dress as the opposite gender.

triangle fold: the simplest of method for folding diapers. The diaper is folded along its diagonal, to produce a triangle. The baby (or adult) is placed on the triangle, with the doubled corner pointing toward his or her feet. The doubled corner passes through the legs, and the two single corners wrap around the sides. The three are pinned in front with a single pin. Triangle-folded diapers are often shown in cartoons.

trough: The area of a diaper between the legs, especially in the middle and back. When standing, this area can form a pocket that can hold urine, even after the padding is saturated. Diapers designed for fecal incontinence have a wider/deeper trough than those designed to hold urine only.

tum-tum: also tummy, noun, (US, infantile), stomach or abdomen

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