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daddy: someone who acts as a male caregiver for an Adult Baby.

dark ageplay: ageplayDEF among adults involving sex, abuse, or other elements that would be inappropriate if the little'sDEF chronological ageDEF matched the little's play ageDEF.

daycare center: (US), nursery for the care of infants and small children during the day.

diapee: (ABDL, slang), diaper.

diaper: a piece of cloth or other absorbent material, folded and pinned around a baby to serve as underpants, -verb, to put a diaper on (a baby).

diaper dependent: adjective, A term usually applied to an adult who has lost his or her toilet training and must wear diapers.

diaper_lover: one who has a diaper fetish or who enjoys wearing, using, or being around diapers. A DL. In contrast to an adult babyDEF, a diaper lover will usually act like an adult when playing.

diaperfur: 1. A furry character that wears diapers even though not of diaper-wearing age, contrasted with babyfurDEF. 2. A person who identifies as or enjoys roleplaying as such.

diaper boy: Among ABDLs; a man who wears or enjoys diapers, sometimes diminutive.

diaper stuffing: using a household substance such as oatmeal to simulate a messyDEF diaper, without the odor.

didi: (US, infantile), a diaper.

dip: (ABDL, slang), diaper.

dipee: (ABDL, slang), diaper.

din-din: (US, infantile), Dinner

DL: Diaper LoverDEF.

doubler:  a smaller pad worn inside a diaper to increase absorbency.  A soakerDEF.

DPF: Diaper Pail Fraternity

dribbling: wetting a small volume of urine, usually often and with low pressure, in contrast to floodingDEF. See Wetting Adjectives and Arcs.

drooling bib: a terrycloth or absorbent cloth bib used to soak up a baby's drool.

dry nurse: a nurse employed to care for an infant without breast-feeding it.

DSQ: Diaper Service Quality

dummy: (Brit.), a pacifierDEF.

dydee: (US, infantile), a diaper.


encopresis: accidental messingDEF, the inability to control defecation.

Euroflex™: a clear urethane film used in plastic pants as an alternative to PVCDEF, PULDEF, etc.


fantasy age: the age an adult baby or ageplayer is in an idealized fantasy, contrasted with chronological ageDEF. Fantasy age and play ageDEF may be the same. For more information on developmental features by age, see Developmental Milestones Chart for Children.

feces: solid waste, excreted by an animal. Euphemisms include potty, crap, po-po, ca-ca, number 2, etc.

feeding bib: feeding bib: noun, a plastic or fabric bib used during a baby's feeding.

feeding spoon: a small spoon with a protective rubber coating used for feeding infants.

fetish: a sexual excitement from an object not normally considered sexual.

fitted diaper: diaper manufactured with an hourglass shape to fit the curves of the body.

flannelette: a soft cotton cloth with a nap, used chiefly for diapers, baby clothes and underclothing.

flooding: wetting a large volume of urine, often rapidly from a high pressure, in contrast to dribblingDEF. See Wetting Adjectives and Arcs.

Foley catheter: a catheter that, when inserted into the bladder through the urethra, is secured by inflating a region near the tip.

footies: footed sleepersDEF.

force feed: to feed against one's will.

formula: a liquid food prescribed for an infant and containing most required nutrients.

FurryMUCK: a sort of enhanced chat room environment, where people can log on as furry animals. ABDLs can log on as cubs to meet others and explore The Nurseries of FurryMUCK.

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