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mackintosh: 1. noun, a raincoat. 2. noun, a laminate of two pieces of cloth protecting an inner layer of rubber, resulting in a durable, waterproof material.

micropore topsheet: a perforated plastic sheet used to line early Attends® briefs, as an alternative to a non-woven plastic sheet. The micropore topsheet was marketed as funnel-like, permitting one-way urine flow. In practice, it reduced the area that urine could initially flow through, making leaks at the initial wetting more likely.

mess: feces, verb, To defecate, usually into or on an object. Soil.

messy: Soiled, containing or marked by feces.

mommy: someone who acts as the female caregiver for an Adult Baby.

middle: an ageplayer in an adolescent role, older than a littleDEF.

moneyism: one of the many sexological terms coined by John Money, including autonepiophilia(1984) and autonepiophilia(1986).

munch: a get-together that takes place in a restaurant, usually over lunch or dinner.  For tips on setting one up, please see Starting Your Own Munch.


nana: (US, infantile), A nurse or nursemaid, a grandmother.

nappy: (Brit.) a diaper.

nickers: a pant-like garment that extends from the waist to the top of the knee.

nite-nite: (US, infantile), Sleep

Nuk: a manufacturer of orthodontic baby bottle nipples and pacifiersDEF that simulate a human breast. Generically, an orthodontic nipple.

Nullo®: a chlorophyllDEF-based herbal supplement distributed by Monticello Drug Company, which is taken orally and reduces the odor of feces.

nurser: a baby bottle.

nursery: 1. A room or area set apart for the use of children. 2. A nursery schoolDEF. 3. A place for the temporary care of children.

nursery school: a school for children who are not old enough to attend kindergarten.


OOC:Out Of CharacterDEF

Out Of Character: Speaking as a player, not as a character, in a roleplaying game. Not "in character."


onesie™: a one-piece garment similar to a T-shirt, with extensions that connect with snaps or Velcro pads under the crotch. It may have long, short, or no sleeves. Since the word was trademarked by Gerber Childrenswear, a onesie might be marketed as a bodysuitDEF, creeperDEF, diaper shirt, or snapsuit. Sometimes wrongly used to refer to a sleeperDEF.

orca stack: A thick disposable built by compositing an adult diaper, an adult stuffer, and a pad. It was named for the babyfurDEF who developed it, Orca. Pictorial instructions are available at Orca's website.

oshime: diaper (Japanese).

overall: a one piece garment consisting of a pair of pants with sections to cover the front and back of the chest. These sections are connected by straps which pass over the shoulders. Usually made with snaps running the length of the inseam of the legs from one cuff to the other.

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