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walkies: (US, infantile), to walk

walker: a wheeled frame device used to support an infant learning to walk.

waggle pad: additional padding or stuffing added to the crotch of a diaper to cause an exaggerated hip movement when walking.

wee-wee: (US, infantile), urine

Wartenberg pinwheel: a metal disc with small points attached to a handle, originally used to test sensitivity. Wartenberg wheels are also used to perforate the back of a stufferDEF or inner diaper so that urine can flow into the outer diaper.

wee-wee: (US, infantile), urine

WI PU: WIndelPUper

windelpuper: German, " Diaper Pooper"


wingfold: a way of folding a diaper across the width. This type of fold was used on the early, square disposables and is used on many underpads today. Starting with one side of the diaper, it is folded inwards and lengthwise at about one third of the width. It is then folded outwards so that the side edge lines up with the previous fold. This is repeated on the other side. In disposables, some glue might be applied to in the middle to keep the diaper from unfolding. A final fold is then made across the width, bringing front and back together.

woobie: a blankieDEF.


zfold: a wingfoldDEF.

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