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gate (child or baby): a protective gate mounted across a door way, stairs, etc., to prevent access by small children.

gerries: ageplayers who prefer the role of old (geriatric) persons.

gibber: To speak rapidly and unintelligibly.

glider: an alternative to the traditional rocking chairDEF that uses an internal mechanism to provide the rocking motion. This mechanism eliminates the traditional, curved skids. Gliders have the advantage of taking up less space and, without skids, eliminate the risk of the skids coming down on something while rocking.

gurgle: To make a bubbling sound.


half-moon leak: a distinctive pattern of leakage, usually when sitting. The leak extends mainly downward from the leg gather, in the transition from crotch to seat, resulting in a semicircular wet spot. In contrast, sitting on something wet would cause a rounder spot, without unexplained edges.

headspace: a frame of mind consistent in mood and role.

headspace age: the age of the headspaceDEF that a regressedDEF person is in.

headspace-age-appropriate: the concept that regressedDEF adult babies and ageplayers should be treated based on their headspace ageDEF, except in dark ageplayDEF.

high chair: an elevated chair with an integral tray and safety strap used to hold an infant for feeding.

hip abduction splint: a pad, brace, or harness used to prevent straitening the legs at the hip or bringing the knees together. A number of types are used in medicine. The the type used by ABDLs for bondage resembles a stiff diaper. It is passes under the crotch, with straps running over the shoulders and around the waist.

hooded towel: a square towel, with a triangular flap at one corner which is used to cover the head.

Hrubecky fold: an archaic method of folding rectangular disposable diapers, patented in 1965 by Frederick J. Hrubecky for Kimberly Clark. The diaper was folded in half, bringing the front and back ends together. The two folded corners of the first fold were then folded inwards towards the crotch, and then outwards. This fold was developed in an attempt to differentiate Kimberly Clark's product from Proctor and Gamble's Pampers®, which used the wingfoldDEF. The Hrubecky fold was more difficult to automate and didn't pack as efficiently.


incontinent: unable to control the passage of urine and/or feces.

infant: a very young child who has not learned to speak; (newborn to ~12 months)

infantilism: 1. A condition causing the desires to be treated as or to act like an infant. For more information, see Paraphilic Infantilism: the History of the Term. Sometimes this term is used generally, to include diaper fetishes as well. 2.(Archaic.) Having an undeveloped sexual drive, paraphilia. 3. Outside of a context of paraphilic infantilism or diapers, infantilism has a more general meaning; undeveloped or underdeveloped.

infant school: (Brit.), A kindergarten.

inferred wetting: a past wetting that was either unnoticed at the time or forgotten afterwards, and later only deduced: The diaper is now wet, so wetting must have occurred at some point. See Wetting Adjectives and Arcs.

inflatable diaper: a rubber or plastic bladder worn over the abdomen like a diaper.

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