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jabber: to talk rapidly and unintelligibly.

jumper: 1. A one-piece garment consisting of an overallDEF-like upper part and a skirt, joined at the waist. 2. A padded seat that hangs from a door frame with a clamp attached to three spring-loaded straps used as an infant exerciser.

jumpsuit: a one-piece outer-garment, usually with long sleeves and legs with snapped seams at the legs and crotch.


kigurumi: a hooded, front-opening, one-piece sleeper or costume, usually with a knee-level crotch, and usually animal-themed or cartoon-character-themed with tail, ears, etc.

kimono: a sleeved, robe-like garment that opens in the front. Usually ties at bottom with a drawstring.

kindergarten: (US), a school that educates with games and toys children from the age of 3 to 6 years.


landing zone: an area on the front of a disposable diaper the is reinforced so that it will not tear away as the tapes are peeled away, usually near the waist.

lapped shoulders/collar: a style typically used in infant T-shirts where the shoulders are formed by two pieces of overlapping fabric so that the collar can be opened fully by pulling the front and back of the collar open.

layette: a set of clothing and equipment for an infant. Usually consisting of gowns, slip-on shirts, snap side shirts, onesies, drooling bibs, washcloths, towel and booties when bought as a set. Generically; an infant's wardrobe.

leading strings: ribbons or strips of cloth that were attached to the shoulder or back.

LG: Little Girl

lingerie bag: a zippered, mesh bag that can be used to protect plastic pants when machine-washing.

little: one who plays the child in ageplay. Some littles will not capitalize their nicknames to show littleness.

littlefur: one who identifies as a young but not infantile furry character, or that character. Diapers may or may not be used. Contrasts with younger babyfursDEF and older diaperfursDEF.

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