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Babyfurs and nurseries of FurryMUCK

By BitterGrey

skunkycub.gif I guess there are three steps to visiting the pastures and playgrounds and nurseries of FurryMUCK. The first is to introduce you to mucks in general. Then we'll discuss FurryMUCK's theme, "furries." Then I'll tell you about all the fun spots there. Along the way, we'll learn a little more about infantilism's best-organized subgroup, babyfurs.

What is FurryMUCK?

FurryMUCKEXT itself is a text-only role playing system. People log on as different characters. Mine is the wolf cub shown above. (Or maybe to the right, he's mischievous.) It is fun to hang out in the general areas with paternal and maternal types. Everybody needs a warm cub. Once you're on FurryMUCK, you'll be able to issue commands. For example, when we're playing tag together, you can type 'look bittergrey.' It will show you:

BitterGrey appears as a natural wolf cub. He is constant motion and is always playing with something. His coloration is an inky black, which lightens to a powder gray on his underside. This speeding shadow is highlighted by two brightly flashing eyes, and a set of well-tended milk teeth. His coat is soft and woolly, and is wearing a collar of black nylon. When he sees you looking at him, he cocks his head as if to persist "I'm NOT cute and I'm NOT fuzzy, and DON'T get me mad,.. or else." However, his little black tail often wags behind, telling a different story.

But if you spend too much time reading my description, you might get pounced. Unlike IRC, mucks permit a full range of actions and environments. We were, after all, playing tag. If you are new to mucks, you will need to allow some time to learn the commands. Of course, most furs (short for furries) are helpful, so feel free to ask.

You can learn more about the cub at BitterGrey on FurryMUCK.

What is a Furry?

Furries are anthropomorphic animals: they aren't quite human, but on the other hand, they aren't plain animals either. To help illustrate, here are a few of my better drawings of furries. (Needless to say, not all furries are ABDLs.) The first is a relatively standard sight gag. The second is a scene that one might expect at FurryMUCK's DayKare center - a rabbit reads a story to a wolf cub. The third and fourth unleash an excessively maternal lioness.

smvend.jpg smstory.jpg smsomnambulism.gif smcheckout.gif

A babyfur, then, is basically a furry infantilist. A typical babyfur character would be a puppy, kitten, cub, kit, joey, etc, that wore diapers. They are usually older infants or young children. Some other characters are older children or adults who are still in diapers. They are usually referred to as diaperfurs.

Babyfurs may also have undiapered versions of their characters. This is because it would be a barrier to playing with some non-infantilist furries, who are maternal or paternal but just don't like diapers. The babyfur population is also large and visible enough to have a reputation.


The babyfurs also have their own online comics, such as Nivlek EXT a lighthearted strip about a snow leopard who enjoys disposable diapers, by Kelvin the Lion.

More about babyfurs can be found at Proxima Centauri's Adult Baby Page EXT. This page has, among many other things, the best selection of my babyfur art to be found. (Some of it is also up at Fur Affinity.) Just across town from him is Michael McAdam, EXT who also has a fine page. A more recent babyfur art and stories site is the Fox Tales Times EXT.

Extensive information on babyfurs is available at wikifur.EXT

Where are the Nurseries on FurryMUCK?

Among the hundreds of locations there are on FurryMUCK, there are a number that have particular interest for babyfurs. One of the newer and more active places is the Furry Adoption Agency & Family Center (t faafc). It is geared toward everyfur but has number of regulars that like padding. It is a multi-level complex with a common room for socializing and other areas, including a backyard, sleeping areas, and private places for diaper changes.

More established locations include Snuggems' Daykare center (t daycare or t #128989,e,n). It is a school ground where parents can drop off little ones to play. There is also "The Bottoms Up Diaper Company" (t budc), which is a store for "special needs." This doesn't stop cubs and babies from playing there. (Puppies and kitties are welcome too!)

In contrast, the more mature diaper lovers can gather at the Nursery (t #27913). This room may be adults-only, and was set up by Proxima. All four places have some things to explore, even if nobody's there.

How Do I Get There?

The first step to getting there is checking your telnet software. Most new computers have telnet software in the operating systems. Assuming everything is set up right, you should be able to go directly to FurryMUCK EXT. (If you get a welcome message that says "Furrymuck" in big letters, your telnet software works.) From there on, you should be able to follow the instructions. If nothing else works, type "page bittergrey = Help!"

Do the other MUCKs have nurseries?

Yes and no. On Tapestries, there is an ageplay area called "the Secret Moon Treehouse." This is an ageplay area, not an infantilism area. Diapers aren't allowed in the main room. Among many other things which are allowed, pedophilia-play is present: That is, adult players with underage characters will meet with adult characters and roleplay pedophilic scenes. In the main room, "every once and a while, on a shelf or bookcase you see the odd adult toy. And tucked here between some dolls, a pair of handcuffs in with some books, a whip in some GI-Joes." I know some good people who are on Tapestries, but in general, it is an adult MUCK by design, so it isn't a good place for cubs to play. There is also an article the Treehouse at WikifurEXT.

In contrast, there have also been a few MUCKs specifically for infantilists, such as the now-closed Adult Baby Mush.

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