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Edit 5 December 2016: These results have been updated per the tenth year standards update.

23) If you could send a lesson, truth, or tip about being an ABDL back in time to yourself as a child, what would it be?

This question was asked as part of a survey of the ABDL community and others with related interests. Like the surveyor, many of the participants grew up before the internet, and some before the sexual revolution. As a result, many were without ABDL role models. Role models, such as fathers and heros, convey practices and offer acceptance in a way often taken for granted. Without role models, they would need to find their own way through life as ABDLs. This journey might involve difficult lessons, highsight gained at a cost. This question invited participants to write out a message that they would like to send back in time, to themselves.

In a sense, these messages can be delivered. While traveling back into the youth of each participant might not be possible, these messages can be made available to the young ABDLs of today and tomorrow. The young will be able to follow the trails laid by older ABDLs, perhaps learning from misakes without having to make them. While this won't make the participants' childhood easier, it will ease the childhood of others.

I'd like to thank the participants for putting in the extra time to share their messages, and offer the gratitude of future generations. This is especially due since older ABDLs can't resort to the "I was doing this while you were still in diapers" claim.

A sampling of the messages is below. Please note that this is not a random sample, and no statistical conclusions should be drawn from it. They have been sorted into categories for readability, although a number of messages could have fit into more than one category. These categories were then arranged in a quasi-chronological order.

Care should be used when evaluating the advice below. Some of the recommendations are only applicable for specific situiations or circumstances.

Not Alone

Be Careful

Before it's Too Late...

Self Acceptance

Quitting ... or not


Being Open

Getting Caught


Spouses, Etc.




Hope For The Future

Survey #1 part 1 - 2 - joys - 3 - events - 4 - messages - 5 - 6 & 7

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