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Edit 5 December 2016: These results have been updated per the tenth year standards update.

16) How would you describe what happened?

This question was preceded by #14 and #15, which were about a first ABDL event. This first event might be what the participant thinks caused their his or her interests. It might also be the first time they remember acting upon interests that were already there, or realized that these interests made them different. These questions provided an age and a broad category of event. However, to provide more depth, participants were asked to describe it in their own words. This greatly increased the depth of the survey, since these descriptions could be used to help interpret the multiple-choice results. The events described were associated with the onset or realization of desires toward diapers and/or babyhood. This associations might be anecdotal or coincidental. Of course, the relationships might also be causal.

Having the participant's own words is important because of the diversity of the answers. Classically, an event that involved both trauma and direction might have been expected. The trauma would be needed to cause the desire. The direction would make the desire specific to diapers and/or babyhood. However, only a few survey responses described both of these. Others had one but not both. Many responses had neither, suggesting that something more than classical defense mechanisms is involved.

Below is a sample of the answers for this question. It is not a random sample, and so can't be analyzed statistically. For example, those that didn't associate their interests with an event would be more likely to leave the space blank. Even the selection of answers to present here was not random: Some were included because they expressed a trend, others because they were unique. Additionally, participants were offered a checkbox at the end: Responses that weren't marked as being OK to quote from are not presented here.

For statistical reasons, participants were asked to complete all of the multiple choice questions. The fill-in-the-blank questions like this one were optional. The great success of the first survey was due to two parties, the surveyor and the participants. I am grateful to all who filled out a survey, and especially grateful to those who went the extra mile and completed the fill-in-the-blank questions.


Always had the Urge

Experimenting with Diapers








Diaper Advertisements


Peer's or Sibling's Diapers

Exposure to Adult Diapers

Exposure to ABDLs or ABDL material



Divorce of Parents

Death or Disability of a Parent

Fun and Games

Survey #1 part 1 - 2 - joys - 3 - events - 4 - messages - 5 - 6 & 7

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