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AB/DL Survey #1: ABs, DLs, Etc.

The goal of this first survey was to get a broad picture of the AB/DL community, focusing on some basic properties, looking for similarities and diversities.

Data collection for the first survey started in 2006 and closed in 2008.

Part 1: Questions #3-7 covered the basics; AB and DL mix, sex, gender, sexual orientation, and birth year.

Part 2: Questions #8-12 gauged on the importance of various aspects of ABDL games, scenes, and fantasies.

joys: Question #13 asked participants to share what they really enjoyed in terms of being an ABDL.

Part 3: Questions #14, 15, and 17 touched on the childhood of ABDLs, specifically how their urges emerged or were first noticed.

events: Question #16 asked participants what events they associated with the start or realization of their ABDL desires.

Part 4: Questions #18-22 touched on the struggles of ABDLs, attempts to quit, and religion.

messages: Question #23 asked participants what lesson, truth, or tip they would send back in time, to themselves as a child.

Part 5: Questions #24-31 focused on roleplay among ABDLs.

Part 6: Questions #32-35 briefly explored sexual arousal and practices.

Part 7: Questions #37-38 asked about the element of choice.

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