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Survey - AB/DL Odds and Ends - Favorite Items and Activities

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Edit 1 Jan 2017: This page was updated as part of the tenth year standards update.

Prepared by Egor

39)Would you like to share more about your favorite item or activity? (optional)

In the survey, this question followed questions #31 through #34, on practices and paraphernalia. Those questions had five short blanks, and were intended to gather a broad list of items and activities. For balance, this question was focused on capturing what about a favorite item or activity was enjoyed, or why.

As with other essay answers, the below subsample has been cleaned up for readability. Vague or largely overlapping answers were omitted. Any references to illegal or medically unsafe practices were also omitted, although one practice that might cause expensive and embarrassing damage to household plumbing was retained. A few responses were split into individual points so that they could be categorized appropriately.

Baby Paraphernalia and Outfits





Bed time



Diaper Lovers



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