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Survey 4 - AB/DL Odds and Ends - Practices and Paraphilias Long List

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31)What AB/DL activities do you enjoy most? Don't worry about the order. (Five spaces, 100 characters long, were provided).

32)What other AB/DL activities do also enjoy? Please list a few random interests that you enjoy, other than those above, particularly any uncommon ones. (Five spaces, 100 characters long, were provided).

33)What AB/DL activities would you most like to try, but haven't yet? (Five spaces, 100 characters long, were provided).

34)What are a few AB/DL activities that you wish to avoid or do not enjoy? (Five spaces, 100 characters long, were provided).

These four questions were constructed to give a broad sampling of AB/DL practices and paraphilia. Gathering the data was reasonably successful, with several thousand entries. However, there remains the hurdle of presenting it usably. Obviously, this involves some measure of grouping.

The below grouping is based mainly literal, resuting in a long list. For example, the many instances of "wearing diapers" are grouped together. Where it wouldn't affect subject/object division, some verb tenses and noun plurality were modified for grouping. Some spellings were also standardized, usually to US English. (Spelling and other basic errors were, of course, corrected.) Also for standardization, articles were added or removed in some cases. A notable exception is "wearing a diaper," which remains a separate listing.

A previous attempt at sorting the list into several hundred broader groups was cancelled because of the difficulty of preserving details and nuances within the groups, as well as time constraints. At the time, the hundreds-of-groups version was intended to be the primary representation of the data. Now that this 'long list' is available, preserving all the detail in the broadly-grouped version is less important. It might be reattempted at a later date.

Q31: Enjoy mostQ32: OtherQ33: Want to tryQ34: Avoid
0020 24/7
0010 24/7 baby for a weekend
0010 24/7 control while dressed.
1000 24/7 diaper Training
0010 24/7 diaper training to safely lose continence. I'm afraid to take the dive. I think at least one or two co-workers know that I wear diapers on occasion, but I'm not sure anyone would be comfortable if I were to "have an accident" at work.
0010 24/7 diapers for a month or so.
0010 24/7 diapers for a week
0010 24/7 in diapers.
0002 24/7 lifestyle
0001 24/7 lifestyle of any sort.
0010 24 hour full immersion for several days
0010 30 days total immersion
0100 3d image creation
0010 A 24/7 baby scenario for a day.
0010 A baby sitter . a baby sitter
0010 A babysitter
0010 A competition where the person to stay in diapers the longest without leaking wins
0010 A d/s dynamic of Mommy/baby in real life
0010 A daddy
0010 A day with a caretaker
0100 A few onesies
0010 A fully regressed weekend with a caretaker
0010 A good dress up session
0010 A large-scale humiliation scene involving a consensually amused audience.
0100 A lot of cloth diapers and plastic pants, but rarely use them.
0010 A mass AB/DL game of hide n seek
0010 A partner into the same stuff.
0010 A real baby scene where I'm the baby
0001 A relationship built around AB/DL
0010 A serious attempt at a 24/7 in diapers lifestyle change.
0001 AB
1000 AB clothing
0100 AB friends over
0001 AB Furniture
0010 AB furniture. crib, high chair, playpen, etc.
0001 AB lifestyle (sleeping in a crib every night, etc)
0010 AB munches
0001 AB roleplay
0001 AB stuff
0010 AB-mommy play
0010 AB-related bondage, such as wearing lockable clothing or not being allowed to wear corrective lenses
1000 AB/DL forums
0010 AB/DL party
0010 AB/DL party with several other babies/caretakers.
0010 AB/DL threesome
0001 AB/DL/age play with anyone from the same sex
1000 ABDL media (pictures, games, stories, audio tracks, etc.)
0001 ABDL play with heavy BDSM
0001 ABDL sexual activity with out my partner
0010 ABDL Threesome
1000 ABDL videos
1000 Ability to regress to a less stressful state of mind
0010 Ability to use diapers in bed
0001 Abuse
0010 Abuse scenarios
0001 Acquiring AB furniture or making my own nursery
0010 Act fully like a baby
0010 Acting as a toddler in public with another person (but not so other people were aware of what we were doing)
1000 Acting in a childish manner
0015 Acting like a baby
0001 Acting like a baby (I don't like going younger than grade-school)
0001 Acting like a baby (when I regress, it's usually from ages 3-6 or so)
2000 Acting like a baby but not young and totaly helpless
0001 Acting like a baby while diapered
1000 Acting like a good 2 year old
1000 Acting like a kid
1000 Acting like a little kid again
1000 Acting little
0001 Acting or dressing like baby
1000 Acting out baby role
0010 Acting out diapering scenarios
1000 Acting outright silly
0100 Acting sissy
0001 Activities involving corporal punishment.
0010 Activities outside the house (if privacy was guaranteed)
0010 Activities with others (if privacy was guaranteed)
0010 Actual ageplay
0010 Actual beastfeeding
0001 Actual breast milk.
0001 Actually being caught
0010 Adding to my toy collection
1000 Admiring myself in the mirror while only in a diaper(I just can't stop smiling when I do that and I usually do not smile much otherwise)
1000 Adopting a childlike position during cuddling
0100 Adult activities
0100 Adult baby hypnosis.
0001 Adult baby role play it's just not my thing
0010 Adult baby school
0010 Adult pacifier
1000 After messing, letting a solid object squish everything to be flattened against your butt.
0001 After the act
0100 Afternoons in a playpen
0010 Age play gathering/party
1000 Age play in general. being humiliated and talked to like a child. being reminded of my "little girl," status. Rules, chores, time outs, toys, painting, coloring, legos, having a dominant daddy. Regressing. cuddling while watching a movie. bath time, sexual or not. bratting, the good way. (Not topping from the bottom)Forced regression!
0010 Age play with a daddy or mommy
0010 Age play with other AB/DLs
0010 Age regression hypnosis
1000 Age-play, I.e. sitting in car seats or playground equipment, toys, etc. with crotch straps
3125 Ageplay
0001 Ageplay - besides being changed I have no interest in it
0010 Ageplay as foreplay with a sexual partner
0100 Ageplay parties with games and singalongs
0010 Ageplay where I am a kid and my mommy is trying to potty train me, but I am usually failing, I'd preferably like to be a kid older than normal potty training age (5-10 I guess), so there's lots of pressure on mommy to get me trained, she should be getting frustrated, occasionally showing her frustration towards me, however immediately realizing that she shouldn't do that and so then she tries to make it up to me somehow and reverts back to her normal nurturing, loving mommy mode
0010 Ageplay/puppy play.
0100 Air travel while diapered
0010 All of the above, but with a partner.
0010 "All-out" all-day role playing
1000 Allowing mama to take care of me
1000 Allowing my inner self out,, being a baby..
0001 Although by holding in my bowels, I have inadvertently gone too long and accidentally had a poop in my diapers, I am not crazy about it
0100 Always carry diaper pins in my pocket
0010 An extended period (say, a weekend) of enforced diaper wearing, toilet off limits or only for #2
0100 An interest in stuffed animals.
0001 An other (Dutch) TSA incident
0010 Anal sex in a goodnite
0010 Anal thermometers/suppositories
0010 ANR relationship
0010 Any
0001 Any AB/DL furniture is not appealing.
0001 Any ABDL play involving pet play
0010 Any and all, I haven't actually participated yet because my disability prevents doing so without help from another person.
0001 Any domination I just want cuddles
0001 Any form of bondage
0001 Any form of forced regression
0010 Any interested discussive exploration of another into their own unusual desires.
0001 Any kind of corporal punishment, including spanking
0001 Any kind of humiliation
0010 Any kind of real life play one-on-one with another AB/DL
0001 Any kind of scat play
0001 Any male interest on me
0001 Any sort of public babying/humiliation.
0001 Any sort of punishment
0001 Any sort of scat play
0001 Any sort of sexualization of my childish state. Ageplayers freak me out a bit (Albeit I understand their situation, just a moral grey area)
0001 Any type of bondage abuse. Had that.
0001 Any violent or "abusive" acts while in an AB role
0001 Anything ageplay related
0001 Anything coercive, cruel or humiliating
0001 Anything frilly, or feminine or overtly masculine (prefer androgynous or slightly boyish things)
0001 Anything having to do with my girl private parts
0001 Anything homoerotic
0001 Anything in public
0001 Anything involving discipline, especially spanking. I start shaking and panicking at the thought.
0001 Anything involving exhibitionism or being in public
0001 Anything involving medical interference with my bowels, e.g. laxatives, just find that totally gross
0001 Anything involving physical pain
0001 Anything involving poop!
0001 Anything involving public exposure
0001 Anything near the AB end of the spectrum (baby role not compatible with interests)
0001 Anything out doors
0001 Anything painful
0001 Anything permanent or 24/7
0100 Anything plushie. like blankets, clothes, stuffed animals
0001 Anything pornographic, adulterous, non-biblical. To clarify, I do not consider AB/DL non-biblical.
0002 Anything public
0001 Anything public or with risk of discovery, this is private.
0001 Anything regarding feces
0001 Anything related to sexual intercourse
0001 Anything sexual
0001 Anything sexual to do with diapers
0001 Anything sexual. AB is completely non sexual for me and I do not enjoy any sexy themed things involved in my AB play
0001 Anything sexual(babies don't do that)
0001 Anything sexually charged
0001 Anything Sissy related.
0001 Anything that 'confines' me (I.e. highchairs, cribs... I prefer to play as a 4-6 year old)
0001 Anything that exposes the fetish to non-consenting parties.
0001 Anything that involves a "mommy" or "daddy"
0001 Anything that suggests that mommy no longer loves me (abandonment, etc)
0001 Anything where humiliation would be involved. I want to feel loved, and safe.
0001 Anything with another man.
0001 Anything with locks, restraints
0001 Anything with poop
0001 Anything with real children or babies (unless we are fairly close in actual age but that doesnt really count)
1000 Application of different lotions oriented towards infants
0100 Applying baby powder
1000 Arranging my stuffed animals
0100 Arthur The aardvark?
0001 As a DL, being AB. NO interest in age play or props of that age.
0001 As long as it's safe, I would like the parent figures to do what they wanted.
0010 At this point I've tried most if not all fantasies I have with this.
0010 Attend a munch
0010 Attending a munch
0010 Attending a munch or AB/DL get-together
0010 Attending a teenbaby or similar 'daycare' to treated and cared for as a baby
0100 Attending ABDL events
0010 Attending ABDL or age play-themed events e.G. cAPCon.
0010 Attending an adult baby "Munch" or other ABDL-centric event.
1000 Attending munches a meeting other littles
1000 Attention
1000 Attention from daddy
0010 Baby bondage
0010 Baby bondage e.g. locking plastic pants, harnesses etc.
1010 Baby bottle feeding
3000 Baby bottles
1000 Baby bottles and sippy cups
1000 Baby camp
1002 Baby clothes
0010 Baby clothes (Onesie, etc)
1000 Baby clothes (onezie for boys)
1000 Baby clothing all kinds of clothing yes tryed a few dresses mostly boy clothing
0010 Baby crib
0010 Baby diet? I think it would change the consistency and frequency of when I'd use my diaper.
0114 Baby food
1001 Baby formula
0010 Baby furniture
0100 Baby harness
0010 Baby harness and reins
0001 Baby play
1100 Baby powder
02011 Baby talk
0001 Baby talk I dont do that
0010 Baby type cloths like onese
0001 Baby-roleplaying, bottles and pacifiers - the look of this stuff makes me sorry I'm into the ABDL
1000 Babying another person
1000 Babying my baby girl
0010 Babying my partner
1000 Babying others
0010 Babying others (as a caretaker)
1000 Babyish cloths and equipment
1000 Babyish/adult baby cloths
0100 Babysitting
0100 Balloons! OMG balloons are so much fun!
1000 Barbies
0100 Bare bottom spanking
0001 Bars in diapers
0200 Bath
1000 Bath by his mother
0100 Bath Time w/ Mommy
0010 Bathing
0011 Bathroom control
0100 Baths
6610 Bathtime
1000 Bathtime, with lots of bubbles, having my hair washed lovingly, playing with toys, drawing with bath crayons..
0106 BDSM
1000 BDSM role-play involving being a little or a puppy (usually involving diapers at some point, along with punishments)
0001 BDSM-oriented
2000 Be a baby 24/7
0010 Be a diaper modal
0010 Be an AB daddy to a AB/TB girl, non-erotic
0020 Be baby 24/7 for ever
0010 Be baby sat
0010 Be bottle fed
0010 Be caned by mommy
1000 Be cared for by a daddy or mommy. even though I've only fantasized, I know that would be the best part. It would make me so happy for a mommy or daddy to take care of my every need with total love and trust.
0010 Be changed by someone close to me
0001 Be changed/checked by unfriendly/male people.
0010 Be cuddled (innocently and non-romantically)
0010 Be cuddled by caretaker
0010 Be diapered by somebody else
0010 Be fed a bottle
0001 Be forced to wear diapers (not for roleplay)
0010 Be forced to wet or poop myself without any control.
0010 Be in a nursery
0010 Be in a stroller
0001 Be put to bed early
1010 Be put to bed in a pink cotton pajamas, being read a story and then stroked over my back and diapered behind as I suck my paci and drift off to sleep.
0010 Be taken to a shopping centre dressed in AB clothes and in an adult push chair or stroller
0100 Be told that your pants are wet in the back out in plubic
0010 Be with a "mommy"
0010 Be with a woman who is a AB/DL
0001 Be with other males
0001 Becoming fecal incontinent without having a caretaker who doesnt mind.
0001 Becoming physically helpless without being or percieved as being mentally retarded.
0010 Becoming profoundly mentally retarded forever.
0010 Becoming urinary incontinent.
2300 Bed wetting
1000 Bed/Pillow/Blanket Fort
1000 Bedtime rituals
2000 Bedtime stories
0010 Bedtime story.
0100 Bedwetting / Idea of risk of bedwetting
1000 Been bottled fed or nursed at bedtime
0001 Behaving like a baby.
0100 Behavior that risks discovery of my diapers or baby clothes
1000 Being 'forced' back into diapers
0001 Being a adult baby has no appeal to me.
3001 Being a baby
1000 Being a baby as a baby would be
0001 Being a baby baby. I'm a schoolage (5-9 years old) not a baby. so a Little, nota AB
0010 Being a baby in a playpen full of toys at a park
0010 Being a baby in public and being accepted as a baby/toddler
0030 Being a caregiver
0010 Being a caregiver for a loved one
0010 Being a carer or a AB girl
0001 Being a caretaker to another little
1020 Being a daddy
0010 Being a daddy for an AB daycare
1000 Being a daddy to another AB
1000 Being a daddy/ big brother
1000 Being a little babied by my partner. Very lightly, being hugged a lot, being cuddled, being talked to in baby-voice, being changed.
0010 Being a little more submissive with my wife.
1000 Being a shaven smooth baby powder clean baby boy
1000 Being a sissy
0010 Being a sissy in public
2000 Being a toddler
0010 Being a total AB
0001 Being AB in public
0001 Being AB/DL in public
0100 Being able to be touched intimatey by someone else
1000 Being able to go out with my got out n about with my AB outfits and diapers under my babby sweat pants and sweat shirts
1000 Being able to hug my teddy
1000 Being able to openly wear diapers and suck my pacifier/bottle at home
0010 Being able to role play with someone.
1000 Being able to suck a bottle from my wife's lap
0010 Being able to use the diapers and then get checked and changed by my caregiver
0100 Being accepted as an AB/DL by my partner
0010 Being adopted
1000 Being allowed to wear
0001 Being an 24/7 AB
0011 Being an AB
0010 Being an AB for a weekend or a whole week
0010 Being an AB/DL daddy
0001 Being around anyone else that has messed their diapers
0100 Being around other AB/DLs
0001 Being around small children or babies.
3252 Being babied
0001 Being babied to much more into the loss of control
0001 Being babied/age play
0010 Being baby 24/7 for a week or two
0010 Being baby clothed
0210 Being babysat
0010 Being babysat by a strict nanny
0010 Being babysat by somebody other than daddy.
0100 Being barefoot
3210 Being bathed
1000 Being bathed and put in a nappy
0010 Being bathed by a mommy
0100 Being bathed by my daddies
1000 Being bathed by Nanny
0010 Being bathed by someone
0010 Being bathed in a diaper
1000 Being bathed then diapered
1000 Being bathed with baby products
1100 Being bathed,by caregiver.
0010 Being bathed/fed/dressed (not baby food) by a friend figure (Can be the other way around but I prefer the "submissive" Position)
0100 Being belittled and made to fell small
0001 Being bossed around
0010 Being bottle fed and spoon fed
0010 Being bottle fed. (* by a caretaker)
0010 Being bottle or spoon fed in a lap or high chair
7020 Being bottlefed
0010 Being bottlefed in public.
1140 Being breastfed
0100 Being by myself
1000 Being called a baby
0001 Being called insulting names like "slut" while in little headspace
2010 Being cared for
0010 Being cared for as an infant by another person
0010 Being cared for by a caregiver who would check and change my diapers.
0010 Being cared for by a mommy/daddy. Or in the future, possible husband/wife.
1000 Being cared for by daddy
1000 Being cared for; fed, bathed, interacted with
1000 Being cared for/loved on
0100 Being carefree
0010 Being carried
1000 Being carried around on Mommy's hip like a baby.
0100 Being carried by daddy
0010 Being carried in mommy's armes
0010 Being casually diapered with another guy
1000 Being caught in diapers and humiliated when it is learned that I like them
0001 Being caught in my diapers
0001 Being caught or discovered by loved ones or friends
0001 Being caught wearing diapers
0001 Being caught.
162120 Being changed
1000 Being changed (giving up control and inhibitions)
1000 Being changed / changing other cubs!
1000 Being changed & changing a lover
1020 Being changed by a caregiver
0100 Being changed by a caring friend
0001 Being changed by a man
0010 Being changed by a partner
0010 Being changed by another
0001 Being changed by another guy
0010 Being changed by another person
1010 Being changed by daddy
1000 Being changed by friendly girls.
1000 Being changed by girlfriend
0010 Being changed by mommy
1000 Being changed by my caretaker after having an accident.
0010 Being changed by my caretaker in public.
1000 Being changed by my mommy/babysitter/ partner
1000 Being changed by Nanny
1001 Being changed by others
0040 Being changed by someone
0010 Being changed by someone desireable
2080 Being changed by someone else
1000 Being changed from big clothes to lil clothes
0010 Being changed in a public family bathroom.
0010 Being changed in a public restroom.
0010 Being changed in a secluded but public place
0010 Being changed in public
0010 Being changed in public by a caregiver
0010 Being changed in public places like a real baby.
1000 Being changed in semi public
0100 Being changed into a diaper
1000 Being changed like a baby
1000 Being changed occasionally
0010 Being changed on a adult changing table
0010 Being changed on a regular basis
1000 Being changed or changing others
0010 Being changed out in public
1000 Being changed out of my wet diapers
1000 Being changed/diapered
0010 Being changed/having a caretaker
0010 Being checked/changed by a trustworthy caregiver
0100 Being cheeky
1000 Being childish
0100 Being cleaned and powdered
1000 Being close with my mommy
0010 Being completely humiliated by a girl, privately, in my diaper
8000 Being cuddled
1000 Being cuddled and cared for
1000 Being cuddled and hugged by my mommy
1000 Being cuddled as a toddler
0010 Being cuddled by another person, preferably being cradled in a rocking chair as I fall asleep
1000 Being cuddled/Snuggled/Rocked/Touched (NON-SEXUAL touch, such as having my hair stroked back or my back patted)
0100 Being cut off from sex by daddy
1000 Being "cutesy"
1000 Being daddy to naughty girl in diapers
1000 Being daddy's baby girl
0001 Being degraded or belittled
0001 Being dependent on another person
3000 Being diaper changed
8020 Being diapered
1000 Being diapered and changed (baby powdered, diaper rash ointment application, daddy being loving and silly)
0010 Being diapered and dressed by another person
0010 Being diapered around someone else.
0100 Being diapered before bedtime
0010 Being diapered by a "baby sitter"
0100 Being diapered by a babysitter and with her girlfriend at the same time
0010 Being diapered by a boyfriend/partner/loved one
0010 Being diapered by a girl that I can trust.
1000 Being diapered by a kind but firm dom/mommy
1000 Being diapered by a woman
1000 Being diapered by girlfriend
1000 Being diapered by mommy
1000 Being diapered by my wife
1000 Being diapered by others
0010 Being diapered by someone else
0100 Being diapered during sex
0010 Being diapered every day
0010 Being diapered in a fursuit in public
0010 Being diapered in a tent
1000 Being diapered in cloth diapers and plastic pants
1000 Being diapered in front of my wife, sharing that experience with her
0001 Being diapered in public (unless discreet and with partner present for emotional reassurance)
0100 Being diapered in public under clothes, taking people's lack of acknowledgment as them 'not caring' because I am a little girl.
0100 Being diapered is never complete without plastic pants.
1000 Being diapered or being changed
1000 Being diapered or changed
0010 Being diapered with someone else
1000 Being diapered, wetting and drinking from a bottle.
0010 Being diapers for a full week
0100 Being disciplined when I am naughty
0001 Being discovered by the public or anyone I know.
0001 Being dom/sub and other BDSM elements into the way I ageplay
1000 Being dominated
0010 Being dominated and diapered (forced) by a guy
0100 Being dominated by cubs
1000 Being dominated by females and forced to wear diapers
1000 Being dressed
0010 Being dressed and treated like a sissy
0001 Being dressed as a baby in public
0001 Being dressed as a sissy
0010 Being dressed by mommy. Possibly sissy clothes.
1000 Being dressed by someone
1000 Being dressed girly and being called a "good girl" although I am not in any way interested in being a girl, when my caretaker does this for me, its the part I enjoy the most.
0010 Being dressed in "age-appropriate" clothing
0100 Being dressed in baby clothes
0100 Being dressed in childish clothes and taken in public
0100 Being driven in the passenger's seat.
0001 Being embarrassed
1000 Being embarrassed by being talked to as a one would to a small child: "oh, did you wet your diaper?" "do I need to take you to change your pants" etc.
0001 Being embarrassed for being myself.
1000 Being embarrassed when I am caught wearing them
0100 Being excited if the hot girls down the street found out
0001 Being exposed as ABDL
1000 Being exposed as an ABDL
0010 Being exposed in front of someone
0002 Being exposed in public
1000 Being exposed to others, without being asked
1431 Being fed
0100 Being fed ("open up the castle drawbridge....")
0010 Being fed a bottle by my future caretaker
1000 Being fed a bottle while my daddy is holding me.
0010 Being fed and breast fed
0100 Being fed and looked after.
0010 Being fed and treated as a baby by a mommy.
1100 Being fed baby food
0001 Being fed baby food and or formula
0010 Being fed baby food in a highchair
0001 Being fed baby food or formula
0100 Being fed baby food veggies, even the strained peas and squash
1000 Being fed baby foods and formulas and real mothers milk in bottles
1000 Being fed bottles by daddy
0001 Being fed bottles of sippycups.
0010 Being fed by a mommy or daddy. c:
0010 Being fed by another person
1000 Being fed by hand jar baby food
0010 Being fed by someone else
0010 Being fed from a bottle with warm milk and cum mixed together
0110 Being fed in a highchair
0100 Being fed in front of others
1000 Being fed my bottle
1000 Being fed my bottle in Nannies lap
0010 Being fed my food
1000 Being fed with a bottle, nursing from a mommy breast.
1000 Being fed with a spoon and bottle (baby food, applesauce, oatmeal, milk)
1000 Being fed, including being force-fed (e.g. having a bottle held to lips)
1000 Being fed: Using a bottle, eating baby food and/or toddler geared food (such as Gerber Stage 2/Stage 3/Graduates, or homemade baby food). also hoping to breastfeed one day.
1000 Being fed. loves being fed
1000 Being fed/nursed
1000 Being feed baby food
1000 Being feed bottle being
0010 Being feed my bottle in public
1000 Being flogged while in diapers
0100 Being fondled in a diaper
1000 Being force diapered.
0002 Being force fed
0010 Being forced into diapers
0010 Being forced into diapers and having someone put one on me
0001 Being forced to act/dress like a baby or child in public
1000 Being forced to be submissive
0001 Being forced to crawl like an infant
0010 Being forced to crawl.
0100 Being forced to do baby stuff outside (bottlefed, spoonfed, given a pacifier)
1000 Being forced to masturbate in diapers
0010 Being forced to mess by a caretaker (for their own sexual gratification, or to 'help' me)
1000 Being forced to mess my diapers
0100 Being forced to mess my diapers then having to sit down and sleep with them for one night.
0100 Being forced to mess my nappy
1000 Being forced to please daddy!
1000 Being forced to regress because I need to.
0010 Being forced to spend a long period of time as a baby girl by a dominant woman and being forced to give a man a blowjob
1000 Being forced to suck on a pacifier in public.
1000 Being forced to walk around in a messed diaper
0001 Being forced to walk in public with baby attire
1000 Being forced to wear and use diapers
1010 Being forced to wear diapers
0010 Being "forced" to wear diapers or trainers 24/7
1000 Being forced to wear my diapers in public places, out in the open
1000 Being friends to other AB/DLs
0110 Being given a bath
0010 Being given a bath by my future caretaker
2000 Being given a bottle
1000 Being given a warm bottle.
0100 Being given baths, playing with bubbles/bath toys
0001 Being given orders
0100 Being giving enemas and or suppositories
0100 Being handcuffed, so that my girlfriend has full control.
0100 Being held and cared for
1000 Being held and cuddled by a partner while in a diaper
1000 Being held and/or fed + burped by partner/caregiver
0100 Being held by a caregiver
1000 Being held by a mommy caretaker, her arms around me my head on her breasts.
0100 Being held by my wife/mommy while regressed.
1000 Being held down by my partner
1000 Being held for comfort
1000 Being held while given a bottle
1000 Being held/cuddled by a caretaker
1000 Being held/cuddled by my partner and being spoken to in a babyish manner by them.
0100 Being helpful around the house in a childlike capacity, being helpful while free from criticism for poor performance
0001 Being hit (slapped, kicked, etc.)
0010 Being honest with a Partner
1000 Being hugged and cuddling
0010 Being hugged/cuddled/picked up/Pet/held ect. by a friend figure (Can be the other way around but I prefer the "submissive" Position)I would hug and cuddle back dependent way and would ask for it
2303 Being humiliated
0100 Being humiliated and forced to wear diapers
1000 Being humiliated as a big baby
0001 Being humiliated because of my AB.
0100 Being humiliated for using my diapers like a baby
0001 Being humiliated, teased, called a 'baby'
1000 Being hypnotized in diapers
0010 Being in a big back yard enclosed so I can play like a baby
1110 Being in a crib
2000 Being in a diaper
0010 Being in a nursery
0100 Being in a stroller
1000 Being in an accepting, loving relationship with my wife
0001 Being in an adult daycare
0010 Being in an adult-sized nursery
1000 Being in and fully using diapers 24/7 long-term - haven't used a toilet for almost a year now.
1000 Being in baby cloth's
0100 Being in crotch restraints
0010 Being in diapers for a whole weekend
0010 Being in diapers for extended amount of time (most my AB/DL time is limited to just a few hours at a time)
0100 Being in diapers while camping or boating
0010 Being in diapers with someone
0001 Being in public
0010 Being in public with an exposed diaper (at a costume party or something of the like, not creeping around at playground or anything like that.)
1000 Being in public with threat of discovery
1000 Being in wet diaper/(Have been incontinent for 31 years)
0010 Being incontinent.
0001 Being kept in dirty diapers
1000 Being kept tied up until I wet myself (clothes on, diaper underneath)
0100 Being laughed at for behaving so much like a baby
0001 Being left in a cage or left alone tied up
0100 Being left to my own devices
0001 Being little in public with a big group of littles
1000 Being locked into thick, double or triple diapers with no options
0010 Being looked after and not being under "mummy's" complete control
0010 Being looked after by a caretaker at the same time as another ABDL/ageplayer
0010 Being looked after by someone else
0010 Being looked after by someone younger than me
0100 Being loved
1000 Being made to ejaculate in diapers
0100 Being made to use my diaper
1000 Being made to wear diapers in public with the risk of public exposure
1000 Being masturbated in my wet diapers
0001 Being messy in public
0100 Being molested while I'm in my diapers
0010 Being more open in public
1000 Being mothered
0001 Being "mothered" - I really am an "adult child" and look mostly for mindliked infantilists to play and be naughty with
0100 Being my own caregiver
1000 Being nurtured
0001 Being open to public
1000 Being out and about in diapers
0010 Being out in public where I have an accident in (or without) diapers [Messy, or wetting]
1000 Being outside on the grass in a messy diaper
0001 Being overly AB
0010 Being part of an ABDL group/club
0100 Being peed on by girlfriend
1000 Being petted by a caretaker
0100 Being photographed
1000 Being physically prevented from removing my diapers (e.g. tied up, puppy mitts, locking panties)
0010 Being placed in a baby swing with nothing on but baby clothes
0010 Being placed in a nice silver cross pram and taken out
0100 Being placed on a points/behavioural modification system
0010 Being played with dildo's or strap-on's and once I came forced to wear them with my juices in the diaper
0010 Being potty trained and spanked for wetting
0100 Being praised
0100 Being praised for having a huge diaper butt
1000 Being praised for having wet/messed my diapers
0001 Being publicly humiliated
0001 Being punished
0001 Being punished in general, unless it's sexual and within my control
0001 Being punished or humiliated (but hugging while whispering "bad little boy" my opposite is allowed :) )
0001 Being punished or spanked
0001 Being "punished" with sex while in little headspace
0011 Being pushed around in a stroller
1000 Being pushed on the swing at the park
1000 Being put down for a nap by Nanny
0001 Being put in a crib
0010 Being put in an adult-sized bouncer
1000 Being put in fresh diapers
0010 Being put in highchair/pushchair/carseat
0100 Being put in restraints while diapered
0100 Being put in time out
1000 Being put in time out (cornertime)
1000 Being put into diapers/changed when needed
0010 Being put to bed forcefully
0010 Being put to bed.
0100 Being "raped" or "molested" by daddy (but not for real, of course!)
0100 Being read a bed-time story
1000 Being read a book by a caretaker
0010 Being read a story to by my future caretaker
1000 Being read bedtime stories
1000 Being read stories
0300 Being read to
1000 Being read to, bedtime story
1000 Being read/reading bedtime stories
0100 Being regressed by my partner and subsequently being taken care of by them.
0010 Being regressed through hypnosis
1000 Being reprimanded/put in my place by a caretaker
0100 Being restrained and choked lightly
1000 Being restrained and diapered
0001 Being restrained/ forced in diapers.
1000 Being rocked
1000 Being rocked in a mommy's arms
1110 Being rocked to sleep
0010 Being rocked to sleep by my future caretaker
0001 Being scolded
0100 Being scolded for not listening to mommy
1000 Being scolded in public
0001 Being scored or punished for doing things that are part of being a baby or sissy.
1000 Being seen
0001 Being seen in public as an ABDL
0100 Being sent to bed early
1000 Being sexual while involving diapers
1000 Being snuggled by my daddy
0010 Being someone's daddy, involved into ABDL and BDSM.
0010 Being someones baby
0010 Being someones baby/little boy with friends
6116 Being spanked
0100 Being spanked /cornertime
0100 Being spanked and punished
0100 Being spanked by my momma's hand
0010 Being spanked for bad behavior.
0010 Being spanked for being naughty
0001 Being spanked for not changing my diapers sooner
1000 Being spanked in a messy diaper.
0010 Being spanked in front of a group
0100 Being spanked in public
1000 Being spanked like a little boy
0001 Being spanked or dominated
1000 Being spanked or patted on a diapered bum
1000 Being spanked or spanking
0001 Being spanked, slapped, or ignored as punishment
0010 Being spanked/punished, including forced diapering/babying by 'grown-up' figure
0100 Being spoiled and treated 'different' because I'm a little girl, not a grown-up
0100 Being spoken to (gently) in a foreign language while being cared for, as a way to learn a new language and "start over" using that language.
1000 Being spoken to as if I were a baby.
0010 Being spoken to like a child, experience chastisement, being punished by being sent to my room, made to stand in the corner, etc.
0100 Being spoken to like a toddler, chastised or humiliated
2000 Being spoonfed
1000 Being spoonfed babyfood.
1000 Being stoned and in a diaper
0100 Being submissive
0100 Being submissive and carrying out what I'm told to do
1000 Being suckled at breast
0100 Being sung a lullaby to.
1000 Being sung to/Having lullabies played
1010 Being swaddled
0100 Being taken and forced into a diaper
2000 Being taken care of
0010 Being taken care of by a caregiver.
0010 Being taken care of by a mommy or daddy
0010 Being taken care of by another
1000 Being taken care of by someone else
0010 Being taken for stroller rides
0010 Being taken of by a caregiver outside of the internet
0001 Being taken out in public with anything babyish visible
0010 Being taken outside in harness & leash
0010 Being taken to a real daycare (probably not very realistic)
0001 Being taken to a shrink or help ah no that's to far
1000 Being taken to the movies as a baby by Nanny
0100 Being talked down to
1000 Being talked to as a 'little boy'
1000 Being talked to as a toddler
0001 Being talked to like a baby
1000 Being taught/trained (all aspects/anything)
0100 Being teased
1000 Being teased about diapers/babyhood
0100 Being teased about how much of a little girl I am
1000 Being teased about wearing diapers
1000 Being teased and humiliated wearing plastic panties and a bra and masturbating.
1000 Being teased in my diapers
0100 Being the care-taker in age progression scenes, in which my charge is roleplaying an elderly person who needs diapers.
0010 Being tickled
1200 Being tied up
0100 Being tied up by girlfriend +put in a diaper
1000 Being together.
1000 Being told I must wear diapers (either because I need them or because I've been ordered to wear them)
0100 Being told I'm a good girl
1000 Being told it's okay - to just go ahead and pee in my diaper.
0001 Being told off
1000 Being told to go to bed
1000 Being told to put on a diaper.
1000 Being told what I can and cannot do
0010 Being totally babied for a week or more by a caretaker or significant other.
1000 Being totally cared for as a baby girl
0010 Being treated as a 3 1/2 year old as yet to happen to me
1000 Being treated babyish such as having my back rubbed and my padded bottom patted
2000 Being treated like a baby
0010 Being treated like a baby 24/7 for a weekend or more
0010 Being treated like a baby around kids
1000 Being treated like a baby by significant other
1000 Being Treated like a baby or being babied by a 'mom' or 'dad' dominant figure
1000 Being treated like a child
1000 Being treated like a child / baby
1000 Being treated like a kid
1010 Being treated like a toddler
0100 Being treated like baby
1000 Being treated like im 2
0010 Being truly incontinent
0100 Being tucked in and given goodnight kisses.
1000 Being tucked in bed.
1000 Being tucked in for bed
0100 Being tucked in to bed
1000 Being tucked into bed at night
1000 Being under complete control and protection of a domineering, well educated, attractive-Older Hispanic Mommy; Professions include: Police Officer, business woman/Boss, Teacher, district attorney, and News anchor (Pretty much involving a blazer) w/ strong and firm spanking hands.
1000 Being wet
1000 Being wet for 8+ hrs
1000 Being wet pants
0010 Being with a DL girlfriend
1000 Being with a woman who is wearing
1000 Being with my mommy
1000 Being with my teddy
1000 Being with other AB/DL's
1000 Being with other ABDLs
0010 Being with other ABDLs diapered
0010 Being with other DLs
0010 Being with someone else who shares a similar take on these fetishes
0001 Being/getting exposed wearing a diaper
0100 Bibs
0100 Big warm bed full of stuffed animals and pillows
0100 Binkie, blanket
1000 Binky
0001 Blatantly obvious "babying" in vanilla public (I.e. diaper messing, huge diapers, obvious baby clothes etc.)
0100 Board games
0304 Bondage
0001 Bondage - such as being restrained to a crib/locked into a "crib cage" (crib with a top). "Bondage" that is required for infant through toddler safety OR comfort don't count as the bondage I wish to avoid (such as a changing table tummy strap, car seat, swaddling)
0100 Bondage (locked into a diaper)
0010 Bondage + diapers.
1000 Bondage, medical restraints, rope, tape, pallet wrap. crib cages. Spankings, for punishment or funishment, or sexual desire, or sensual. Floggers for all the same reasons. wax play, violet wands, Fire play, heavy impact play such as paddles, foam bats, and body punching. (Not real punching.)
0001 Bonnets
0010 Bottle drinking
8120 Bottle feeding
0100 Bottle-fed by someone
0010 Bottle/breast feeding (non-sexual)
1000 Bottle/breastfed
6933 Bottles
0010 Bottles or pacifiers
0010 Bottles, pacifiers, bibs
0001 Bound and gagged.
0001 Boy on boy sex/diaper change
1000 Breast feeding(dry)
0001 Breast feeding/simulated breast feeding
0010 Breast feeding/sucking
1000 Breast milk
1000 Breast play
2000 Breast suckling
0010 Breastfed from a lactating mommy
94182 Breastfeeding
0001 Breastfeeding or fantasies about it
0010 Breastfeeding while diapered
0100 Breathing new life into children's games
0010 Brotherly interaction
1000 Browsing ABDL forums or websites.
0100 Browsing forums and sampling communication relating to diapers
0100 Browsing Tech/Gaming websites
0200 Bubble baths
1000 Bubble baths with daddy sitting or kneeling beside the tub.
0100 Building a highchair
1000 Building cities with Lego and when finished, imagining disasters like dinosaurs or aliens tear through it.
1000 Building forts
0100 Building online in Second Life for other ABs
0100 Bum play
2000 Bum temperature
0100 Burning aroma-sticks or cones from India or Egypt, eating burned matches
0001 Butt plugs
0100 Butt plugs diapers
0010 Buy a whole butt load (lol) of thick diapers and wear like 20 of them at the same time so that I cant walk or close my legs
0010 Buying and using adult diapers
0100 Buying baby items in the store or on line
2101 Buying diapers
1000 Buying diapers at a store(not online)
1000 Buying diapers at medical supply stores and asking for help with my selection (I usually know what I want but its fun to talk to the salespeople though, as long as they're women)
1000 Buying diapers from women
1000 Buying diapers in public
0100 Buying far too many toddler clothes!
0100 Buying new and interseting clothes for wearing with diapers
1000 Buying new kinds of diapers
1000 Buying Plastic pants
0001 Call an adult baby sex-line.
0001 Calling my caregiver (Boyfriend) 'Daddy' no offense to the people who do it but I just find it too creepy considering my boyfriend is only 3 years older than me.
0001 Calling someone "daddy." (I was sexually abused by my father as a child and that would be very triggering for me.)
0210 Camping
0010 Camping trip
0001 Can't really think of much else, I'm ill so it's hard to think, sorry :/
0011 Can't think of any
0010 Can't think of anything
0100 Can't think of anything else..
0001 Canned infant food.
0001 Cant think of any that I wouldn't be willing to try once
0001 Cant think on any will try almost everything
0100 "Care bondage" roleplay
0011 Caregiving
0010 Caring for a "little girl."
0001 Caring for a woman with fecal incontinence.
0010 Caring for and marrying a severely disabled woman.
1000 Caring for diapered girls
1000 Caring for my partner. Taking care of him/her, dressing, feeding, changing, bathing, storytelling. being a caregiver. especially the caring of her/his diapers and all that that involves.
0010 Caring for others
0100 Carrying a security blanket
0100 Carrying my teddy around by his arm (he's full of beans and droops very cutely!)
0030 Carseats
2100 Cartoons
1000 Cartoons binkes stuffed toys kid toys
0010 Catheterization for an extended period in diapers
0001 Catheterization! Shudder..
0003 Catheters
0010 Change diapers in public
0010 Change Heather Locklear's diapers if she wore them.
0100 Change time
0010 Changed in public
1000 Changes/diapering
9010 Changing
0010 Changing / be a daddy to someone ele
0010 Changing a diaper
0010 Changing a loved one's diaper
0010 Changing a partner
1000 Changing an AB Girl.
0010 Changing an AB's wet diaper
0010 Changing an ABs diaper.
0010 Changing another DL's diaper
1000 Changing by others
4100 Changing diapers
1000 Changing diapers in busy public restrooms where I will not be recognized
0100 Changing friends
1000 Changing her diaper
0010 Changing in public (restroom)
2000 Changing into a diaper
1000 Changing into a fresh diaper
0001 Changing mess diapers. love filling my diapers. just no fun cleaning
0002 Changing messy diapers
0001 Changing messy diapers (like messing but not "the mess")
1000 Changing my baby girl
1000 Changing my baby girl's diaper
0100 Changing my baby girl's diaper in the back seat of the car
3100 Changing my diaper
0001 Changing my diaper in public
0100 Changing my diaper playmates
0010 Changing my girlfriends poopy diaper
0100 Changing my girls diapers
1000 Changing my partner, and the sex that often happens at that time.
0100 Changing my wife's diaper
1000 Changing myself all the time
0001 Changing or being around other messy diapers
1000 Changing or being changed
1000 Changing other ABDLs (I see myself as a fatherly ABDL)
0010 Changing other people's diapers
1010 Changing others
0001 Changing others diapers.
0001 Changing others who have messed
0010 Changing others' used diapers (wet and messy)
0010 Changing someone
0001 Changing someone else messy diapers
0020 Changing someone else's diaper
0001 Changing someone else's dirty diaper
1000 Changing them
1000 Changing wet diaper s on other adults
1000 Changing wife's diaper
0010 Changing/ being changed
0010 Changing/Being changed by someone
1000 Changing/self
1000 Chastity
0010 Chastity devices in diapers
0010 Chastity play in diapers
1000 Chat with others
0100 Chatting on-line with others who share these fetishes, especially about why we do this and early experiences
0001 Chatting online with other ABs in baby mode
1000 Chatting online with other DLs
1000 Chatting online with others who wear diapers, especially helping to support "newbies."
1000 Chatting with DLs
1000 Chatting with other AB's
2100 Chatting with other AB/DLs.
1000 Checking out blogs/twitter feeds from other AB/DL's
1000 Chewing on a pacifier
0100 Chewing on random stuff.
1000 Childish acts such as pacifiers, bottles, coloring, Disney movies ect.
1000 Childish clothes (have no baby clothes)
0100 Children's television / cartoons
1000 Choosing & buying diapers and changing pads in the drugstore or get not overused stuff in the dump and overuse it
0001 Clean up after messing
0001 Cleaning messes
0001 Cleaning myself after messing
0001 Cleaning myself after messing my diaper
0002 Cleaning up
0001 Cleaning up a messy diaper
0001 Cleanup
1000 Climbing trees
0100 Climbing...I like climbing up stuff
0010 Close relationship with AB or DL woman, regardless of sexual presence
0100 Closeness to Mommy
2031 Cloth diapers
0001 Cloth diapers and plastic pants
0001 Cloth diapers or depends adult diapers
0010 Cloth diapers, plastic pants, bed protectors.
0001 Cloth nappies
0100 Cloth Training pants
1000 Clothing
1000 Clothing rompers/sleeper etc
0100 Clothing; sometimes I use special ABDL clothing such as a onesie or romper, but I usually dress in normal clothes and pajamas--or none at all, except for the diaper and a shirt.
0010 Collaring
0100 Collect all sorts of baby stuff
0100 Collecting action figures/toys
1000 Collecting and cuddling/playing with stuffed animals
1000 Collecting and using pacifiers
1000 Collecting diapers
0100 Collecting photos and videos
0100 Collecting photos and videos of disabled or retarded people.
0100 Collecting photos of people and babies in disposable diapers.
1000 Collecting plastic pants.
1000 Collecting plushies
2000 Collecting stuffed animals
0100 Collecting vintage baby and adult disposable diapers.
0100 Collection of baby figurines
0100 Collection of vintage baby clothes and items
7811 Coloring
1000 Coloring (especially in cute coloring books)
0100 Coloring / arts & crafts
1000 Coloring / doodling
3200 Coloring books
1000 Coloring coloring books with crayons
1100 Coloring in coloring books
0100 Coloring in coloring books or print out pages with my glitter crayons
1100 Coloring pictures
1000 Coloring with REAL crayons
0100 Coloring/drawing (and using my left hand for more 'babyish' drawings)
1000 Coloring/fingerpainting
0100 Colouring and drawing
1000 Colouring in my colouring book
0001 Combining diapers and sex (my interest in diapers is sexual, I am a DL, but I do not fantasize about sex with a partner involving diaper - I prefer my sex to be vanilla)
1000 Comfort
0100 Communicating with like minded friends, usually not mentioning ABDL.
1000 Communicating with other ABDLs
0001 Complete helplessness
0010 Complete immersion into a long term 24/7 infantile lifestyle
0010 Complete loss of control
0010 Complete regression VIA hypnosis.
0100 Composing music/singing
0001 Compulsive buying of many different diapers
1000 Connecting with like-minded people
0100 Consensual molestation of someone else's diapers
0100 Constantly told how babyish I am by Mommy and told that I'll never grow up as a man then suggested that I am best as Mommy's diapered little sissy baby.
0010 Contacting other ABs
1000 Controlling my own bathroom use (holding as long as I can to the point where I involuntarily lose control), preferably without using diapers
0100 Cooking
0100 Cooking elaborate meals for dinner parties
0100 Cooking with mommy
0100 Cooking/working over a stove while diapered (especially spaghetti)
0023 Corner time
0010 Costumes for prolonged role play
1000 Cot
0001 Could not go in public dressed in baby clothes or being pushed in a stroller
0100 Covering my nappy area with nappy rash cream
1000 Cozy onesies tucked in bed
1000 Crafting several child-sized diapers into one in order to fit me
0100 Crawl on my hands and knees
2412 Crawling
0200 Crawling around
0100 Crawling around like I'm too little to even stand up by myself.
0010 Crawling around the house
0100 Crawling in diapers
1000 Crawling on the floor
1000 Crawling on the floor and exploring
0100 Crawling on the floor.
0100 Crawling when regressed.
0100 Crawling, sitting, or toddling/walking on carpet or a rug(my house growing up had almost all carpet floors)
0100 Creating
0001 Creepiness
0100 Crib
0010 Crib / stroller play
0001 Cross dressing to a baby girl.
1000 Cross-dressing in private, not as a homosexual act, just to enhance the "different from 'normal' life" idea.
0100 Cross-dressing with nappies - skirts, tights
1101 Crossdressing
1000 Crossdressing in diapers
0001 Crossdressing/playing a little girl
0010 Crying
1000 Crying. acting like a grownup all the time, I really don't get to let go and cry as often I want or need to. as a baby, I'm free to do so whenever.
0010 'cubbing' out
0010 Cuckolding while in a diaper
1000 Cuddle a teddy bear
1000 Cuddle with my daddies
2100 Cuddles
1000 Cuddles and pacifier (especially when half-awake and falling back to asleep)
0100 Cuddles by daddy and bear
1000 Cuddles/rubs/touches/pats
0100 Cuddletime
9510 Cuddling
1000 Cuddling (as the little one)
0100 Cuddling a plush
1000 Cuddling a soft toy
1000 Cuddling and hugging
1000 Cuddling as baby,and sleeping in crib.
1000 Cuddling being touched lightly(like a message)hair brushing
1000 Cuddling either a willing human or something soft and willing to lay there, lol
1000 Cuddling in diapers
1000 Cuddling my baby girl
1000 Cuddling my plush dogs
3000 Cuddling my plushies
1000 Cuddling my plushies and sucking on my paci
1000 Cuddling my stuffed animals.
2000 Cuddling my teddy
0100 Cuddling my teddy and comfort blanket
1000 Cuddling my teddy bear
0100 Cuddling other ABs
6000 Cuddling stuffed animals
0100 Cuddling stuffed animals and/or blankets
2000 Cuddling teddy bears
1000 Cuddling up to my momma
1000 Cuddling up to my plushies. I have a lot of plushies, and cuddling with them always makes me feel safe.
1100 Cuddling while wearing diapers
1000 Cuddling with a blanket/plushie
0010 Cuddling with a loved one while we're both dressed childishly
1000 Cuddling with a parental figure/stuffed animals
1000 Cuddling with a plushy.
0100 Cuddling with an attractive girl
4000 Cuddling with daddy
1000 Cuddling with girlfriend in diaper and tights.
1000 Cuddling with mommy
3000 Cuddling with mommy
1000 Cuddling with my blankie
0100 Cuddling with my boyfriend.
1000 Cuddling with my caregiver (Who is also an AB/DL switch and is my boyfriend)
1000 Cuddling with my "caregiver" and a stuffed animal
1000 Cuddling with my "daddy"
1000 Cuddling with my gf...usually in footies
1000 Cuddling with my soft toys
1000 Cuddling with my Teddy bear
1000 Cuddling with my wife after a long day in a fetal position (She is supportive but not a "Mommy" or caretaker". Just understand its a way to relieve my stress.
1000 Cuddling with other AB's
1000 Cuddling with other people, including being stroked and petted.
1000 Cuddling with parent figure
3100 Cuddling with plushies
1000 Cuddling with plushies and/or paci's
1000 Cuddling with someone taking care of me
4000 Cuddling with stuffed animals
1000 Cuddling with teddy bears
1000 Cuddling withs Plushy
1000 Cuddling, playing, and talking to plushies
1000 Cuddling!
1000 Cuddling/hugging
0010 Cuddling/playing with my ABDL little bro.
1000 Cuddling/sleeping with stuffed animals
1000 Cuddlings
1000 Cuddly toys
0100 Curling into a ball and sleeping
1000 Cuteness
1000 Dacrophilia (Pleasure from crying) Mind fucks, service, submission. abduction, asylum play. Forced orgasms. Hugs and compliments from daddy. Maybe, I should just have listed my hard limits? HAH!
0001 Daddies or any male care giver at this moment in time ( that could change if I ever met one I could trust 200% but they are rarer than rocking horse manure)
1000 Daddy changing my diaper
0100 Daddy dressing me up
0100 Daddy holding my hand in public so I dont run away
0010 Daddy play
1000 Daddy reading me bedtime stories or watching cartoons before bedtime
0010 Daddy roleplay
0010 Daddy taking my innocence away (role play)
1000 Daddy/daughter cuddling
0100 Dancing
0100 Daring her to try.
0100 Daring my wife to the brink of annoyance over my head strong logic
0001 "dark" ageplay where scenes of a sexual and/or abusive nature take place
0010 Dark ageplay. (Ageplay with incest overtones, or consentual 'non-consentual' masturbating or touching.
0010 Dating another AB/DL
1000 Daydreaming
0100 Daydreaming about doing babyish or toddlerish things.
1000 Defecating in diapers
0001 Defecating in diapers.
0001 Defecating in diapers/fecal play
0001 Depends
1000 Design and sew clothes for my layette
0100 Desitin all over
0100 Desperation to pee
1000 Desperation, needing to pee but holding it till I cant anymore
0001 Despite it's location above, messing in public. It's a deep fantasy; but I would be upset about causing others distress by being around them.
0010 Diaper 24/7 for 1wk at less
0120 Diaper bondage
0001 Diaper bondage for an extended period
0010 Diaper bondage or being forced to use by girlfriend
0010 Diaper bondage with a partner, having a female partner wear and use diapers without enemas
1000 Diaper change / baby play with other adults
0010 Diaper change by a daddy
20620 Diaper changes
0010 Diaper changes where a "mommy" or "daddy" changes my diaper
0010 Diaper check
1000 Diaper cuddling
0100 Diaper discipline
0010 Diaper dominance
0010 Diaper domination scenes (forced diapers, diapered bondage, etc.)
0001 Diaper fetish-ism(*sp)
0001 Diaper forever
0100 Diaper frottage
0100 Diaper humiliation
1000 Diaper humping
2000 Diaper masturbation
0003 Diaper messing
0001 Diaper nuzzles / Face-to-diaper / "Diaper sex" other than frottage
0100 Diaper parties (being around guys with exposed diapers or AB clothes makes me feel relaxed & accepted)
1000 Diaper pee
0100 Diaper pics
0010 Diaper play
0010 Diaper play dates
0010 Diaper play with am AB/DL girl
0010 Diaper play with my wife
1000 Diaper porn
0001 Diaper punishment
0010 Diaper punishment (masochism)
0010 Diaper punishment (sadist)
0010 Diaper punishment / forced diapering
0002 Diaper rash
0001 Diaper rash play
2082 Diaper sex
0100 Diaper shopping
0100 Diaper Squishing (Whilst still wearing said diaper)
0010 DIaper three way sex
0010 Diaper training
0100 Diaper use
4000 Diaper wearing
1000 Diaper wearing (of course)
1000 Diaper wearing and using
1000 Diaper wearing/Using (havent done sence 7th grade)
1000 Diaper wetting
1000 Diapered
0010 Diapered at beach
0100 Diapered enemas
0100 Diapered Gaming
1000 Diapered masturbation
0120 Diapered sex
0010 Diapered Spankings
4100 Diapering
0010 Diapering a partner
0010 Diapering a woman, and having her diaper me.
0010 Diapering and binding a female significant other
0100 Diapering my wife and changing her
0010 Diapering my wife.
1000 Diapering myself; baby oil, baby powder, and baby lotion.
1000 Diapering myself.
1010 Diapering others
0010 Diapering/changing a partner
11110 Diapers
0100 Diapers as chastity device
1000 Diapers as punishment
0001 Diapers at work (don't understand why people would do this unless they have to)
0001 Diapers at work, if there's even a slight chance of being noticed (thin pull-ups might be okay if I keep them dry)
1000 Diapers cloth plastic pants some thro away diapers lots of prints.
0010 Diapers or AB clothes at a public fetish event like Folsom or dore (maybe?)
0100 Diapers so thick that I waddle like a baby
0010 Diapers with BDSM (sexual)
1000 Diapers, but I also wer for need.
1000 Diapers,and being diapered and changed
0001 Direct contact with other AB/DL's
0010 Directed / ongoing group roleplay (any)
0001 Dirty nappies from bottom
2000 Discipline
0001 Discipline. I don't like being yelled at or spanked or anything that is intended to make a child uncomfortable.
1000 Discreet verbal humiliation. (I.e. not exposing non-consenting parties)
0100 Discussing diaper wearing with others in person or online.
0100 Discussing Technology/Gaming
1000 Disobeying to be spanked
1111 DL only.... mostly ware 2 pair of underwear with vinyl pants over
1000 DL that's all
1000 Do childish things
0001 Do not expose my diaper wearing to the public
0001 Do not participate in the furry ABDL lifestyles
0010 Do some role-playing with an interested SO (he/she doesn't need to participate in diaper wearing, but have fun role-playing or playing for the sake of playing.
0100 Doctor games
0010 Doing ABDL activities in public (albeit clandestinely)
0001 Doing anything AB/DL in public
0010 Doing "babyish" things in public, pacifier, carrying a stuffed animal, etcetera.
1000 Doing childlike activities--watching kid's entertainment, coloring, playing with kid's toys, etc.
0100 Doing chores in my diapers
0100 Doing everyday, normal activities while wearing diapers
1000 Doing little things like drinking from a bottle, wearing a bib, etc.
1000 Doing No.2 in my pants sometimes even before I go to sleep in that nappy (only nappied this is fun, though), squishing it, the feeling is so great
1000 Doing poo-poo in nappy
1000 Doing the diaper shake
1000 Doing the"Mommy cuddle"with my Mommy
1000 Dolly
0010 Dom mommy
0001 Domination
0001 Domination, bondage, or mutalation
0001 Don't know
0001 Don't like spankings
0001 Don't particularly enjoy bottle feeding, pacifiers and the "baby" side of AB
0001 Don't want sex, when in the mode of AB/DL
0010 Dont have any I can think of.
0021 Dont know
0001 Dont want to come out to family.
0100 Dormir temprano
1000 Doubling
0010 Doubling or the like to go 24 hours unchanged.
0100 Downloading pictures of women in diapers and reading diaper blogs.
1000 Drawing (which is odd as I never drew as a kid or adult)
1000 Drawing Manga (ABDL and Non)
0100 Drawing people in diapers AB and DLs
1000 Dream about having an ABDL girlfriend
1000 Dreaming about a baby girlfriend
1000 Dreaming about being a baby
1000 Dreaming about being changed (I've never had someone change me before)
0010 Dress in adult baby clothes
1000 Dress in plastic babypants and wear a bra and masturbating.
0100 Dress stuffed animals in diapers
1000 'Dress up'
5000 Dress up
1000 Dressed as a girl and treated as a child
0001 Dressed like a sissy
0010 Dressed more babyish
1000 Dressing 'young' in public
1000 Dressing and playing as a baby girl
0001 Dressing as a baby
0110 Dressing as a baby girl
0010 Dressing as a baby girl for holloween
1000 Dressing as a baby girl wearing ultra thick diapers and plastic panties
1000 Dressing as a baby girl with bra and breast prosthesis.
0001 Dressing as a baby in public
3001 Dressing as a girl
1000 Dressing as a girl, since its the gender I feel and it comes out in my play
1010 Dressing as a little girl
1000 Dressing as a little girl (dresses or overalls/shortalls)
1000 Dressing as a little girl while diapered
1000 Dressing as a little toddler girl in pretty pink frilly dresses
1000 Dressing as a school-age girl
0100 Dressing as an AB
1000 Dressing as young as possible in as much pink as is avaliable
0010 Dressing completely as a baby.
1000 Dressing in a onesie
0010 Dressing in a very babyish manner
0100 Dressing in baby boy clothes
0001 Dressing in baby clothes
0010 Dressing in baby clothing
1000 Dressing in baby girl clothes..onsies, baby girl sun dresses
0100 Dressing in baby girl/sissy clothes
0100 Dressing in babyish clothes
0100 Dressing in big girl clothes and being fully diapered
0100 Dressing in cute clothes
0010 Dressing in public like I'm 2
0100 Dressing in sleepers
0002 Dressing like a baby
0100 Dressing like a child
2000 Dressing like a girl
1000 Dressing like a girl in pantyhose, stockings and girdles, leotards, girl's swimsuits (prefer the sportive unisex style without breastformings, also prefer swimsuits made for GIRLS, not for wOMEN) , ballet shoes, but NOT: bras or high heels (only things that girls wear, not so much the adult style)
0100 Dressing like a little boy
1100 Dressing like a little girl
1000 Dressing up
0010 Dressing up and going out in public (in babyish clothes)
0010 Dressing up as a baby
1000 Dressing up as a baby girl
1000 Dressing up as a baby, onesies, diaper covers, footed sleepers,
0010 Dressing up as a little girl
0100 Dressing up in cute outfits with pigtails
1000 Dressing up in my big baby bib overalls or short-alls with a snap crotch
1000 Dressing up in onsie or tee
0010 Dressing up in pretty dresses
0100 Dressing up in sissy clothes
1000 Dressing up in thick cloth diapers and cute plastic pants for bed feeling myself waddle when I walk.
0001 Dressing up like a baby.
1000 Dressing up like a girl
0100 Dressing up like a little girl even though I am a 54 year old man.
0100 Dressing up like a women and waering a diaper to hide my thing.
1000 Dressing up like an infant/toddler boy.
0010 Dressing up w/ onesies, sleepers, etc.
1000 Dressing up when AB
1000 Dressing young
0001 Dressing, acting as a baby
0010 Drink exlacs from a babybottle
1000 Drink from a baby bottle
1000 Drink from a bottle
1000 Drink my baby bottle.
1000 Drinking a baby bottle
0100 Drinking a big glass (you have to hold it with two hands!) of hot chocolate milk through a straw.
0100 Drinking baby formula
1000 Drinking beer or wine from sippy cups or baby bottles.
0100 Drinking bottle
1000 Drinking bottle of milk
1000 Drinking bottles
1000 Drinking breast mil out of a bottle
0001 Drinking breast milk
0100 Drinking chocolate milkshake.
1000 Drinking extra water for more frequent wettings
1000 Drinking for a baby bottle
0011 Drinking formula
1000 Drinking formula or breast milk from my bottle
8600 Drinking from a baby bottle
1000 Drinking from a baby bottle, especially if someone's feeding me.
16540 Drinking from a bottle
1000 Drinking from a bottle / sippy cup
0100 Drinking from a bottle and sippy cup
2200 Drinking from a bottle or sippy cup
1000 Drinking from a bottle or sucking on a pacifier
1000 Drinking from a bottle, passifiers, my cookie monster stuffy, and favorite blankie, among other items..
3100 Drinking from a sippy cup
1000 Drinking from a sippy cup or bottle
1000 Drinking from a sippy cup snd wearing footed Pjs.
1200 Drinking from baby bottles
3301 Drinking from bottles
0001 Drinking from bottles - I'm a toddler so I'm too old to do that
1000 Drinking from bottles/sippy cups
1000 Drinking from my bah bah
1100 Drinking from my bottle
2000 Drinking from sippy cups
0100 Drinking from sippy cups and bottles
1000 Drinking from sippy cups, sometimes wearing frilly diaper covers
0100 Drinking fruity alcoholic beverages from sippy cups
0100 Drinking juice from a bottle
2100 Drinking milk from a bottle
0100 Drinking my bottle
1000 Drinking my bottle while driving
1000 Drinking out of a bottle
1001 Drinking out of bottles
1000 Drinking tea or milk out of my baby bottle
1000 Drinking theater sized cups of soda while watching a movie at home
1000 Drinking with my bottles and sippycups
1000 Dry diapers
1000 Dry-humping in a wet diaper
1000 Dry-humping in wet diapers(one or both parties)
1100 Dummies
0100 Ear pulling
0001 Early age regression (18 months <)
0001 Eat baby food/formula
0001 Eating actual baby food (substitutes like applesauce are great though!)
0010 Eating and drinking from baby dishes and bottles
1000 Eating as if a child
11316 Eating baby food
0001 Eating baby food or roleplaying as a baby.
0001 Eating baby food regularly (maybe rarely yes)
0001 Eating baby food, wearing bibs
0010 Eating baby food, wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants all the time, dressing as a baby boy, wearing only a diaper outside my house, baby play (roleplay),
0001 Eating baby food. Maybe I just had a bad jar, but two mouthfuls was more than enough.
1000 Eating baby food/drinking formula
1000 Eating baby foods or soft adult foods e.G. porridge.
0100 Eating baby or toddler food with cute plates and bowels and wearing a bib.
1000 Eating finger foods
0010 Eating from a high chair or using other AB furniture
0100 Eating from baby utensils, plates and bowls
0030 Eating in a highchair
1000 Eating pastries in front of the television while watching cartoons or movies.
1000 Eating small toddler-like snacks
1000 Eating with my fingers and making my face a mess
1010 Eating with my hands
1000 Eating with my tiny spoon (which is always)
0002 Embarrassment
1000 Emotional regression/attachment/openness (Sharing love, hugging, being cared for, "the mushy stuff" generally)
0100 Enema holding
0100 Enema to force usage
0010 Enema training
0100 Enema's / messing / clean up
2778 Enemas
0001 Enemas - come now do we need that
1000 Enemas (hence the feeling of being out of control) no one else knows about this
0100 Enemas (rarely - couple times per year)
0010 Enemas / Marshmallow trick or banana trick
0200 Enemas in diapers
0001 Enemas or suppositories
0001 Enemas!
0001 Enemas/catheters
0010 Enemas/laxatives
0010 Enemas/messing
0100 Enforced baby-talk
0001 Enjoy them all
0001 Enjoyed all
1000 Enjoying milk and cookie time
1000 Enjoying the sensation of diapers and plastic sheets
1000 Everyone seeing my diaper in pupblic
0001 Everything AB related,
0110 Everything else
0010 Everything involving long-term confinement to diapers (including bondage-related options)
0001 Exhibition regression (whether online or in public)
1000 Exhibitionalism, meeting random girls in chatrooms and overtime admitting I liked diapers, going on webcam etc.
0002 Exhibitionism
0100 Experience Project, Fetlife, bBIF
1000 Exploration of loving dominant requests and the head state that a dominant person experiences during submissive acceptance
0100 Exploring
0010 Exploring more intimate relationships
0100 Exploring places diapered
0001 Exposing AB lifestyle to children
0001 Exposing diapers purposely to publicly unsuspecting people
0001 Exposing myself to people I know
1001 Exposure
0001 Exposure to people I know
0001 Exposure, bothering other people with my lifestyle.
0100 Extended diaper play with diaper changes (solo)
0100 Extended diaper wearing with bondage
0001 Extended periods of 24/7.
0010 Extended stay for over a week
1000 Extensive Foreplay
0001 Faggy baby talk
0100 Fake messing (putting bananas, outmeal, or other fecal like substances into my diapers)
0100 Falling asleep sucking my paci
0100 Falling asleep with my pacifier and stuffed animals
0010 Fantasies of being in an ideal family
1000 Fantasizing
1000 Fantasizing about being an adult male who is being forced to live as a baby, in a BDSM type situation
1000 Fantasizing about being an adult who has regressed to being in an infant-like state.
1000 Fantasizing about being helpless and retarded.
1000 Fantasizing about being in a complete AB/DL environment with no stress of outside world
1000 Fantasizing about being "re-incarnated" or "re-born" with my wife in infant bodies.
1000 Fantasizing about girls while wearing a diaper
0100 Fantasizing being a baby with the privileges adults have.
0100 Fantasizing my mommy would have raised me as a baby girl and had masturbated me
1000 Fantasizing that I'm a preteen boy in diapers
1000 Fanticising being infant/todler's body with instincts.
0003 Fecal play
1000 Feeding (Breast or bottle)
1000 Feeding an AB Girl her bottle or in a high chair.
0100 Feeding baby bottle or baby food to others.
1000 Feeding ducks with mommy,mommy giving me a bath,playing games with mommy
0010 Feeding my baby girl
1000 Feeding my Little ones
1000 Feeding time
1000 Feeling
1000 Feeling diapers
0100 Feeling like a baby by giving up all control to someone else (diaper changes, feeding schedule, nap/bedtimes, etc.)
1000 Feeling like a baby while wearing.
1000 Feeling like a big girl (11ish.)
1000 Feeling like I'm finally happy.
1000 Feeling of bulk and/or warmth
0100 Feeling plastic pants
1000 Feeling the diaper
1000 Feeling wetness
0100 Feeling/rubbing my wet diaper with hand
0100 Felling loved and cared for
1000 Felling unconditional love
0010 Fill a diaper to its max with pee. (I get to grossed out after a while)
0100 Filling and using diapers
0001 Filling my diaper (scat)
0001 Filling the role of a mommy/daddy without anytime to do the things above espeshily diapers
1000 Final Fantasy (I-XIII-II excluding XI) Marathons
0010 Find other babies who want to get together to play
0010 Find other females who enjoy being babies
0010 Finding a caregiver to experiment play with someone else.
0010 Finding a female SO and possibly engaging in some ABDL activities as well as vanilla.
0010 Finding a friend that gets me and accepts why I wear and can deal with it.
0010 Finding a friend to do diaper stuff with
0020 Finding a mommy
0010 Finding a partner to roleplay with
0010 Finding a person to share it with.
0010 Finding another AB/DL friend IRL =(
0100 Fingerpainting
0010 Finnaly get my toe in my mouth, I've tryed lots of times!
1000 Flash diaper waisteband "absent-mindedly."
1000 Folding cloth diapers
0001 Following rules/taking orders
1000 Football
1000 Force-fed yucky foods
0010 Forced age regression
0010 Forced babying
0010 Forced bedtime
0100 Forced diapering
0100 Forced enemas
0010 Forced into diapers
0001 Forced laxatives use
0011 Forced messing
0100 Forced messing (laxative)
0010 Forced messing in public via laxatives
0001 Forced messing or messing in general
0100 Forced or enforced diaper usage
0010 Forced pants wetting and messing
0121 Forced regression
0010 Forced sissifying
0010 Forced sissy
0010 Forced sissy baby
0010 Forced suppositories
1000 Forced to be feminine
0001 Forced to eat baby food
0001 Forced to stay in dirty diaper
0010 Forced to take substances, playfully tied, nappied and then exposed and treated to experiences which I would never normally want. For example. I'm hetrosexual and monogomous. So bisexually handled and shown how she wants to be handled by me, by him. Laughing and winking at me all the time. Its a pyschological test of understanding true love. Provided she truely loves me, its just sexual fun. She would then spend hours amusing herself talking about it with me. That'll teach me for being sexually creative.
0100 Forced to use my diaper
1000 Forced to wear and use diapers
0100 Forced to wear diaper
1000 "forced" to wearing diapers all the time
1000 Forced to wet or mess
0001 Forced usage
0001 Forced wearing
0110 Forced wetting
0010 Forced wetting/messing.
0010 Forcing myself incontinent
1000 Forgetting about the stresses of life and being babied
0101 Formula
0001 Frilly baby outfits, being dressed as a girl (I am a boy) baby
0010 Full AB play
0010 Full baby
0001 Full blown roleplay w/o sexual context
0001 Full humiliation/exposure scenes
0010 Full on age play
0001 Full on baby play
0001 Full on or extreme babying,
0010 Full public display
0010 Full Roleplaying
1000 Funny adult public discussions about the logic of nappy wearing as an adult
0001 Furries
0010 Game day Marathon with a Fellow ABDL Friend (Male or Female)
1000 Games
0100 Games / coloring books / arts'n'Crafts
0100 Gaming
0100 Gaming while wearing a diaper
0100 Gardening
0010 Gathering with AB/DLs to exchange ideas. I do it online, but I'd like to see one in real life; I seem to be the only one around who have these interests and it makes me feel more shy.
0010 General group play.
1000 General relaxation
1000 Generally regressing
1000 Genitalia isolation/chastity.
0010 Get a diaper change from someone other than myself.
0001 Get a spanking.
0010 Get changed by a "mommy"
0010 Get hugged while diapered:S
0010 Get some more baby-like clothes (only have 1)
0200 Get spanked
0010 Get used to using a baby bottle
0100 Getting a baby bottle from daddy
1010 Getting a bottle
0010 Getting a diaper change (wet only)
0010 Getting a diaper changed.
1000 Getting a diaper rash
0002 Getting a enema
1000 Getting a good spanking
0010 Getting a happy meal and eating it in public
0010 Getting a set bedtime
1000 Getting a spankie
1000 Getting a story read to me
0100 Getting an enema and made to hold it while preforming task.
0001 Getting aroused
0100 Getting attention and acceptance as a baby
0010 Getting babysat or getting "mommied"
1010 Getting bathed
0010 Getting breastfed
0010 Getting cared by someone
0002 Getting caught
0001 Getting caught wearing or hiding diapers
6070 Getting changed
0100 Getting changed but it doesn't happen that often
0010 Getting changed by another ABDL
0001 Getting changed by caretakers
0020 Getting changed by someone
0020 Getting changed by someone else
0010 Getting changed in a public place.
1000 Getting changed/using diapers
0100 Getting checked on in public.
1000 Getting diaper changed by mommy
4000 Getting diapered
1000 Getting diapered by friend, & diapering him, cuddling etc
1000 Getting diapered, dressed and nursing on two bottles of warm baby formula each night before going to bed.
1000 Getting diapers changed
0010 Getting disciplined (roleplay)
0100 Getting dress as a girl
1000 Getting dressed up
0100 Getting dressed up and having my hair done
0010 Getting fed by someone
0100 Getting forcefully exposed
0010 Getting hugged and snuggles
1000 Getting into/acting on a regressed head space
1000 Getting maximum attention from my ct
0010 Getting messy diaper changed
0100 Getting my baby girl dressed
1000 Getting my butt and crotch powdered
4110 Getting my diaper changed
0010 Getting my diaper changed by a caretaker
0010 Getting my diaper changed by a friend figure (Can be the other way around but I prefer the "submissive" Position)
0010 Getting my diaper changed by someone
0020 Getting my diaper changed by someone else
1000 Getting my diaper changed in public bathroom
0010 Getting my diaper checked
1000 Getting my hair cut in my diaper so it shows out the back of my pants. or wearing short shorts over my diaper so my hair dresser can see my wet diaper.
0001 Getting my mouth washed out with sope
1010 Getting my nappy changed
0100 Getting my wife to enjoy as much as I do
0100 Getting new diapers.
1000 Getting platonic affection (kisses, cuddles) from my Mommy or big sister
0001 Getting poop in my vagina
0100 Getting praise for messing my diapers.
0001 Getting punished.
0001 Getting rash cream/lotion applied
0100 Getting re potty trained
1000 Getting ready for bed / bedtime stories / Tucking-in
0100 Getting restrained while I have to poop badly
1000 Getting sent to bed early
5213 Getting spanked
0001 Getting spanked (but I would do it for RP purposes, besides it works better if I dont want it I think)
0001 Getting spanked excessively
0001 Getting spanked or otherwise hurt
1000 Getting spanked over a woman's knee
1000 Getting spanked over-the-knee
0100 Getting spoonfed in public.
0010 Getting taken care of
0010 Getting taken care of by a caretaker
0010 Getting taken care of by my caretaker in real life, there is a bit distance between us, so that limits this.
0010 Getting taken of by someone
0010 Getting tickled
0001 Getting time out
1000 Getting to cam with my daddy when I get cute new diapers or clothes or even stuffies so I can show them off and be cute.
1000 Getting wet diaper changed by mommy
0001 Getting yelled at or scolded.
0010 Giant car seat
0010 Giant stroller
1000 Girl wearing a diaper
1000 Girl wetting a diaper
0010 Give a blow job to someone in a wet diaper.
0110 Give enema
1000 Given a bath.
0010 Given an enema in a diaper change, then diapered back up.
1000 Giving my children baths
0100 Giving my kids AB themed birthday parties
1000 Giving myself an enema
1000 Giving myself an enema and letting it go in a diaper.
0010 Giving myself an enema and then doing the "marshmallow trick" in a diaper so there will (hopefully) be no actual feces involved.
0010 Giving oral sex while wearing/using a diaper.
0001 Giving spankings
0100 "glue and glitter" crafts
0010 Go on a diaper holiday to a diaper resort with a diapered partner
0010 Go swimming as a baby.
0010 Go to a nursery for a weekend
0010 Go to an AB/DL camp or party
0010 Go to da zoo!
1000 Go to parties and camp outs
0100 Go to the store and buy diapers
0001 Going "#2"
0010 Going 24/7
0010 Going 24/7 for a period of a week or 2
0010 Going 24/7 for a short period of time
0010 Going all out, complete babying
0100 Going around in just my diaper
0100 Going around the house in diapers
0010 Going diapered 24/7 for a long time
0010 Going extended time in diapers
0100 Going for a massage
0010 Going for a walk while harnessed
1000 Going for walks with Mommy and having my hand held
0100 Going in for wELL baby examinations,dressed as a complete baby(in pretend or real)
0010 Going into public in diapers under clothes obviusly
0001 Going into public in/using a diaper
0100 Going into really small places like closets and meditating. I've done this since I was around 3 I used to try to imagine what I was before I was born or what being a fetus was like.
1000 Going nini with my ABDL little brother.
1000 Going on my normal life just in diapers
1000 Going out diapered
0010 Going out for extended time with diaper bag to be changed in public restroom
0010 Going out in baby clothes and diapers
1000 Going out in comfy diaper & going on with normal day shedule (diapers not obvious)
0201 Going out in diapers
0100 Going out in diapers (diapers etc. hidden)
0002 Going out in public
0001 Going out in public as a baby
1000 Going out in public as a little
0001 Going out in public dressed as a baby.
1000 Going out in public in a diaper with mommy it makes me feal so little
1000 Going out in Public while wearing diaper under clothes
1000 Going out to child-oriented activities (G movies, Disneyland) with other ageplayers 'incognito', or sometimes not so incognito (by bringing a plushie)
1000 Going out to eat and wearing my bib and being feed
0100 Going out to get the paper in diapers
1000 Going out to socialize with other guys in diapers
0010 Going out to the park
0010 Going out with another DL
1000 Going out with friend in thick/multiple diapers with high risk of being noticed
1000 Going out with Mommy in my diapers and baby clothes.
0100 Going out with mommy to the movies or other public place dressed as a baby
1000 Going out with other AB's
1000 Going out with wife in diapers
1000 Going outdoors together with my diapered girls
1010 Going outside in diapers
0100 Going outside with the risk of getting caught
0001 Going potty (number 1 and 2) in a goodnite
0100 Going through the baby section of stores and looking at everything
0010 Going to a ABDL convention
0100 Going to a baby consignment store looking for baby clothes for the grandchildren.
0010 Going to a convention
0010 Going to a gathering to meet other littles
0010 Going to a meet, etc
0100 Going to a movie diapered
0010 Going to a munch, going to an adult mommie to be treated like a baby for a day or two
0020 Going to a nursery
0010 Going to a playground with daddy
0010 Going to a private a/b camp, and be able to wear diapers openly outside
0100 Going to a semi private area,(wooded, grassy area or park), wearing wet cloth diapers and pink plastic pants under my shorts and also a short t-shirt. Once I get there I take the shorts off and put them in the bushes where it it difficult to get to and walk around outside in just my wet cloth diapers, pink plastic pants and short t- shirt. I love the excitment of being seen in them. The pink plastic pants are even more embbarressing since I am a guy.
0010 Going to a specialized AB/DL prostitute
0100 Going to a Toys R Us store with my wife.
1000 Going to AB nurseries
0010 Going to am AB/DL club where there are others to talk and interact with.
1000 Going to amusement parks in diapers and childish clothes
0010 Going to an AB party
0010 Going to an AB/DL party
1000 Going to bed at a specific time, when I have set bedtimes I feel a lot more enjoyment out of the scene.
1000 Going to bed in 'little mode' (with a diaper, pacifier and plushie)
1000 Going to bed wearing nappies
0100 Going to class in diapers
0100 Going to diaper parties
0010 Going to Disney world vacation in diapers 24/7
0010 Going to Disney world with daddy
0100 Going to fetish events where age players are welcome
1000 Going to "kiddy" type locations (I.e. the zoo, aquarium, playground, etc.)
0100 Going to medical supply stores and asking about diapers
0100 Going to movies wearing a diaper
0010 Going to munches
0010 Going to nursery
0010 Going to one of the ABDL group events (Camping, capCon, etc.)
0100 Going to outdoor water parks or fountains.
0100 Going to park/beach
1000 Going to places outside while wearing wet cloth diapers, semi transparent PINK plastic pants and a short t-shirt.
0010 Going to the bathroom in diapers in public
0010 Going to the beach in diapers
0100 Going to the beach with Mummy
0100 Going to the park
0010 Going to the park and playing.
0010 Going to the park with daddy
0010 Going to the playground
1000 Going to the zoo
1000 Going to the zoo with my daddy
0100 Going to toy stores
0001 Going to work in a diaper.
0010 Going to work with Mommy in her Office for 'special bonding time'
0001 Golden showers
0100 Golfing
1000 Granted a partner paternal authority over me
0001 Group events where no power dynamic is involved
0001 Group events where people are getting regressed I can't assume either a caregiver or cub headspace
0001 Group get togethers
0010 Group play (meeting other littles AB/DL and playing)
0010 Hah, having my diaper changed by my ex mother in law! :)
0100 Hang my diapers and plastic/rubber pants on the cloths line to dry
1000 Hang out with others in diapers
1000 Hanging out in a sleeper or onesie
0100 Hanging out with friends who are diaper lovers
0010 Hanging out with like minded people with or without diapers
0010 Hanging out with other diaper users and changing/being changed by them
0001 Hard core ABDL activities
0100 Harnesses
0020 Have a daddy in real life!
0010 Have a date with a female AB and have us both take care of each other while still enjoying being AB's.
0010 Have a day in a AB nursery
0010 Have a female diaper me in public
0010 Have a girl(gf?) wear
0020 Have a Mommy to baby me
0010 Have a non sexual mommy
0010 Have a play-date with another AB/DL couple.
0010 Have her wet or mess, letting me change her
0020 Have my diaper changed
0010 Have my diaper changed by another person
0010 Have my diapers changed and having my genital area gently and lovingly touched and cleaned..
0010 Have my girlfriend wear a diaper with me.
0010 Have someone change me
0001 Have someone daddy me
0010 Have someone diaper me.
0010 Have someone I like take care of me as if I were a baby. (Changing my diaper, feed me, bathe me, and play with me)
0010 Have someone mommy me
0010 Have someone treat me like a baby for a whole week
0001 Have to use a catheter
0010 Having 2 mommies at the same time
0010 Having a AB birthday party
0010 Having a baby day out. discretely not obvious to others but still appropriately dressed.
0140 Having a babysitter
0100 Having a babysitter care for me
0100 Having a bedtime enforced by a paternal authority
0010 Having a big car seat
0010 Having a big stroller
2000 Having a bottle
1000 Having a bottle & dummy
0100 Having a bottle fed to me
0010 Having a caregiver
0010 Having a caregiver take care of me
0070 Having a caretaker
1000 Having a ct
2010 Having a daddy
1000 Having a diaper change
0010 Having a diaper change by another adult (mommy or daddy)
0010 Having a diaper slave which I can do whatever I want with.
0010 Having a female diaper mate
0010 Having a footed sleeper
1000 Having a full diaper
0010 Having a full size baby stroller to go out in.
1000 Having a large diaper stash
0010 Having a little boy to take care of
0010 Having a messy diaper changed.
0010 Having a mommie or a daddie
0050 Having a mommy
0010 Having a "mommy" experience and all that goes along with it (unsure of this though)
0010 Having a "mommy" or "daddy"
0001 Having a "Mommy or daddy" take care of me.
0010 Having a mommy that is also my girlfriend
0010 Having a mommy to change and cuddle with
0010 Having a mommy to take care of me
0010 Having a "mommy" to take care of the grown up stuff.
0010 Having a mother to take care of me
0010 Having a nanny
0030 Having a nursery
0110 Having a pacifier
0010 Having a parental or adult figure, carry my diaper bag everywhere that we go
0010 Having a partner (daddy, sibling, mommy, etc)
0010 Having a partner assume full responsibility for changing my diapers
0100 Having a partner into diapers and enjoying a diapered lifestyle together
0010 Having a partner that wears diapers
0010 Having a partner who assumes the parental role
0010 Having a partner who babies me
0010 Having a play date
0010 Having a private enough garden to have a kids day out in the sun, diapers and nothing else!
0010 Having a room full of woman looking at me play in my diaper
1000 Having a sissy diaper cover for the diapers that I wear.
0001 Having a sitter watch me
0010 Having a sleepover with a friend
0010 Having a stuffed teddybear
0010 Having a supposatory
0100 Having a tampon inserted
0100 Having a tea party
1000 Having a teddy bear
0010 Having a whole 'baby day'
0100 Having AB related parties
0010 Having AB/lg friends in real life to play with
0100 Having ABDL paraphernalia around in the open (diapers, changing area, diaper pail, etc)
1000 Having "accidents"
0100 Having "accidents" - wet pants, wet bed
0010 Having accidents in my sleep.
0100 Having all my pubic hair shaved
0010 Having an AB birthday party.
0010 Having an AB daddy and/or mommy for real
0001 Having an accident in public
0010 Having an enema
0010 Having and setting up a mobile to watch.
0010 Having another ABDL to play with
0010 Having another urinate in my diaper
0100 Having breakfast made for me
1000 Having daddy check to see if I am wet.
1000 Having daddy shave me
1000 Having diaper changed
0010 Having diaper changed by caregiver
0010 Having diaper changed for me
0010 Having diaper exposed somehow in public
1000 Having diaper sex
0010 Having diaper sex with a female partner
1000 Having diaper sex/having a girl shove a vibrator down the front of my diaper
1000 Having diapers changed by others
0010 Having diapers changed in front of other people
0001 Having diapers visible in public
0002 Having enemas in diapers
0100 Having epic tickle fights.
0010 Having "father and mother" both taking care of me
0010 Having fun with other DLs
0100 Having fun with other littles/ABs
1000 Having makeup applied
0010 Having messy diaper changed by mommy.
1000 Having mommy dress me
0100 Having mommy make choices for me like what to eat
1000 Having my back rubbed
1000 Having my back rubbed or scratched.
0100 Having my bottle at home when on my own.
1000 Having my bottom patted and back rubbed before bedtime
0010 Having my boyfriend brush my hair and braid it.
1000 Having my caregiver discover that I've wet/messed my diaper without me having to tell them that im wet/messy, and their reaction
1000 Having my daddy diaper me (wipe me down, put lotion on me and powder my bottom before putting on the diaper)
7060 Having my diaper changed
1000 Having my diaper changed and having my privates touched as part of the changing process
1000 Having my diaper changed by a caregiver
0010 Having my diaper changed by a female
1000 Having my diaper changed by my daddy.
1000 Having my diaper changed by my momma
1010 Having my diaper changed by someone else
0010 Having my diaper changed in "public"
0010 Having my diaper changed my someone els
1000 Having my diaper changed on the changing table
0010 Having my diaper changed or changing someone else
0010 Having my diaper checked/changed by another person, preferably on a changing mat or table
0001 Having my diaper in obvious display in a public area
0001 Having my diaper revealed publicly
0010 Having my diaper/nappy changed by someone else
1000 Having my diapers checked/ changed
0100 Having my girlfriends sister over, and be forced to wear only a diaper and a shirt.
0100 Having my hair brushed
1000 Having my hair brushed and styled elaborately (when I had long hair)
1000 Having my hair played with
1000 Having my legs bound/shackled in some way. either by cuffs & chains or daddie's leg over mine
1000 Having my legs lifted for me during a diaper change
0010 Having my messy diaper changed by my caretaker.
0100 Having my movement or privileges restricted
0100 Having my nappies leak
1000 Having my nappy changed and being cleaned up as part of the process
0010 Having my nappy changed by someone else
0001 Having my own crib
0001 Having my own high chair.
1000 Having my pacifier clipped onto my outfits
0100 Having my pic as AB
0100 Having my temp taken anally
1000 Having my wife as my mommy
0010 Having my wife baby me and diaper me.
0010 Having my wife be truly incontinent
0100 Having my wife being a mommy to our family
0010 Having my wife change my diapers
1000 Having my wife/nanny check if my nappy is wet
1000 Having nappy changed
1000 Having no adult input
0100 Having no adult responsibility the stresses of the every day world is gone
0010 Having other AB girls to play with
0001 Having others realize the girl with me is an AB.
0100 Having pictures taken of me
0010 Having several women dress and diaper me
2000 Having sex in diapers
1000 Having sex with diaper on
0100 Having sex with mommy if I have been a good boy.
0010 Having some besides my self change my diaper
0100 Having some one play care taker for me
1000 Having someone care for me
0020 Having someone change me
0010 Having someone change me or me changing them
0010 Having someone else change /take care of me
0020 Having someone else change me
1000 Having someone else change my diaper
0010 Having someone else choose what I wear (during a scene, possibly an extended one)
0010 Having someone else diaper me
1000 Having someone else require me to be diapered
0100 Having someone help dress me and fix my hair, so I feel pretty.
1000 Having someone like a doctor or nurse ask me about my diapers
0010 Having someone nice change me
0010 Having someone pee in my diaper
1000 Having someone put on my diaper
0100 Having someone shave me below waist
1000 Having someone take care of me/look over me
0010 Having someone to do the actual role play with
0010 Having someone wet on my lap
0100 Having special little girl snacks made for me
1000 Having stories read before bedtime.
0100 Having the inside of my legs scratched by mommy.
0001 Having things put up my ass
0001 Having to be appear like a baby on public(not being diapered with my caretake in public, just having to wear very obvious things a adult shouldn't wear)
0100 Having to hide diapers
0001 Having to hide my AB stuff
0001 Having to hide "myself"
0001 Having to wait to be change
0010 Having women see me diapered
1000 Having/sucking on my pacifier
0003 Heavy bondage
0100 Heavy hydration, but not over hydration, healthy cleansing!
0010 Heavy wetting in cloth and plastic. I've only done it in disposables.
0010 Help take care of another AB. I could never be a mommy, but with supervision it might be nice to try helping someone else for once.
1000 Helping make dinner
0100 Hiding behind a couch or in a corner to mess...like I did when I was a kid
0010 High chair
0100 High chiar for adults
0001 Highchairs, seriously.
0010 Highly sexualized RP with another little
0100 Holding a plushie
1000 Holding a stuffed animal
0100 Holding Mummies hand
0100 Holding my baby girl's bottle while she drinks from it
0100 Holding my caretakers hand
1000 Holding my Teddy bear
0100 Holding until I have an accident
0100 Holodynamics and other esoteric practices
0100 Home schooling
0001 Honestly, I wish I could get all of this stuff out of my head and have a more normal life.
0010 Hosting an AB/DL "daycare" fun day
0100 Hug my plushies.
0100 Hugging a stuffed animal
1000 Hugging carter my stuffed bear
0100 Hugging my stuffed animals
0100 Hugging my Vermont Teddy bears
1000 Hugging nostalgic and cute stuffed toys.
1000 Hugging stuffed animals
1100 Hugs
0010 Humiliated / teased by a 'mommy' infront of her friends
0100 Humiliating colors (canary yellow, but not pink/effeminite) or patterns, like a stink-bug, teady-bear, letters arranged in a cutesy nickname.
33313 Humiliation
0001 Humiliation - The heavy variety, designed to make you actually feel bad about yourself.
0001 Humiliation by caregiver
0001 Humiliation in any form
0001 Humiliation of any kind
0011 Humiliation play
0001 Humiliation/Publicity
1000 Humping my thick diapers as I dance to rock and roll music
1000 Humping pillows in diapers (masturbation - odd I know! :D)
1030 Hypnosis
0100 Hypnosis (mixed feelings about this--not sure I believe it works, not sure whether I want it to)
0001 Hypnosis (My mind doesn't need to be anymore fucked up than it already is)
0010 Hypnosis to temporarily lose control of bladder and bowels
0110 Hypnotic regression
0010 Hypnotism back to complete infancy state
0100 Hypnotism involving ABDL themes
0100 I actually enjoy the cleanup, both from wet and messy diapers. It is all solo for me but during cleanup it is almost as if my mind splits into two. The baby and the caretaker and I enjoy it from both sides.
1000 I actually still wet the bed / still wear diapers and plastic pants.
0100 I also incorporate such play into my furry character.
0100 I also some times take the plastic pants off of the wet cloth diapers and walk around that way too.
0100 I always enjoy wearing diapers while sleeping knowing I will never wake up in a wet bed as I cannot control my bladder when sleeping
0001 I am a DL and don't do AB
1000 I am an incontinent adult .. who discovered the AB/DL world at age 56 ..by accident on the internet .
0002 I couldn't really think of one
0100 I crave attention
0100 I do enjoy sex while diapered even if there is no actual touching and the diapers are soiled.
1000 I do look at AB/DL web sites out of interest for finding good products .
0001 I do not enjoy baby talk
0001 I do not enjoy toys, bottles, pacifiers or anything of that nature
0001 I do not go in too much for AB activities like baby clothing and cribs and such.
0001 I do not like messy diapers (but wetting is okay)
0001 I do not like to clean a messy baby
0001 I do not like to mess my diaper
0001 I do not really like age play
1000 I do wear in public under my jeans or shorts, if anybody notices - well I could be incontinent.
0010 I do what ever mommy tells me to do
0001 I don't imagine I'd enjoy any physical punishment or humiliation. Gentle appropriate chastising maybe ok during regression.
0010 I don't know. I think I would like my wife to change me. She knows I wear them but because I am capable of changing myself she does not. She has said that she would change me if I was unable to.
0001 I don't mess all that often - although it is a guilty/naughty pleasure when I do.
0001 I don't really see myself as into discipline, never have :p
0001 I don't want to be forced to do something, I want to still have a bit of freedom.
0001 I don't want to sexualise my ABDL habits, but I find it very hard to resist.
0001 I don't wear diapers for their own sake, I only wear them to make having accidents more convenient (less clean up required, or if I'm in public)
0001 I don't want to be exposed.
1000 I enjoy changing my girl when she's wet
0100 I enjoy receiving punishment enemas
0100 I enjoy regression stories
0100 I enjoy talking with other AB's online only
0100 I enjoy the crossover between the diaper and the "little" role (I.e., me being in it) and a sexual play that may or may not extend from the diaper wearing
0100 I enjoy wearing disposable and cloth diapers equally
0100 I fantasize about how someone would punish me
0001 I get bored playing with other AB--I think I get to serious and too adult-- I do not know how to be a kid
0001 I hate baby talk-- especially when I can not understand some ome.
0001 I hate pointless chat
0100 I have a bottle, and the last time I drank from it was a few years ago. I do like warm milk, however, and it has crossed my mind more often recently.
0100 I have a diaper buddy (my best friend) and like to pretend he is my un-potty trained 5 year old son.
0100 I have a pacifer, and I rarely use it.
1000 I have anxiety attacks sometimes if I don't wear them to go shopping.
0010 I have never been chained to something while being changed
0001 I have no desire to be incontinent or wear in public anymore. It used to be a desire when I was young, but I have changed over the years as I've matured and found greater importance in other things.
0001 I have no desire to get into any sort of bondage of sorts.
0001 I have no desire to involve my SO more than he feels comfortable.
0001 I have no desire to mess my diaper
0010 I have no problem being messy in private, but in public, I don't know. I'm not even sure how others would react, but I would change as soon as able.
0001 I have, but don't especially enjoy messing. I think that I have sometimes just allowed it to happen as a natural experience. but don't really like it.
0001 I havn't not found any so far.
0100 I like baby talking my female ABDL friend it turns her on and it REALLY turns me on to see her turned on. I visit her sometimes and change her diapers and baby her.
0100 I like cleaning while being diapered.
0100 I like to look through my downloaded diaper images.
0100 I like to walk down the street dressed up with the fear of being seen.
0100 I like to watch my old dPF videos.
0100 I like waddling around in a very thick diaper and looking at my reflection in a mirror
0100 I like wearing diapers while partaking in my other fetish, anaeasthesia fetish, Roleplay/ Real play.
0100 I love cloth diapers but often wear disposables for convieniance.
0100 I love dressing up as a baby
0100 I love going out in public as a baby
0100 I love more than anything, being caught wearing diapers and plastic pants, I love being embbarrassed.
0010 I really want to try being changed y a daddy and fed.
0001 I refuse to play in public out in the open, unless it's discrete and no one else knows or could tell unless they were kinky themselves. The same goes for what I wear. I will never be in a public place in blatant age play gear, or with an exposed diaper. I also will not use sippy cups in public.
0100 I think bubble baths even though Ive never particularly been babied when I take them
1000 I think I want to get caught but so far I am too careful
0010 I think I'd like to meet other ABDLs IRL
0001 I tried messing my diaper once, not fun to clean.
1000 I wear them at home sometimes.
0100 I went into a variety store once in just my wet cloth diapers and plastic pants and a long t-shirt to buy a pair of flip-flops, that was very exciting.
0001 I will not expose my kink to others without their consent. Play parties don't count.
2000 I wish I could try roleplay with a partner
0010 I wonder about going to bar in drag and wearing a diaper and then being apducted and rapped but ugly men
0010 I wonder what if I am in an accident while wear a wet diaper and end up going to hospital in amulance.
0010 I would be interested in trying other BDSM situations with the wearing and using of diapers
0010 I would like someone, (female only) to go with me, after meeting me in a public place) and video me as I walk to my favorite diaper place, take my shorts off and walk around to different places in my diapers and plastic pants, and also into stores etc.
0100 I would like to be a baby and if there was a pill I would take it.
0010 I would like to be a daddy
0010 I would like to be a sissy/ wear a frilly dress at least once to see if I'll like it
0010 I would like to go to a baby farm and be a babby for a week or two and not have to be an adult while I was there
0010 I would like to have my diaper changed by someone
0010 I would like to have someone,(female only) meet me at a prearranged public lounge or resturaunt,(adult only place that excepts alternative clothing), and force me to walk around in just my wet cloth diapers, pink plastic pants and a short t-shirt. This would include out doors as well.
0010 I would like to meet a woman who is interested in being involved with this.
0010 I would like to try full on baby for a week end.
0010 I would love to be given a long warm baby bath with lots of bubbles and toys and mummy playingwith me while she cleans me ( playing as in toot toot noises for my boat or here's your ducky, ducky goes quack quack etc)
0010 I would love to be treated like a baby for a weekend, being told that I have to be a baby, and being diapered by someone other then myself.
0010 I would love to do on of those big diaper sleep overs.
0010 I would love to make my own clothes, though as mentioned above may not actually use them.
0001 I would not like to share the experience with others.
0010 I wounder what if I was falsely arrested while wearing a wet diaper and ended up being striped down
1000 I'd *love* to be treated like a kid or "looked after" by a care-giver..
0010 I'd like my wife to initiate baby play sometimes.
0010 I'd love to be "forced" by a strict care-giver to wear nappies and baby clothes
0010 I'd love to have a room that is strictly AB/DL oriented
0001 I'm not a mommy, or big, or dominant. I might top on occasion but that has nothing to do with dominance or ABDL.
0001 I'm not interested in any form of scat play. and I don't mess my diapers, I only wet. I'm not interested in any play that causes harm, or that is permanent.
0001 I'm open to pretty much anything
0001 I'm pretty open to anything that doesnt hurt myself or others
0100 I'm pretty simple,so what's listed above is what I am into
0010 I've always been curious about breast feeding but never too sure
1000 I've always wanted to be changed and fed as well.
0010 I've only been diapered, never changed from a wet diaper to a fresh one. I've also never had a sexual experience with the other person wearing a diaper. I am also very curious about forced accidents, and abduction play that lasts longer than a few hours.
0001 IDK
1000 If I were to be changed it'd be my best fantasy
0100 Imagining that being a AB is normal,, and go about my day ( not leaving the house..) .. allowing my inner self ( true self ) to spend a day in control.
0010 In public
0010 Incontinence
0100 Incontinent women have been a turn on
0010 Incorporating BDSM with diapers
0010 Indirect contact with other AB/DL's
0010 Inducing involuntary bed wetting (diapered, of coarse)
0001 Infantilism
1000 Inserting a catheter to temporarily cause myself to leak urine uncontrollably
1000 Intellectual discussion about all of the aspects of understanding diaper Role play
0010 Interact with people like me in my age group
1000 Interacting with a carer
1000 Interacting with a parental figure
1000 Interacting with other AB/DL's
1000 Interacting with parental and adult figures
0001 Intercourse while engaging in ABDL behavior
0001 Internet baby talk
0100 Internet browsing
1000 Internet forums
1000 Internet play
0001 Interruption of my other entertainments.
1000 Intimate (non-sexual) cuddling. Very close, holding one another, cradling, hugging.
0010 Involvement of a caregiver, but I would only be able to open up to an SO.
1100 Just being in them
0100 Just lying on the floor in just a diapers
1000 Just relaxing in diapers
0010 Just to be held and hugged and loved by someone who sees and understands the child in me.
0010 Just wearing a diaper any where with out being ridiculed
1000 Just wearing and wetting
1000 Just wearing and wetting my diapers
0100 Keep pacis all over the place
1000 Keeping my diaper on for a long time when its wet
0100 Keeping my nappy area smooth
1000 Keeping several packages of diapers on hand
1000 Kid movies
1000 Kiddish clothing
0100 Kids books
0100 Kids movies
0100 Knee bounces
1000 Knee bouncing Playtime and sitting on Mommies lap during Tv, social time, or when doing business on phone or laptop.
0010 Knife/bloodplay in diapers.
1000 Knowing I'm safe
0100 Laptop
0001 Large scale embarrassment due to a worn diaper becoming visible to any amount of strangers.
0021 Laxatives
0001 Laxatives that cause cramping
1000 Layering lots of diapers up to the point where it becomes really ridiculous (even for tbdl)(3-8)
1000 Laying in bed with all my stuffed animals with a diaper on and my binky and bottle.
1000 Laying in my momma/girlfriend's lap and drinking a nice warm bottle
0100 Laying on mommy's lap and having mommy play with my hair
0100 Laying on my bed looking up at the ceiling and the shadows when feeling very little. It is relaxing. I usually have my binky and will babble to myself like a baby. but I dont always wear a diaper when doing this sometimes I do it right after a bath before I get dressed.
0100 Lazing around (naps)
0001 Leak musica diapers
0001 Leaking diapers at work
1000 Leaking in real life besides diapers,thus confirming my psychological need for diapers
0100 Leaking my diapers
0001 Leaks
0100 Learning
0100 Learning about other ABDL's
0100 Leaving a highly visible stack of disposable diapers, powder and wipes on my bed-side table in hotels for the maid to find.
1000 Leaving my diapers on for the week end never taking them off.
0100 Lego/duplo
0100 Let daddy rub my diaper
1000 Let my mother change my diapers.
0010 Letting her sit in my lap or on my face with a dirty diaper
0001 Letting other people know
0100 Letting others see my diapers
0010 Letting someone else use my diaper (wetting)
0010 Letting someone pee in my diaper.
0100 Light baby-style restraint/bondage.
0010 Light bondage
1000 Light bondage/binkie
0100 Light humiliation
0010 Light spanking
0100 Light whipping scratching paddle etc.
1000 Like to drink from a bottle and use a pacifier.
0100 Like to masturbate in a diaper.
0100 Like to smell old dirty diapers.
1000 Like to watch children cartoons when in a wet or messy diaper.
1000 Like to wear a diaper and a plain t-shirt.
0100 Like to wear a pink feminine bra while in a diaper.
0100 Like to wear a previously changed wet diaper.
0100 Like to wear butt plug in a wet diaper. Receive an enema while in diaper.
0010 Likewise, if I had the space and equipment, I would like to make my own furniture.
0010 Listening to a hypnosis cd for total loss of age to being a real baby
1000 Listening to AB/DL behavior modification audio tapes
1000 Listening to bedtime stories or kid music.
1000 Listening to childlike music
0100 Listening to kiddie songs in Danish (You wanted the uncommon)..
0001 Listening to little kid's music
2000 Listening to lullabys
1000 Listening to mainstream littles' music (think John Lennon's beautiful boy, don Henly's Taking You Home etc)
0100 Listening to music
1000 Listening to podcasts
0100 Listening to relaxing music in diapers
1000 Listening to stories being read aloud.
0010 Little kid play with a "mommy" or "daddy"
1000 "Little time"
0010 Live hypnosis regression
0001 Live-in caregiver (e.g., constantly in infantile state)
0001 Living an all AB lifestyle
0010 Living as a baby under the full care and control of a "mommy" figure.
0010 Living in a nursing home and requiring total care.
0010 Locked in diapers
0010 Locking plastic pants
1000 Long gaming sessions with no bathroom breaks
0010 Long term diaper wearing
0010 Long term regression
0001 Long-term sexual denial
1000 Looking a diaper fetish websites (diapergal.com, etc)
1000 Looking a photos on internet.
0100 Looking at AB clothes
0001 Looking at AB pictures and videos
0100 Looking at AB/DL art.
0100 Looking at baby books
1000 Looking at diapers
0100 Looking at non-traditional porn on line.
0100 Looking at others in (esp. wet or poopy) diapers, on photos or videos, esp. watch diaper sex videos
0100 Looking at others who are wearing diapers
0100 Looking at photos of other AB's
1000 Looking at photos of people in diapers
1000 Looking at pics of women in diapers online
0100 Looking at pics, animations or videos involving AB or kids in diaper themes
0100 Looking at pictures of diapered women
1000 Looking at pictures of girls wearing, wetting, and sometimes messing diapers
1000 Looking at pictures of other guys in wet diapers
1000 Looking at pictures of people wearing plastic babypants and masturbating
1000 Looking at pictures of women in diapers
1000 Looking at, playing with, and wearing for-real wedding dresses made of white bridal satin. (I've become essentially addicted to scouring ebay and used clothing shops for cheap used dresses - have bought about a dozen dresses in the past year alone. er, TMI?)
0100 Looking for / listening to / making AB related hypnosis files
0100 Looking for new plushies I want to buy
0100 Looking for references to diapers, accidents, bedwetting and toilet training in books, magazines, on-line sources, movies
1000 Looking in the mirror whilst wearing one.
1000 Looking online for deals on clothing for AB's
0100 Looking through old diaper fetish publications.
0100 Looking up AB/DL cloths
1000 Looking up pictures of guys in diapers
1000 Losing continence for a short while
0010 Losing control of my bladder.
0001 Losing my adulthood completely 24/7
0001 Loss of adult privileges
2101 Loss of control
0100 Lounging around without pants on
1000 Lounging around, watching a movie with other people (between 4 and 5) whilst engaging in group cuddles.
1000 Love
0100 Love being myself a baby between the ages of 18-24 months
0100 Love my large Elmo, I dress in baby outfits including diapers
1000 Love my pacifier
1000 Love to everyone watch me wear diapers and walk around
0010 Love to find a playmate
0100 Love to soak diaper till they leak privately
0100 Loved and protected
0100 Loving
0100 Lubricated plastic pants inside diapers/plastic pants
1000 Lubricated plastic pants self pleasuring
0100 Lubricated plastic pants under street clothes
1000 Lullabies
0100 Lying on my bed without a care in the world
0100 Made to act like a baby
0100 Made to be a sissy baby
0100 Made to crawl in dirty diapers in front of others
0100 Made to wet myself
0010 Making a woman urinary incontinent with her permission.
0100 Making AB clothes
0100 Making bubbles
0100 Making forts or "nests" with pillows and blankets and getting all snuggly.
1000 Making improvised diapers
1000 Making love to Mommy during diaper changes; on the changing table/crib she would thoroughly wipe me down until squeaky clean, then mount on top of me to insert, then pump up and down inside of her.
0001 Making Mommy mad
0100 Making sand castles on the beach
1000 Making small messes in my diaper
1000 Making something creative / arts and crafts
0001 Male involvement of any kind
0001 Male to male
1000 Marathon of Old cartoons (Ex: Magic School bus)
0100 Marshmallow enema and losing control of bowels
0100 Marshmallow messing trick, but with rather low frequency
0020 Marshmallow trick
0100 Martial arts
13302 Masturbating
0010 Masturbating a girl through her diaper
1000 Masturbating by rubbing the outside of my diaper
14800 Masturbating in diapers
0100 Masturbating in diapers with pacifier and teddy
1000 Masturbating in disposable adult diapers.
5000 Masturbating in my diaper
0100 Masturbating in my nappy and/or plastic pants
1000 Masturbating in my plastic pants
1000 Masturbating in them
1000 Masturbating in wet diapers
0100 Masturbating in wet/messy diapers
0100 Masturbating into a diaper
1000 Masturbating into/after using diapers
1000 Masturbating or being masturbated in diapers
1000 Masturbating or being masturbated into a diaper
1000 Masturbating thinking about girls wearing diapers
0100 Masturbating wearing a wet / dirty nappy
1000 Masturbating while imagining wetting/messing and being wet/messy like a baby or small child
0100 Masturbating while messing
1000 Masturbating while thinking about diapers
1000 Masturbating while watching older woman younger woman ABDL breastfeeding videos
2000 Masturbating while wearing a diaper
1000 Masturbating while wearing nappies
1000 Masturbating whilst wet and messy
1000 Masturbation while wearing diapers either by me or girfriend
0010 Maybe a full week of baby time
0011 Maybe do some roleplay.
0100 Maybe explore the possibilities of having a mommy type person
0010 Maybe having my diaper changed by someone else
0001 Maybe punishment
0010 Maybe some bondage
0010 Maybe some roleplay, but mostly bondage and submission with related stuff
0001 Mean mommy/punishment
0100 Medical play / Suppositories
0100 Medical/enema play
0010 Meet *anyone* else with a shared interest
1000 Meet new diapers friends
0010 Meeting another adult baby in real life.
1040 Meeting other AB/DLs
0010 Meeting other AB/DLs in AB/DL activities
0010 Meeting other AB/DLs in normal activities
0010 Meeting other AB/DLs in person
0010 Meeting other AB/DLs in real life(munch or play party)
0010 Meeting other AB/DLs, at a munch or so
0010 Meeting other ABDL's in person
0010 Meeting other ABDLs in real life.
0010 Meeting other adult babies
1000 Meeting other adult nappy wearers
1010 Meeting other DLs
1000 Meeting other guys in diaper
1020 Meeting others
0010 Meeting others that like diapers
0010 Meetups
0001 Mental regression (I don't think of myself as a child during AB/DL play. I think of myself as an adult in in age-inappropriate clothing, being subjected to age-inappropriate rules)
1000 Mess my (night-)diaper (in the morning)
211340 Messing
0200 Messing (very rarely)
0001 Messing and self change
1000 Messing diaper (keeping on 10 minutes) and sit in the diaper
185131 Messing diapers
1000 Messing diapers in bed while "sleeping"
0001 Messing diapers in public
1000 Messing diapers on rare occasions.
0010 Messing diapers, never had the guts or privacy to do this
0001 Messing diapers. way too much cleanup to be fun.
1000 Messing improvised diapers
0010 Messing in a nappy
0010 Messing in cloth and plastic. I've only done it in disposables.
0001 Messing in diaper and leaking the mess in the bed - wet beds are OK but not messy ones
0100 Messing in diaper then masturbating, great deal of self grief afterward though
2004 Messing in diapers
1000 Messing in diapers (on Occasion)
0001 "Messing" in diapers, the thought of fecal incontinence.
0203 Messing in my diapers
0025 Messing in public
0100 Messing in random places
0001 Messing is not a very comfortable thing to do. Marshmallows are interesting because of the lack of control.
0010 Messing my diaper and plastic pants with someone around
2415 Messing my diapers
1000 Messing my diapers and then getting changed
0010 Messing my diapers in a space with my friends.
0001 Messing my nappy
1000 Messing my pants
0001 Messing myself
0100 Messing myself, sucking on my thumb and dummy while driving,
0002 Messing nappies
0010 Messing outside, but not in an area frequented by people
0002 Messing pants
1000 Messing rarely.
0001 Messing the diaper
1000 Messing them, but only in privacy or when outdoors, around no one - due to smell.
0001 Messing with actual feces involved
0010 Messing, waiting for someone to change me.
0001 Messing. I have mixed feelings here. The fantasy of having the toilet totally off-limits is hot, but the reality of messy diapers is very unpleasant to deal with.
0001 Messing/poop
0010 Messing/Wetting without a diaper on
0011 Messy diaper change
0001 Messy diaper extended wearing
0115 Messy diapers
0100 Messy eating
0100 Mild humiliation
0100 Mild spankings, given in a loving/nurturing "this is for your own good" manner.
1000 Milk feeding
0001 Mitts and bonnets
0010 Mixing AB play with other sex activities
0100 Molestation Fantasies
0010 Mommie and baby time.
1000 Mommy baby play
0100 Mommy rubbing my diaper.
0010 Mommy scene
2000 Mommy time
0100 'mommy' wearing leather clothes (not S&M outfits!)
0011 Mommy/daddy roleplay
1000 Mommy/daddy/baby talk
0010 More care-taking of others, whether age regressed or age progressed. because practice makes perfect.
0010 More in-depth roleplay (less time restraint)
0010 More involved role play. Mommy, bottles, plastic pants, etc.
0010 More props/costumes
0010 More visible diapers
0001 Most AB clothing
0001 Most AB things do not interest me.
0001 Most aspects of being a baby are of no interest to me at all
0001 Most caregiver's demeanours - it has to be believable and just right!
0001 Most commonplace ABDL activities (not much AB)
0001 Most of BDSM (Brutality)
1000 Mostly just the wearing of diapers and baby style clothes.
0010 'Mother in-law' babysitting; being bounced up and down on Mommy, auntie, or Nana's knee in very stinky-messy adult baby disposable diaper while wearing pink cowgirl boots and a matching hat
0100 Mountain ski..
0010 Mouth soaping
1000 Movies
0010 Moving on from that to sharing these fetishes \97 doing what little children do in their diapers or pants together
0010 Multiple diapers at once
0010 Multiple female domination.
0010 Multiple nursery role play
0100 Munches
0100 Munches and other events
0100 Museums
0100 Mushroom hunting or foraging
0010 Mutual changing
1000 My binky
1000 My bottle and paci
1000 My diaper changed by a girl
1000 My onsies
1000 My Paci
0100 My pacifier
1000 My puffies
1000 My puffy bear
0260 N/a
0010 Nanny
0010 Nanny taking me out using baby reigns/harness
2200 Nap time
1000 Nap time with Mommy
1000 Nap time with Mommy; being breast fed when clad inside Mommy's arms, and her firm strong hand softly patting the seat of my thick disposable diaper.
1000 Nappie wearing
3000 Napping
0100 Napping with my baby things (in a diaper and kid-pjs, using a pacifier and cuddling a blankie, lovie or plushie (a blankie is an actual baby blanket or kid-themed adult sized blanket, they are primarily used to be a blankie. a lovie is a small blanket that has bright colors or patterns and is a "security blanket" mine all have little ribbon tags on the edges like the children's brand "Taggies". a plushie is a stuffed animal)
1000 Napping with my stuffed moose.
0010 Nappy change from my wife
1000 Nappy pant
1200 Naps
0100 Naptime, esp. with soft music; being 'put' into crib
0001 Needing and having a caretaker who doesnt want to care for me.
0100 Neopets
0010 Never been diapered by a male
0010 Never been diapered or diaper changed at a park
0100 Never having to look for a toilet when away from home
0010 Never picked up and put in a baby crib and diapered by a male ( have by a female )
0100 Nighties
0001 No 'real' punishment, perhaps a slap onthe back of the hands or a couple of slaps on a well nappied bottom, followed by lots of love and hugs and forgiveness
0001 No messing in diapers
0001 No messing in diapers, period.
0001 No pain. No radical spanking, evil foods ( we all know what they are...). punishment served out of context.. ..( that is out of the ordinary for a child. )
0010 No power be baby
0001 Non biological mummies, so no tg's also no gay people ( I might possibly be able to accept a bi mummy provided that nothing overt was done in front of baby)
0010 Non-consensual exposure as an AB/DL by a woman in public
0100 Non-sexual ageplay
0100 Non-sexual literature
00713 None
0010 None really
0001 None that I can think of
0100 None, I would actually prefer not to have this in my life.
0100 Not being allowed to orgasm for long periods of time because babies don't do that
0001 Not being allowed to talk/ only allowed to talk with baby talk
1000 Not having an erection when doing anything ABDL as it makes it seem more pure in my mind, unfortunately it seems almost inescapable thanks to the fetish.
1000 Not having to get up early to use the bathroom
1000 Not having to make decisions
1000 Not into AB
0001 Not into the ageplay mindless games that actual children (even myself as a child) enjoy: coloring, playing with dolls, those sorts of things; as an active, intelligent adult, those things are boring
0010 Not sure
0001 Not sure there isn't anything I would avoid...I enjoy being a big baby :)
0010 Not sure, I would love to find someone to take care of me
0001 Not to be treated like a helpless child or be changed.
0002 Nothing
0001 Nothing sexual. end of
0010 Nothing... thanks to my bf I ve hads lots of opportunities to try basically everything
1020 Nursery
0010 Nursery? a place where there would be someone to change me and schedule my events all the time, and I could forget the worries of my adult life, at least for a day.
4110 Nursing
1000 Nursing (breast play)
0100 Nursing a bottle
1000 Nursing and suckling baby bottles, and breast feeding
0100 Nursing at the breast, got to do this when my kids were little (it's not a fetish but it's very nice)
0100 Nursing bras..
1000 Nursing from a baby bottle
0010 Nursing from a female that is lactating
0010 Nursing from a lactating mom while diapered
0010 Nursing from a lactating woman
1000 Nursing from Mommy
0010 Nursing from mommy's breasts
0100 Nursing on a warm bottle
1000 Nursing on baby formula from a bottle
1000 Nursing on my wife's breasts mostly undiapered... :(
1000 Nursing with Mommy (wife)
0100 Nuzzling wet padding someone else is wearing
0010 Oatmeal enema. (Use your imagination here--really, the purpose is to experience the real thing without nearly as much of the mess as the real thing...)
0010 Oatmeal in my diapers
0010 Occasional messing
1000 Occasional online role-play.
1000 Occasional self pleasure
1000 Occasionally (a few times/month) use of a pacifier to help sleep
0100 Occasionally being a little girl / teenage girl
0100 Occasionally being diapered by wife
1000 Occasionally dressing as a little girl
1000 Occasionally some AB items such as a Nuk 5 or baby bottle.
0100 Occasionally wearing a diaper
0100 Occasionally wetting a diaper
0100 Occasionally, bondage in diapers particularly in a medical "scene"
0100 Once in a great while, risk exposure of diapers and plastic pants to elicit reaction
0100 Once in a while, use a Nuk 5 pacifier
0100 Once in a while, use finger-control mittens
0001 Onesies
1000 Online fantasy & sci-fi story RP with babyfurs
0001 Only being allowed to crawl
0100 Openly wearing diapers around others
0100 Ordering new diapers
0100 Orgasm denial/Forced, repeated orgasms.
0100 Orgasm in diapers.
1000 Orgasms
0001 Other men
0010 Other things (Lack of space due more to my lack of experence then the survey) bed or pants wet or soil without diaper (as part of roleplay typicly as I prefer the feel when its in a diaper) Sleep with a stuffed animal or walk around with one (Preferably Spike from MLP FIM) being cared for by a mature friend in general Filling roles of a diaperd care giving friend on occasion Have to be comferted after something (pain or embarisment) with crying and hugging Use a pacifyer (But not while age playing as a kid-pree teen) dirnk from a bottle (not under normal rp circumstances)
0100 Others wetting my diapers
0001 Others who press their sexuality on others while admitting openly they wear diapers
0001 OTK spanking
0100 Outdoor sex in diapers
0100 Outdoors
0100 Outings with daddy (or Mommy) when it's understood my Little side will come out
1000 Overflowing diapers
0001 Overly babyish clothing
0001 Overnight messing
0001 Overt public humiliation.
0001 Overtly sexual encounters while little
0010 Owning a crib
0010 Owning a onesie
1000 Pacifers at home
0200 Pacifier use
0010 Pacifier/bottle
17821 Pacifiers
0100 Pacifiers (rarely, but sometimes)
0100 Pacifiers and sippy cups
0010 Pacifiers or bottle with nipples
0010 Pacifiers, other
0001 Pacifiers,sippy cups the baby foods cribs etc...
1000 Pacifiers/bottles
3101 Pacis
0100 Padded (Diapered) expeditions into the public. (Usually on foot)
0001 Paid "nanny" or phone sex partner
0001 Pain
0100 Painting
1000 Paintings
1000 Park
0100 Parkour (Pull-Ups activity), since they allow one to go farther in a run without breaks
0100 Participating in online role-play with fellow AB/DL's
0001 Participating in regressive gendered norms (Yes, I'm a Lib arts student)
0010 Participation by my significant other in my baby/diaper activities.
0001 Participation in adult baby "play groups" or social gatherings
0010 Partner changing my diaper
1000 Partying with others in diapers
0100 Passionate foreplay with an other ABDL in diapers
1000 Pawing off in them while looking at myself in the mirror.
1000 Peeing and pooping in diaper
0010 Peeing in diaper in public
5000 Peeing in diapers
1000 Peeing in my diapers
0100 Peeing in the swimming pool
0100 Peek-a-book during diaper changes; tummy kisses
0001 Penetrative sex while in regressed headspace
0100 Penis humiliation (having my penis called my "peepee" or "weewee" etc)
0001 People you meet online trying to get a meet up even though they are not compatable.
1000 Performing Oral on Females while wearing plastic or rubber baby pants and masturbating.
0001 Performing Oral Sex
0010 Perhaps being sissied in a fun way, not an embarrassing way
0010 Permanent incontinence
0100 Pet play
1000 Photo moments
1000 Photographing myself
0100 Pics of women in diapers
1000 Picturing myself in bed wetting scenarios
1000 Picturing myself in potty training senarios
1000 Pink plastic panties
1000 Pissing my diapers
0100 Pixar movies
0100 Plastic bed cover 100% of the time.
1000 Plastic panties,and all baby girl style clothing frilly or not
1000 Plastic pants
1000 Plastic pants prefer girl pink with lace
1000 Plastic pants, like the smell and texture
0001 Plastic/ PVC clothing.
0100 Play at a park in just diaper an tee shirt
1000 Play at the plat ground
0010 Play date with a bunch of bigs and littles
0120 Play dates
0010 Play dates with other AB/DL
0010 Play dates with other AB/DL my age (chrono & role-play age that is)
1000 Play older computer games
0001 Play that involves other men
1000 Play time as a toddler with my AB/DL friends
1000 Play time with another ABDL
1000 Play video games from my childhood: Yoshi's Island and super mario
0010 Play with a AB girl
0010 Play with another AB/DL
0010 Play with baby toys
1000 Play with baby/kids toys.
0100 Play with dolls
0010 Play with female adult baby.
0001 Play with heavy punishnment themes
0100 Play with kid's toys
0010 Play with other DL
0100 Play with stuffed animals
1000 Play with toys
0010 Playdate in a nursery
0010 Playdate with other AB
0100 Playful baby talk
3000 Playing
0001 Playing a baby in public
0010 Playing a dominant role.
0001 Playing a mommy role
0010 Playing an infant for a whole day or weekend
1000 Playing at the park on the swing
0010 Playing at the park while diapered and having my paci (but I don't want to be seen by others)
1000 Playing at the playground
1001 Playing baby
0001 Playing baby or child games
1000 Playing baby wishing to be changed bottle fed.
1000 Playing baby, particularly allowing myself to completely regress.
0100 Playing bedtime caretaker to my wife - helping her get changed for bed, reading bedtime stories, tucking her and her teddy-moose into bed, rocking her to sleep, and similar.
0010 Playing "care giver" to my wife.
0010 Playing caregiver
0100 Playing childish computer games (both cD-ROM and internet)
0100 Playing childish games
1000 Playing children's games
1000 Playing children's games online
0100 Playing classic (read: old) video games that I played when I was a child.
1000 Playing computer games
1200 Playing dress up
0010 Playing dress up with my partner
0200 Playing games
0100 Playing games with my mommy.
0010 Playing games with other AB/DLs in diapers (Messing/Wetting accidents)
1000 Playing games with other ABs (munchkin, little big planet)
0010 Playing in a ball-pit
0100 Playing in a bouncy castle and/or large indoor playground
1000 Playing in a diaper
0010 Playing in a large sandbox or on the beach (in little mode)
0010 Playing in a playpen
0100 Playing in a playpen with baby toy's
0100 Playing in an electric wheelchair in public.
0010 Playing in playpen / crib.
1010 Playing in the park/jungle gym
0100 Playing in the playpen
0100 Playing in the sandbox wearing just my diaper. can be really fun sometimes.
1000 Playing in the snow
0100 Playing in the yard (tree climbing, flower picking)
0100 Playing in water outside on warm day
0100 Playing interacting games
1000 Playing kid friendly games
0100 Playing on a rocking horsie, wearing messy diapers
1000 Playing on playgrounds and swingsets
0100 Playing on playgrounds, such as swinging on the swingset.
1000 Playing on the bed or floor with all my toys like my rattle and blocks.
0010 Playing out in a public / semi public park or playspot
0010 Playing outside or in a yard in just a diaper or littles wear
1000 Playing outside with childish toys I.e. Tonkas, and other sand box toys
0100 Playing piano
2000 Playing pretend
0010 Playing pretend games with others
1000 Playing tag
0100 Playing toddler games online
1000 Playing unstructured imaginative games with other ageplayers (tea parties, pirates, princesses, bouncy castles, etc)
2000 Playing video games
1000 Playing video games and doing kid things
0100 Playing video games while wearing a diaper, and other similar activities.
1000 Playing video games with a diaper to help with any accidents :p
0100 Playing videogames while wearing AB clothes or diapers
1000 Playing wetting games, usually on the spur of the moment \97 I'm going to pee in my pants (like a little boy) for X seconds right now if ....
0100 Playing wif bugs and lizards (der dragons you know)
1000 Playing with a daddy
0010 Playing with a female partner in diapers
0001 Playing with a paci or child toys
0010 Playing with AB furnature (crib, changing table, play pen, etc)
0010 Playing with adult sized baby furniture
0010 Playing with and loving a female AB/DL
0010 Playing with another AB/DL
0001 Playing with another baby
3311 Playing with baby toys
0001 Playing with baby toys or baby games
0100 Playing with baby/toddler toys
1000 Playing with babyish toys ("playdough", "legos", etc.)
1000 Playing with blocks or colouring and being in a messy diaper.
0100 Playing with child video games
1101 Playing with children's toys
0100 Playing with construction toys (e.g. Lego)
1000 Playing with "daddy/mommy" (Not incest)
0010 Playing with friend figure childishly (drawing toys videogames tv movies) while Taking on childish mannerisms or dependent mannerisms
1100 Playing with friends
0010 Playing with fuzzy blocks.
2100 Playing with kids toys
2200 Playing with Legos
0100 Playing with my ABgirls
1000 Playing with my baby girl
1000 Playing with my bath toys
1000 Playing with my diapered girls
1000 Playing with my penis whilst diapered
1000 Playing with my plushies
1000 Playing with my stuffed animals
1000 Playing with my stuffed toys
0100 Playing with my stuffies
1000 Playing with my teddy
1000 Playing with my toys
1000 Playing with myself in diapers
0001 Playing with other AB's (feels too artificial)
1010 Playing with other ABDLs
2010 Playing with other ABs.
0010 Playing with other adult babies
1000 Playing with other age players
1000 Playing with other babies
1000 Playing with other DLs
1000 Playing with other littles
0100 Playing with others
0010 Playing with others my age into infantilism
0010 Playing with others while in diapers
1000 Playing with others who are involved
1000 Playing with playdoh/lego etc
0100 Playing with plushies
0101 Playing with poop
1000 Playing with sextoys while wearing diapers
1000 Playing with stuffed animals
0010 Playing with Teddies
1000 Playing with toddler toys like wooden train set.
20501 Playing with toys
1000 Playing with toys (blocks, construction, etc)
1000 Playing with toys and cuddling stuffed animals
0100 Playing with toys and plushes
1000 Playing with toys and videogames
1000 Playing with toys like playdoh and Lego.
1000 Playing with toys or watching baby shows on TV in just a Tshirt and diaper.. Sucking my paci
0100 Playing with toys particularly Lego
0100 Playing with toys, but only when I have the time and space
1000 Playing with toys, not the electronic whiz-bang kind today but rattles and blocks and cars, "pretend play" items
1000 Playing with toys, regardless of whether they're designed for infants or adults
1000 Playing with toys: Legos, action figures, etc.
0100 Playing with toys/ stuffed animals
1000 Playing with toys/viewing TV shows from my childhood, spending time in 'nursery' corner
0001 Playpen
1000 Playpen, cribs, highchair, breastfeeding, playing like I'm 1-3
1100 Playtime
1000 Playtime (A time set aside where adult things are not allowed, only children toys and items are given and played with)
0100 Playtime with rattles/plastic keys/etc
0100 Pleasing
2000 Plushies
0001 Pointing and laughing by others
0001 Pooh Pooh
0001 Pooing in diapers
0001 Poop
0001 Poop (anything to do with it)
1000 Poop my diaper and wear it for hours.
0113 Pooping
3012 Pooping diapers
0001 Pooping diapers is not always much pleasant because it takes more time to change yourself
0100 Pooping diapers/nappies
0001 Pooping in a diaper (been a long time, enjoy the act, but hate the aftermath.)
0010 Pooping in a public area
3107 Pooping in diapers
0001 Pooping in diapers / the cleanup
1003 Pooping in my diaper
0002 Pooping in public
0001 Pooping in the diaper.
1004 Pooping my diaper
1000 Pooping my diaper but only when it won't disturb others
0010 Pooping my diaper or pants in front of girlfriend
0100 Pooping my diapers or pants
1000 Pooping my pants, or real or makeshift diapers, usually as an older toddler
0001 Pooping, at times
0001 Poopy dipees
0010 Possibly be changed by someone else
0010 Possibly being changed
0010 Possibly wetting and under the right circumstances even messing while nursing at a loving partner's breast
0001 Posting in ABDL personals groups.
0110 Potty
0110 Potty training
0100 Potty Training time
0010 Potty-untrain myself to pee unconsciously - never had time for it
1000 Powdering
0010 Practicing diapered sex
0100 Pretend hospital
0001 Pretend potty training
1100 Pretending
0100 Pretending I actually need them
1000 Pretending I'm incontinent
1000 Pretending my mommy is changing my diaper while I am really doing it
1000 Pretending that I am incontinent or a bedwetter. Telling friends I have met exclusively online that I need to wear diapers.
1000 Pretending to be a baby or toddler in hospital for an operation, focusing on being taken to the OR and being gently gassed to sleep, preferably with a old-style rubber mask.
0100 Pretending to be a baby.
1000 Pretending to be a bed wetter that needs diapers
0100 Pretending to be a young girl online in chats or forums that is a diaper lover
0100 Pretending to be confused or ignorant about things an adult would understand
0001 Pretending to be something I am not
0100 Pretending to lactate from my partner
1000 Pretending to learn about masturbation with my "caregiver"
1000 Pretending to use diapers; I use oatmeal as a substitute. I don't like the real thing.
1000 Pretty clothes
0100 Pretty much a lot of it's sexual aspect, especially stories about infantilism and diaper fetish, though I tend to fiction.
0001 Pretty much anything "AB" related. each to their own but we have zero interest in age play
0100 Princess movies
1000 Private play
1000 Private time in my nursery private time in my nursery as a baby boy private time in my nursery as a baby boy
0010 Probably loads more that I'll remember as soon as I finish.
1000 Procuring real-life encounters with AB/DL women who wear diapers and changing and babying them, entering a relationship if I feel I get along with them well enough
0010 Professional adult babysitting service
0010 Professional mommy
0010 Prolonged diaper wearing (no time restraint)
1000 Prolonged foreplay (45 mins or more)
0100 Pubic hair shaving
0001 Public AB/DL scene that is obvious
0001 Public babying.
0011 Public changing
0010 Public diaper changes
0011 Public diaper exposure
0010 Public diaper humiliation
0010 Public diaper wearing (hidden)
0100 Public diapering
0010 Public diapering by other person
0100 Public discussion on why love is unconditional and the most intelligent choice encompassing selfishness and selflessness understanding.
0001 Public display
0001 Public display of AB/DL
0001 Public displays of infantalism
0006 Public exposure
0001 Public exposure / humiliation
0001 Public exposure...Like going out in a stroller in nothing but a diaper.
01011 Public humiliation
0010 Public humiliation , like being walked through a park
0001 Public humiliation (or being treated as a baby in public)
0001 Public humiliation by a caretaker.
0001 Public humiliation or an AB.
0001 Public knowledge
0002 Public messing
0001 Public messing of diapers
0010 Public outings
0010 Public outings with Mommy
1003 Public play
0001 Public Purchase
0001 Public regression
0001 Public scenes that may make others uncomfortable (e.g. diaper changing, wetting or messing publicly, etc.)
1031 Public wearing
1000 Public wearing diapers so if someone was paying enough attention, exposure would be obvious
0010 Public wetting
0001 Public wetting (humiliation)
0001 Public wetting/messing of pants
0001 Publicly presenting myself as an AB
0100 Puddle jumping (in rainwear & rubber boots)
0001 Pullups or cloth diapers
0100 Punished in diapers
3407 Punishment
0001 Punishment (hard spanking or hitting)
0001 Punishment and humiliation
0001 Punishment e.g. spanking and bondage
0001 Punishment spankings
0001 Punishment/humiliation in diapers
0001 Punishments and beatings
0001 Punishments/scoulding
0100 Punisments with my messy diapers
1000 Puppy play (Furry-type)
0010 Purchase rompers and AB clothes.
0100 Purchasing
0001 Purposeful public exposure
0001 Purposely showing off any other of the AB/DL lifestyle in public
0001 Purposly messing a diaper in public.
0010 Pushed around in a stroller
0010 Put a lock on the potty, and go 24/7 as a baby
0100 Put my thick diapers on backwards, then push them down and off and then put back on with the back of the thick diaper in the front
0100 Putting a fresh diaper
0010 Putting a woman in a diaper
0010 Putting babyish designs on diapers
0001 Putting food inside the diaper
1000 Putting on as many diapers as I can to acheave this,even putting two up around my chest like a vest to hold the diapers up.
0100 Putting on baby powder
1000 Putting on diapers
0100 Putting on plastic pants
2000 Putting others in diapers
1000 Putting powder on my bum
0100 Putting random things I find in my mouth.
0001 Rape-play while in little headspace
0100 Re-Organizing personal items to give room a new feel to my environment
1000 Read (fantasy genre)
1010 Read stories about diaper lovers on line
0100 Reading
0100 Reading AB stories
1400 Reading AB/DL stories
0100 Reading AB/DL stories (more AB stories or stories involving teens preetens
1000 Reading AB/DL, babyfur, etc. stuff on the internet (discussions, blogs)
0100 Reading ABDL fiction
0100 Reading ABDL-themed fiction/erotica.
0100 Reading about other AB/DL people
1000 Reading about toilet training, and diapering, especially about real-life accidents and 'slow learners'
1000 Reading age regression (AR) fiction, especially aR fiction with transgender elements
0100 Reading age regression stories
0100 Reading an/do stories
0100 Reading and writing AB-themed fanfiction
0001 Reading baby (kids') books and watching baby (kids') movies
0100 Reading children's books
0100 Reading children's books from my childhood
1000 Reading children's books or playing kids games
0100 Reading children's fiction
1000 Reading children's stories or reading them outloud for others.
0100 Reading children's story books
1000 Reading comics with my favourite stuffed animal, laying on my stomach on the ground or on a big pillow, preferably wearing footed pyjamas just before bedtime.
0100 Reading forums and sites like understanding.infantilism.org
1000 Reading on-line diaper, accident and watersports stories
0100 Reading on-line forums about these interests
0100 Reading stores to my ABgirls
1100 Reading stories
1000 Reading to my partner while we cuddle on the sofa.
1000 Reading/writing ABDL stories, particularly DL.
1000 Reading/writing forced regression stories and other AB stories
0010 Real breast milk
0010 Real diaper sex
0010 Real diapers
0010 "real" diapers (not home improvised)
0020 Real life roleplay
0010 Real play
0001 "Real-Life" exhibitionism
0001 "Real-Life" group play, dress-up, or messing
0001 Really babyish things (I prefer to be a toddler)
0100 Really bulky diapers with disposables w/liners and cloth diapers over those
0100 Really enjoy wearing a bonnet and sometimes bib
0001 Really lost control
0010 Receive anal sex in a wet diaper.
1000 Receiving a diaper change
1000 Receiving encouragement to wear diapers / use diapers (pull-ups)
0001 Receiving or age regression
1000 Receiving spankings/ discipline
1000 Recieving enema then forced to wear a diaper
0001 Recieving spankings
0001 Rectal temperature measurement
0200 Rectal temperature taking
1000 Rectal temperature, suppositories, injections and enemas when I'm bad
0100 Reenacting old childhood memories. (I.e having an accident while playing with toys)
0010 Regress for a whole day
1000 Regressing back through diapers and other things and feeling like a kid again. ie wearing diapers under clothing in public.
1000 Regressing to a happier mental state
1000 Regressing to a one year old
7124 Regression
0100 Regression roleplay.
1000 Regression training
1000 Regression/ cuddling
1000 Regressive thoughts
0001 Regular messing
0001 Regularly using baby talk
1000 Relaxing
0010 Relying on being 'changed' out of a diaper by someone else in order to go use the toilet
0010 Researched behavior as a week long nappy experience at home. No AB or infantilism, just nappy control
1000 Researching
0100 Researching diseases and conditions that cause incontinence, disability or retardation.
0100 Restrained with laxcitives in my system
0100 Restraining myself while in diapers
0001 Restraining/bondage
1301 Restraints
0010 Restraints and limit of control.
0100 Restrictions such as booties, mittens, strait jacket, blindfolds or masks, gags
0001 Restroom changing
1000 Returning unopened packs of diapers because, "I didn't know my wife ordered a case for me."
0010 Revealing publicly my AB/DL interests, including to friends
0001 Ridicule
0001 Ridiculous adult baby outfits.
0010 Riding a bigwheel
0010 Riding in a car in a car seet
0010 Riding in a stroller. Though I wouldn't want anyone to see me, so it would never work...still a fantasy though.
0001 Risking long term or permanent incontinence.
0010 Rocked to sleep
1000 Rocking
0010 Role play as a toddler with a caregiver
0010 Role play in person with someone else (either sexual or non-sexual)
1000 Role play my "mommy" does not like to be called mommy so I call her nanny
0001 Role play of any kind
1000 Role Play with my ABDL little brother.
1002 Role playing
0001 Role playing as a baby.
0100 Role playing as a female
0100 Role playing children in virtual worlds.
0100 Role playing with my online twin brother(don't have an online mommy or daddy yet)
0100 Role playing with my wife. She uses my fantasies as part of her submission fantasy.
1000 Role Playing/Being care giver
0100 Role reversal (Strap on, anal play)
0100 Role reversal (strap-on, prostate stimulation)
0001 Role-play over the internet.
0100 Role-playing games
12174 Roleplay
1000 Roleplay (mummy/baby)
0100 Roleplay (toddler and daddy roles)
0100 Roleplay involving humiliation, culture play, or both simultaneously.
0010 Roleplay with an ABDL friend as diapered siblings
0010 Roleplay with my girlfriend
0100 Roleplaying (accident-prone preteen, in diapers)
1000 Roleplaying (Toddler Role)
0010 Roleplaying as a sissy girl
1000 Roleplaying as an infant
0100 Roleplaying online with diaper/baby/cubfurs
0010 Roleplaying with a mummy
0010 Roleplaying with my wife
0100 Rolling around in bed before falling asleep.
0100 Rolling/crawling/spending time on the floor or in blankets
1000 Rough playing with daddy (tickles, making faces, wrestling playfully)
0010 RPing as a little boy instead of a little girl for an extended period of time
0001 RPing to go outside/on a trip/shopping
0100 Rub brother's/Daddy's diaper
0100 Rubber pant
0100 Rubbing my diaper and plastic pants
1000 Rubbing my wet diaper
0010 Ruffled pink plastic pants
0010 Ruffled plastic panties or diaper cover.
1000 Rules set for me
0010 Running around a childs playroom while in baby clothes
1000 Running around in just a diaper an tee shirt
1000 Running around the house in just a diaper and a T, I feel free
0100 Running around with a wet diaper in public
1000 Running around, frolicking
1000 Running my AB/DL/littles munch
0005 Scat
0001 Scat play ( poop ) not into all that
0100 School
0010 School/preschool roleplay ("G-rated")
0110 Screw it see above LOL
0100 Searching and buying new diapers and pants on the internet.
0100 Searching for diapers and plastic pants
0001 Seating in a high chair
0010 Secretly being the 'baby' of an older woman
1000 See photos of women in diapers
0010 Seeing a woman with pacifier in real life
0100 Seeing AB video
0100 Seeing how wet I can make my nappy before it leaks
0100 Seeing if the diaper will leak
0100 Seeing my wife's diaper peek out from under clothes
1000 Seeing myself in mirrors or reflected in windows as I walk past them in nothing but a diaper, and fantasising that this is normal clothing.
1000 Seeing other men in diapers
1000 Seeing the world through a littles eyes
1000 Seeing women in nappies (pictures/videos)
0001 Seems like I have very little patience for the AB side, I love the idea, enjoy getting ready, and grow sick of it almost as soon as it begins.
1000 Self-bondage in a diaper
1000 Self-bondage, preventing removal of diapers or incorporating wearing diapers as part of bondage
0010 Serious Real-Life play with another babyfur
0100 Sesame Street
1000 Setting on front porch with just my diapers and plastic pants on
0001 Severe bondage
0001 Severe pain
0100 Sewing diapers (cloth)
1101 Sex
0010 Sex in a diaper, or even with a diaper just present somehow, like dangling on one of my legs
1021 Sex in diapers
1000 Sex involving diaper play
1000 Sex involving diapers with my girlfriend
0001 Sex when I am baby
0100 Sex while acting little
1000 Sex while diapered
0001 Sex while feeling little(I am still a virgin and have not yet come to terms with how I feel about sex as a whole but I know I would not want it while regressed.)
1000 Sex while in a wet diaper
0010 Sex with a man in a diaper
0100 Sex with daddy in little headspace
0010 Sex with diapers
1000 Sex with girl
0100 Sex with music
1000 Sex, sexual things
0001 Sexual activities of any kind
0001 Sexual activity in nappies
0100 Sexual activity while in diapers or regressed.
0010 Sexual activity with partner or both in nappies
0001 Sexual ageplay
0100 Sexual diaper play
0010 Sexual intercourse involving diapers
0001 Sexual involvement
0010 Sexual play with another AB/DL
0001 Sexual stimulation while diapered
0001 Sexual stuff
0001 Sexually related activities
0001 Shame
0100 Sharing wet diapers
0010 Sharing with another AB/DL
0001 Shaving body hair as part of the babylike look
0100 Shaving genitals
0100 Shaving hair off and using lots of baby powder
0010 Shaving more of my diaper area, so far only the front around my penis and groin is shaved.
0100 Shaving my legs and area in my underwear
0100 Shaving my private area
0010 Shaving off all my body hair
0001 Shitting in diaper or baby pants.
0001 Shitting nappies
0100 Shopping
2100 Shopping for diapers
0100 Shopping for diapers, pacifiers, etc. when people can see
0100 Shopping trips
0010 Short term, occasional caregiving (as a part of a normal relationship with a significant other)
0001 Shoving bananas in my ass
0010 Show everybody my diapers 11 stare
0001 Showing in public
0010 Showing my diaper to others so they can see it.
0100 Showing off my diapers/exhibitionism
1000 Showing off the bulge
1000 Simply wearing diapers and plastic pants
0010 Simulated breast feeding by my wife
0100 Singing
0100 Sippy cups
0100 Sippy cups or bottles
0001 Sissification
0001 Sissy
1000 Sissy activities
0101 Sissy baby
0010 Sissy baby School Girl foreplay; paddled in front of 'the class' while still in a dirty diaper
0010 Sissy baby treatment
0001 Sissy clothing or sissy play
1000 Sissy dress up
0100 Sissy dress up and fantasies
0001 Sissy humiliation
0001 Sissy or crossdressing
0100 Sissy stuff
0001 Sissy wear/role playing
0001 Sissy, transgener, sex..
0100 Sissyism
0100 Sit in high chair and eat baby food
0100 Sitting down on my poop in my diapers
0010 Sitting in a big high chair.
0010 Sitting in a High chair
1000 Sitting in bed with a makeshift diaper on.
1000 Sitting in daddy's lap and nuzzling into/being held to his chest.
0100 Sitting in messy diapers.
0100 Sitting in my high chair
1000 Sitting in the mess
0100 Sitting in wet/messy diapers for long periods
0010 Sitting on Santa's lap while wearing a wet diaper and telling him I am a good little boy
0100 Sitting outside on my balcony with a diaper, tights, short skirt and a girly top on.
0100 Skipping (but not rope)
0010 Sleep in a crib the whole night
1000 Sleep in a diaper that I wet before I sleep but in my bed.
0010 Sleep in an adult crib
1000 Sleep in daddy's bed
1000 Sleep like a baby.
1000 Sleepers
4000 Sleeping
1000 Sleeping and bedwetting in diapers
1000 Sleeping as a baby, dressed appropriately and with a teddy
2000 Sleeping diapered
1100 Sleeping in a baby crib
0020 Sleeping in a cot
0010 Sleeping in a cot (crib)
94375 Sleeping in a crib
0010 Sleeping in a crib because I like small tight places
0010 Sleeping in a crib every night
1000 Sleeping in a crib or putting up rails on my bed to give it a feel of a crib. I really enjoy the feeling of having bars on the side of my bed.
0010 Sleeping in a crib or toddler bed
1000 Sleeping in a crib Sleeping in a crib
0010 Sleeping in a crib with a hanging music 'thing'
0010 Sleeping in a crib, eating in a high-chair, put into a play pen..
0100 Sleeping in a crib(I would need a queen sized one)
2010 Sleeping in a diaper
1000 Sleeping in a diaper with my plushies.
1000 Sleeping in a large baby crib
0010 Sleeping in an adult baby bed
0020 Sleeping in an adult-sized crib
1000 Sleeping in diaper and footies
7100 Sleeping in diapers
1000 Sleeping in diapers (dry and clean)
1100 Sleeping in my crib
1000 Sleeping in my diapers
1000 Sleeping in my friends crib
1000 Sleeping in my makeshift crib.
1000 Sleeping in nappies
1000 Sleeping in nothing but a diaper
2000 Sleeping in them
3100 Sleeping in wet diapers
1000 Sleeping in wet diapers and plastic pants
0100 Sleeping on a bed that has a protective plastic sheet.
1000 Sleeping on plastic sheets
1000 Sleeping while being a baby (nappies, paci, cuddly toy, and footed sleeper)
1000 Sleeping with a diaper
0120 Sleeping with a pacifier
1000 Sleeping with diapers on
0100 Sleeping with my boo boo (pacifier)
1000 Sleeping with my Teddy bear
1000 Sleeping with plushies
5100 Sleeping with stuffed animals
2000 Sleeping with teddy bears
0010 Sleepovers
1000 Sleepy time with my teddypanda and my dummy
0100 Slides
0100 Slight embarrassment /risk of being caught
0100 Slight role play
1000 Slightly embarrassing the missus by explaining that I'd like to try these things
0010 Small portions of age play/feeding AB
1000 Smell of baby powder and diapers New
0100 Smelling baby powder
0100 Smelling my baby blanket
1000 Smelling my diapers
0100 Sneakily wearing diapers in public.
0010 Snowboarding with a pacifier
1100 Snuggle time
1000 Snuggles while diapered (with caregiver, stuffed animal, etc.)
5100 Snuggling
1000 Snuggling and feeling comforted and cared for.
1000 Snuggling and playing with my stuffed animals.
1000 Snuggling my boyfriend diapered
1000 Snuggling Teddy
1000 Snuggling up in bed, wearing a sleeper and a thick diaper.
1000 Snuggling up on the sofa to watch cartoons or a movie, maybe turning sexual if that's the mood, usually just being held lovingly.
1000 Snuggling up to a girl and enjoying the moment as her warm arms embrace you and invelope you in a warm hug
1000 Snuggling up with my plushie, having a paci and being with my caretaker.
1000 Snuggling while watching a film
1000 Snuggling with mommy
2000 Snuggling with my plushies
1000 Snuggling with my teddy
1000 Snuggling with significant other even while in diapers.
0001 So, at one point I was curious about being diapered 24-7. I gave myself the goal of one month. diapered at all times accept for messes. It was fun for the first week and a half. Then it became a chore, and then an annoyance. It just wasn't fun anymore. and at work it was really a hassle. I lasted about two and a half weeks.
0001 Soap in the mouth!
1000 Social meet
1000 Soft animals
0001 Soiling diaper/Pull-ups
0001 Soiling diapers (feces)
0001 Soiling myself, I hate to clean up after myself and there are also horrendous memories from childhood around wetting and especially soiling) having said that If I were to meet my ideal mummy and that is something she liked, I would try to please mummy although she would have to give lot's of encouragement and possible extra fibre or something as I take opiates (prescription only)
0100 Some baby related clothes like onsies
0010 Some gentle public humiliation at the hands of my partner, leaving me embarrassed, but no doubt to another person that I'm in diapers, using them, and being humiliated on purpose - it would be no "accident"
0010 Some kinds of BDSM play that includes diapers
0100 Some roleplay
0010 Someone else being completely in charge - but yet to find the right chap.
1000 Someone else being the parent
0010 Someone playing with me in a dirty diaper
1000 Sometimes getting changed or put in a diaper
1000 Sometimes I like to mess but not often
0100 Sometimes just the look
0100 Sometimes like getting bottom smacked
2000 Sometimes messing
0100 Sometimes peeing pants without diapers (started this way at age of about 6)
0100 Sometimes pretending to not know how to speak yet
1000 Sometimes role play
1000 Sometimes sexual activity.
1000 Sometimes sucking on a pacifier
0100 Sometimes trying to pee in my diaper but stopping just as I begin to pee
1000 Sometimes wetting at night
1000 (sometimes) watching children's programs I know
0100 Sorry, can't think of much else since I rarely get to do much :/
0100 Sort of unrelated to AB/DL but I also enjoy water sports
0110 Spank women AB/DL's
0010 Spanked in public
1000 Spanked OTK
0010 Spanked while someone else is watching
1000 Spanked with a wooden spoon
128525 Spanking
0010 Spanking / humiliation.
0001 Spanking & other physical punishments/violence
0010 Spanking + diapers.
0010 Spanking for acting above my baby age
0010 Spanking over diapers
0010 Spanking, maybe.
1000 Spanking, punishment, corporal punishment and reprimands
0001 Spanking, time-outs or other types of punishment
0001 Spanking, to a degree. If I'm being really naughty, I deserve a spanking, but not too hard.
0001 Spanking/discipline
1000 Spanking/scolding (discipline?)
0100 Spankings (sometimes they are fun)
0001 Spankings (when I'm not in the mood)
0001 Spankings of any kind
0100 Spankings when naughty
0001 Spankings. don't get how those became ingrained into the community at all..
0100 Speak to chemists about options and diapers
0001 Speaking in a childish voice, just something I've never wanted to do.
0100 Speaking like a baby/toddler
0100 Speaking to my "caregiver" in a young voice, and asking for things a child would want
0100 Speech restrictions
0010 Spend a holiday together with passionate pants- and bedwetters (leaking diapers or no diapers at all, including bed)
0010 Spend a holiday together with passionate pantspoopers (including the allowance to do it in my sleeping diaper even before going to sleep)
0010 Spend full day as AB
0010 Spend some time as an AB
0010 Spend time as a toddler in a nursery setting for several days
0010 Spend time with a caregiver
0010 Spend weekends as a baby(crib, bottles etc)
0010 Spending a day as a baby with my wife caring for me.
0010 Spending a significant amount of time outside of home in a diaper
0010 Spending an entire weekend or more in AB mode
0010 Spending extended time as an AB
0010 Spending more than a couple of hours with a caregiver
0010 Spending time in an adult sized nursery
1000 Spending time laughing over her knee, as it really isnt in my nature to submit.
0010 Spending time with a straight, female d/L
1000 Spending time with my favorite stuffed animal
1000 Spending time with my Mommy
0010 Spending time with other AB/DL
0010 Spending time with women who would take care of me like a real baby
1000 Spilling food on my bib
0010 Spilling things for daddy to clean up
0100 Spoon Feeding
1000 Squishing
1000 Stay in the wet diaper (for a little while) until I change/take it off
0010 Staying in a AB/DL nursery and being treated like an adult baby
0001 Staying in a messy diaper for too long
1000 Staying in a wet diaper for hours.
0001 Staying in messy/wet diapers for very long periods of time.
0100 Sticker charts/other reward systems for treats!
0100 Stoned naps
0100 Story
1000 Story and nap times
3200 Story time
1000 Story time with my AB partner. changing my partner (and the sex we often have then)
0100 Story time...in diapers
1000 Storytelling by my daddy
1000 Storytime! (reading out loud as a caregiver or listing to the story when in AB mode)
0010 Straight jackets
0001 Strap-On
1000 Stroller rides
4100 Stuffed animals
1000 Stuffies and security blanket(Kitty cat covers)
0010 Submitting to care/punishment/routine structures set by a caregiver for while I'm Little
0100 Suck a pacifier out in public
1000 Sucking a breast
1000 Sucking a paci/thumb
13100 Sucking a pacifier
1001 Sucking a pacifier or thumb
1000 Sucking dummy
0010 Sucking from a bottle/pacifier
1000 Sucking from a pacifier
1000 Sucking my binky
1000 Sucking my paci while driving
5400 Sucking my pacifier
1000 Sucking my pacifier & having my bottle at home when on my own.
0010 Sucking my pacifier and having my bottle in public - ah one can dream.
0100 Sucking my pacifier at home, etc on my own.
4300 Sucking my thumb
2000 Sucking my thumb or Pacifier
1000 Sucking my thumb when I watch cartoons
1000 Sucking my thumb, primarily in order to appear cute to my partner.
2000 Sucking my thumb/pacifier
0010 Sucking on a adult sized pacifier.
1000 Sucking on a baby bottle
1000 Sucking on a binkie
3000 Sucking on a bottle
1000 Sucking on a bottle of formula or being fed baby food
2000 Sucking on a dummy
1000 Sucking on a females breasts, as if I was nursing
1000 Sucking on a paci
13610 Sucking on a pacifier
1000 Sucking on a pacifier and holding my teddy bear
0100 Sucking on a pacifier or my thumb
1000 Sucking on a pacifier or thumb. It's so relaxing and it's great mouth exercise.
0010 Sucking on a pacifier/dummy
1000 Sucking on breasts
0100 Sucking on my binky
10000 Sucking on my pacifier
1000 Sucking on my soother while doing other activities.
7310 Sucking on pacifiers
1000 Sucking on pacifiers/bottles.
1000 Sucking pacifier/bottle
2000 Sucking thumb/pacifier
1100 Sucking thumbs
1000 Sucking/chewing on my paci
1000 Sucking/seeing one suck a pacifier.
0100 Suckling
1000 Suckling a pacifier
1000 Suckling my Paci
1000 Suckling my pacifiers
0100 Suckling on a breast
1000 Suckling on mommy's breast
0001 Suppositories
0100 Suppositories/laxatives
0100 Surely forgotten many points ;)
0100 Surf diaper pages, chat with other AB DLs
0100 Surfing
0100 Surfing AB/DL sites on the web
0100 Surfing AB/DL web sites
0100 Surfing the internet wearing diapers
0100 Surfing the net for pictures and stories of AB/DLs
0001 Surgery
0100 Swaddling (being swaddled in a large blanket and not allowed to wiggle out or move for a bit)
1000 Swaddling/Being dressed in soft infantile clothing
0100 Sweet/soft talk
1000 Swimming in the pool with childish pool toys (animal inner tubes, water wings, inflatable toys, etc) with daddy
0100 Swinging
0100 Swinging in public play ground
0100 Swings
0100 Switching diapers with another DL
0001 Switching roles (ie; being a mommy)
0010 Take an AB friend to a shopping centre dressed as an AB in an adult stroller
0100 Take care of other adult baby
0010 Taken by a carer to a disability shop to buy cloth diapers
0100 Taking a suppository/diuretic, then going out diapered when I know it will be a while before I am able to return
0010 Taking care of another AB/DL
1000 Taking care of babyfur cubs
1000 Taking care of my girlfriend when she wants to be babied
0100 Taking enemas (on rare occasions)
0010 Taking my baby girl to Disney world
0010 Taking my baby girl to the park
1200 Taking naps
1000 Taking naps while wearing diapers
0010 Taking on a "big sister" role
0001 Taking on a caretaker role
0001 Taking on the mannerisms or tastes of an actual baby/toddler (most of the time)
0100 Taking photos of me in my diaper and posting them.
0100 Taking pictures in my diaper.
0100 Talk on line to others in the ABDL community
0010 Talk to kids who actually know they are infantilists and like their little passion (age 6-11, because I want to compare their experiences with those I remember with my own childhood)
0100 Talked to like a baby
1000 Talking about diapers with others/my wife
0100 Talking about it
1000 Talking as a baby
1000 Talking in a little girl voice.
0001 Talking like a bumbly baby
0100 Talking to myself, naming colors, shapes, pretty things. listening to my own little.
1000 Talking to other AB/DL's world wide on chat lines
0110 Talking to other ABDLs
0100 Talking to other people with the same interests.
0100 Talking with other AB/DL's in a forum
0100 Talking with other ABDLs about diapers while diapered
1000 Talking with other people who wear them
0001 Tampering with diapers - being made to stay in the same diaper beyond its capacity (purposeful leaking)/Being made to stay in wet or messed clothing or bedding if an accidental leak occurs/Being made to stay in a wet or messy diaper for long periods of time (wherein a rash develops)
0010 Tape-on diapers (I've only used pull-up style ones)
0100 Tapping my diapered butt
0100 Tbh, I enjoy anything related to the nurtirng side of being a baby, I expect my mummy to treat me as a 2year old ( sometimes younger( not as an adult playing a 2 year old
0010 Technically, I haven't done any above. I will very soon though. :)
1000 Teddys
0001 Tediously simplistic childish toys (I *wish* they were as fun as when I was little, but they're boring now)
0001 Teeth pulling...lol
0100 Telling another AB/DL he must wear diapers
0001 Telling family or extended friends
0001 Telling someone
0001 Tending to diaper rash.
0100 Testing my limits with Mama
0001 That someone would notice my diapers/etc.
0100 That you should go home an change your self
0020 The banana dare
0001 The conventional aDBL role play freaks me out as well.
0001 The end of AB/DL time
1000 The feel of a diaper (plastic backing)
1000 The feeling of not being in control.
1000 The focused attention on me while being little
0010 The full 9 yards, being babied, fed, changed. everything
0001 The inability to choose when play ends
1000 The long road to loosing contenance
1000 The loving caress of my girlfriend (who plays the role of mommy)
0100 The marshmallow challenge
0010 The "marshmallow trick" / laxatives
0100 The marshmallow trick(using marshmallows as suppositories to mess uncontrollably for one instance at a time, no long term effect)
0010 The one sexual side I have to this is a fantasy to be forced into diapers
0100 The park
0001 The powdered wasabi trick. because, ow!
0001 The risk of being outed as a diaper-wearer.
0001 The small time I have alotted in my private life to wear diapers
0100 The smell of a certain plactic diapers.
2100 The smell of baby powder
0100 The smell of diapers for infants
1000 The smell of urine.
0100 The smooth feel of now unavailable latex
0001 The so-called "diaper sex". I may do it online, through roleplay, but because my friends enjoy. Plus, I think I'd be uncomfortable or even disturbed with actual sexual experiences (except for masturbation)
1000 The soft rustling of plastic to remeind me I can wet myself whenever I like.
0001 The spankings
0001 There has always since puberty been a sexual element, and while I enjoy the overall heightened state it offers, I despise the adult urges that accompany it. I would prefer to be able to focus entirely on the emotional experience.
1000 Thick bambino diapers with 1 booster
1000 Thick diapers. Usually two abena pads, and then a medium and a large diaper by attends, abena or dry 24/7
0001 Things being stuck up my butt(Eww!!!)
0001 Things involving compulsion or severe restraint
1000 Thinking I'm a child
0100 Throwing a tantrum.
1000 Thumb sucking at night
4002 Thumbsucking
0100 Thumbsucking, but I just *know* it would be better with a pacifier
0100 Tied in crib
0100 Tied up in baby crib
0001 Timeouts
0010 To allow myself to be "Taken care of" totally for an extended time
0010 To be an AB for say a weekend with a nurturing mommy that would change my diapers.
0010 To be breast fed
1000 To be changed by a woman
0001 To be honest I enjoy acting like a baby but not all day.
0010 To be put to bed early
0001 To be restrained (cuffs, ropes, chains, etc.)
1000 To be seen on cam with dp
0001 To become completely incontinent.
0010 To give up my adult life and disappear into infancy
0010 To have a nanny and the whole baby experience breast feed diaper change
0010 To have my legs smacked while wearing nappies
0001 To have my nappies too noticeable or on display in public
0010 To have my nappy changed in a semi public place like the back seat of a car or disabled toilet
0010 To sleep in a cot
1000 Toddler talk
0001 Too much AB
0001 Too much "Adult" in my baby world.
0001 Too much baby-related stuff. I only enjoy a few aspects of it
0010 Total baby immersion experience
0010 Total infantilization in a hospital type nursery ward setting and by being cared for by the nurses. I would be the only boy among several cute girls.
0011 Total regression
0010 Touching a female while she's wearing a nappy
0010 Touching a female while she's wearing denim overalls
1000 Touching myself
0001 Touching senior women (over 65) that need nappies
0100 Toy shopping
2100 Toys
0010 Transexual (sissy) ageplay
0010 Travel the world and meet all my diaper friends
1000 Traveling diapered.
1000 Treated as a toddler by others
0010 Treated to a home dominant play adult porn type role play nanny, with kind intentions.
0001 True accidental wetting (not wearing protection
0001 True incontinence
0010 True moomy to care for me
0100 Try AB clothes
0001 Try BDSM a diaper experience
0010 Try messing
0010 Trying a Nuk 5 pacifier
0010 Trying adult baby cloths out
0010 Trying all of the above with another human being.
0010 Trying diapers with a member of the opposite sex
1000 Trying new diapers
0010 Trying on Disney Princess dresses
0010 Trying on the clothing
0100 Trying out hypnosis files that make you act like a baby for some time without you trying.
0010 Trying sissy clothes
0001 Trying to become incontinent/diaper training
0100 Trying to force myself to need diapers
0001 Trying to hide diapers from my parents (they still don't know)
0100 Trying to induce an involuntary loss of bladder control (fatiguing my pelvic floor muscle, drinking excessive fluids)
1000 Trying to rewrite my childhood with a better parent figure in place of old one
0100 Trying to sign
0100 Trying to weaken my bladder
0100 Tucking in
1000 Um - you get the point. anything and everything to do with diapers.
0001 Ummm I don't knows... being in trouble?
0010 Uncontrollable bowel emptying while using a diaper (only while using it, and in private)
0001 Unknown everything I have tired I enjoy and want to try everything at least once to know for sure
0001 Unsure
0010 Urinating in a diaper (I never thought it would be prudent to urinate in my improvised diapers, and I have a shy bladder anyway)
1000 Urinating in diapers
1000 Urinating in disposable adult diapers
0001 Use a catheter
0010 Use adult baby clothing.
0010 Use adult baby diapers.
1000 Use diapers
0010 Use diapers in public
0010 Use of bottle or sucking on pacifier
1000 Use of bottles / pacifiers
0001 Use of laxative
0010 Use of laxatives or something else that makes me lose the control of bladder/bowl
0100 Use pacifier and baby bottle
1000 Using
3020 Using a baby bottle
0010 Using a baby bouncer
4140 Using a bottle
0010 Using a bottle and sippy cup
1000 Using a butt plug while wearing/using a diaper.
0010 Using a catheter
0010 Using a changing table
0010 Using a crib
2000 Using a diaper
0001 Using a diaper in public
1000 Using a diaper while watching (fairly new) cars getting compacted to small cubes.
1000 Using a disposable diaper for intended purposes(both wetting and messing)
1000 Using a dummy
0010 Using a high chair
1000 Using a onesie over my diaper
0110 Using a pacifier
23430 Using a pacifier
1000 Using a pacifier or sucking thumb
1000 Using a pacifier when I'm alone at home
0010 Using a pacifier, particularly when sleeping
1000 Using a pacifier/baby bottle.
0100 Using a sippy/bottle
0001 Using ABDL furniture
0010 Using aids for loss of control I.e. cathiter or laxitives (would like but not enough to probabley actually do)
0100 Using anal stretching rings to simulate incontinence
1000 Using baby furniture (crib, changing table, high chair, etc)
0001 Using baby furniture (crib, high chair etc)
1000 Using baby items (diapers, bottles, etc.)
1000 Using baby powder
0001 Using baby talk/having a partner use baby talk
0001 Using baby things
1000 Using blocks/legos
2100 Using bottles
1000 Using bottles and pacifiers.
0100 Using bottles, sippy cups, plastic bowls and spoons
1000 Using butt plugs
0100 Using catheters to force incontinence.
0100 Using desitin and baby powder
19100 Using diapers
0100 Using diapers (both wet and mess)
1000 Using diapers (wetting and messing)
1000 Using diapers (wetting and sometimes messing)
1000 Using diapers and being all cuddleee in them.
1000 Using diapers for both #1 and #2
1000 Using diapers for both purposes (wetting and messing)
1000 Using diapers for both wetting and messy
1000 Using diapers for intended purpose
1000 Using diapers for intended purpose, discreetly, however..
1000 Using diapers for their intended purpose
1000 Using diapers while working watching film / playing a game on computer, or talking to someone live or by phone or taking bath in them
0001 Using high chairs
0010 Using hypnosis to become helplessly incontinent
0010 Using hypnosis to become more authentically infantile
0100 Using Hypnosis with diapers
0001 Using laxatives
1000 Using my binky
3000 Using my diaper
1000 Using my diaper for both pee and poop
0100 Using my lips to hide my teeth and drooling(only in private, never in public)
1100 Using my pacifier
1000 Using my pacifier and teddy bear.
1000 Using my sippy cups and bottles
0100 Using my toddler harness on walks
0010 Using oatmeal to simulate messing
0010 Using other AB/DL paraphernalia
5311 Using pacifiers
0001 Using powder or creme to avoid rush is annoying and useless for me, because I rearly have rashes
1000 Using sex toys while wearing diapers
0100 Using sippy cup
0100 Using sippy cups over cups or bottles
0010 Using the diaper for the "big" thing
0001 Using the diaper fot the "big" thing... icsnt decide whether it turns me on or off
1000 Using to capacity
0010 Using/Obtaining appropriately sized nursery furniture & general nursery items for my everyday use. crib, high chair or feeding seat, rocking horse, car seat, etc.
1000 Using/wearing diapers. (Alone or with accepting/participating partner)
0100 Vibrators in diapers - Particularly when the caregiver is controlling them.
0200 Video games
0100 Videochat with other ABDLs in diapers
0010 Vidotape the diaper fun
0100 Viewing ABDL art; I used to "enjoy" this, but I've seen most of what has been out there. It all feels very uninteresting and overdone now--I hardly take the time to look at what I delete from my deviant art inbox anymore.
0001 Visible diapers or being changed in public
0010 Visit a nursery
0010 Visit or have a Mommy/baby sitter
0001 Visiting nurseries - I've got my own!
0010 Visiting the AB nursery in Thailand. because, culture play.
0001 Vomit play some do and that's not for me
0100 Waddling around in a super thick diaper
0100 Waddling in a diaper
1000 Waiting until I can't hold it any longer
1000 Waiting until I can't hold it any longer, I enjoy little wetting mishaps in my diaper.
1000 Waking up from a deep sleep in a wet diaper.
0010 Walk around my diapers at public
0100 Walk down the baby isle at the supermarket
1000 Walking around in public wearing a thick diaper under my clothes.
0010 Walking around the house in nothing but diapers, plastic pants and T-shirt
1000 Walking around the house in t-shirts and diapers.
0010 Walking out in public with only my diaper on
0010 Walking outside in babyish clothes.
1000 Walking through my house in nothing but a diaper.
0010 Want to be made to go out dressed in obvious baby stuff. (love humiliation)
1000 Wash diapers about once a week. I have lots.
1000 Washing diapers
1000 Watch TV
1000 Watch women use diapers (wet/mess)
1000 Watching a movie I used to watch when I was little while cuddling and drinking bottle
1000 Watching a "somewhat" childish movie (say, Finding Nemo - I think that I would be glad to watch some movies that I think are interesting but don't watch because it would seem "weird" to those around me, but I don't think I would really find movies designed for especially young audiences to be interesting enough to be regressive)
0100 Watching ABDL movies
1000 Watching an AB Girl Play.
1000 Watching anime
0001 Watching baby shows
1000 Watching baby shows/cartoons
0001 Watching baby tv
1000 Watching baby/Kid shows
19801 Watching cartoons
0100 Watching cartoons and shows for small children.
1000 Watching cartoons and stuff.
1000 Watching cartoons I enjoy, watching tv or movies(I don't always care about the age appropriateness of the tv or movies)
1000 Watching cartoons or anime movies
1000 Watching cartoons or movies (not necessarily children's movies)
0100 Watching cartoons while drinking from a bottle.
1000 Watching cartoons with daddy
1000 Watching cartoons, cuddled up to Mommy or friend
0100 Watching cartoons/movies with my baby girl
0100 Watching childish movies / tv shows
1000 Watching childish shows (My Little Pony, Pound Puppies, backyardigans, dora, barney, Sesame Street, etc.)
1000 Watching childish tv shows and movies
2100 Watching children's TV
1000 Watching children's TV or movies
0100 Watching children's TV shows
0100 Watching children's TV shows and movies, especially those I watched as a child
1000 Watching childrens movies
1000 Watching childrens tv shows
1000 Watching cute babyfur pics
0200 Watching Disney movies.
0100 Watching Disney together.
0100 Watching girl Japanese shows
0100 Watching girls wear diapers
1000 Watching kids cartoons/ tv shows
1000 Watching kids shows. (thats not really an ABDL activity)
0100 Watching kids' cartoons
1200 Watching movies
0100 Watching movies for children and families (The lion king)
0100 Watching movies on DL
0100 Watching other ABDL
1000 Watching other ABDL girls on the internet
1000 Watching pictures/videos of women in diapers
1000 Watching shadow patterns on the walls or ceiling.
0100 Watching shows aimed at very young children.
1000 Watching someone use a diaper
0100 Watching Teletubbies
1100 Watching Television
1000 Watching tv shows or movies from my childhood
0100 Watching TV with parent figure
1000 Watching TV with the darlings
1000 Watching videos of girls in diapers while masturbating
0100 Watching young child TV shows
1000 Watching/reading AB/DL, babyfur, etc. art.
1000 Waterports (pee play)
0010 Wear 24/7 for a week or more for wetting and messing
1000 Wear a diaper
0010 Wear a diaper in the car on a long trip and never pull over to use a rest stop just go right there in the car.
0010 Wear a diaper out in pubic
0010 Wear a diaper to a highly public setting
0010 Wear a diaper wetted by another
0010 Wear a onesie
0010 Wear adult sized baby cloths
0010 Wear an anal plug in my diaper
1000 Wear and use diapers
1000 Wear and use of diapers (sometimes exclusively)
1000 Wear baby clothes. Their so soft and nice. I feel hopelessly wonderful!
2001 Wear baby clothing
0010 Wear babyish clothing.
0010 Wear cloth diapers.
0010 Wear cute dresses in public
3000 Wear diapers
0010 Wear diapers 24/7 for a period of time
1000 Wear diapers almost every day for leaking. wife knows and approves
1000 Wear diapers and plastic pants
0010 Wear diapers in public
0010 Wear diapers openly in public
1000 Wear foot jammies
0100 Wear girl dresses
2000 Wear girly sissy clothes.
0010 Wear little girl frilly clothes
1000 Wear sleepers
0100 Wear super thick diaper
1000 Wear, wet and mess diapers.
19000 Wearing
1000 Wearing (and using) nappies
0001 Wearing / using several babyish items (pacifier, bottle, bib) (I do consider myself to be somewhat of an AB but certain items do not appeal to me - I am, however, interested in articles of clothing, ie. suspenders, onesie, footed sleeper, childish t-shirts)
1000 Wearing / wetting diapers
1000 Wearing & using diapers
1000 Wearing & wetting diapers
1000 Wearing & wetting.
1010 Wearing 24/7
0010 Wearing 24/7 for a week
0100 Wearing 5 or 6 diapers at a time
1000 Wearing a bib and sucking a pacifier.
0200 Wearing a bib while eating
0100 Wearing a chastity belt (primarily BDSM, but intensifies the ABDL experience)
0020 Wearing a child harness
1000 Wearing a cloth nappy and plastic pants
0010 Wearing a crotch snap onesie
16011 Wearing a diaper
0010 Wearing a diaper - visibly - in public
1000 Wearing a diaper and white t shirt around the house
1000 Wearing a diaper for a prolonged time
1000 Wearing a diaper for comfort
0010 Wearing a diaper in an adult sized bouncy swing.
0100 Wearing a diaper in the shower
1000 Wearing a diaper or pull up
1000 Wearing a diaper to bed and wetting it
1000 Wearing a diaper to bed for bedwetting / waking up wet in the morning
0100 Wearing a diaper to work
1000 Wearing a diaper while sucking on a paci watching a movie
0100 Wearing a diaper with a partner
1000 Wearing a diaper, onesie, and cuddling with a stuffed animal while watching cartoons.
0010 Wearing a diaper/pull-up in public (rather than just in my house)
0010 Wearing a disposable diaper under bathing suit at beach
1000 Wearing a dry diaper
0010 Wearing a footed sleeper
0100 Wearing a homemade collar sometimes
0100 Wearing a kink dress
0200 Wearing a loose shirt makes me feel like a toddler
1000 Wearing a maid outfit and cleaning the house while diapered
1000 Wearing a makeshift diaper (it's all I've ever tried)
1000 Wearing a nappy
1000 Wearing a nappy but not a cloth one
1000 Wearing a nice thick diaper
2030 Wearing a onesie
1000 Wearing a onesie or footed pyjamas
1000 Wearing a onesie, footed sleeper, bibs, shortalls... all kinds of baby clothes.
1000 Wearing a onesie/sleeper
0010 Wearing a onsie or a bonnet or those baby mittens
1000 Wearing a pacifier
0010 Wearing a single diaper for 24 hours or unless it leaks
3100 Wearing a sleeper
1000 Wearing a soaked diaper
0010 Wearing a swim diaper in the water
1000 Wearing a thick diaper to bed at night.
1000 Wearing a very wet bulky diaper
1000 Wearing a wet diaper for long periods
1000 Wearing a wet/messy diaper for extended periods
0100 Wearing AB clothes
0010 Wearing AB clothes (like onesies or plastic pants)
0010 Wearing AB clothing(onesie, footie pajamas, booties ect)
0010 Wearing actual diapers
0010 Wearing ad wetting diapers in public
1000 Wearing adult baby clothes
1000 Wearing adult or child sized diapers/training pants/pullups/female periodical or urinal pads and pee in it
1000 Wearing adult size baby clothes
0010 Wearing adult sized diapers
0010 Wearing an onesie
0010 Wearing and possibly using a babyish-printed diaper in public that wont leak >.<
1000 Wearing and sleeping in diapers; going out with a diaper on; (and wetting when needed)
1000 Wearing and sometimes wetting diapers, being changed into/out of said diapers.
1000 Wearing and using a diaper
1000 Wearing and using a diaper-------love to wake up wet and messy
0010 Wearing and using a nappy (not in public)
18000 Wearing and using diapers
1000 Wearing and using diapers (both ways)
1000 Wearing and using diapers (disposables, but prefer cloth when possible)
1000 Wearing and using diapers for both wetting and messing
1000 Wearing and using diapers in general.
1000 Wearing and using diapers to bed
1000 Wearing and using diapers, with or without plastic pants.
1000 Wearing and using nappies
1000 Wearing and using nappies (diapers)
1000 Wearing and wetting
11000 Wearing and wetting diapers
1000 Wearing and wetting diapers as if it was medically necessary and completely natural
1000 Wearing and wetting diapers at home, under clothing
1000 Wearing and wetting diapers every day, any where and every where
1000 Wearing and wetting diapers in front of people
0100 Wearing and wetting diapers in public places (under clothing, in secret)
1000 Wearing and wetting diapers.
1000 Wearing and wetting in diapers
4000 Wearing and wetting my diaper
0100 Wearing appropriate outfits, like shortalls, overalls onesies and footed sleepers.
0100 Wearing around the house
6242 Wearing baby clothes
0010 Wearing baby clothes (onesies etc)
1000 Wearing baby clothes bibs and accessories
0001 Wearing baby clothes in public
1000 Wearing baby clothes, especially footed sleepers.
0001 Wearing baby clothes, etc.
1000 Wearing baby clothes. Onesie, sleeper, plastic pants etc.
0100 Wearing baby clothes/diapers in private, or low-profile 'cute' or 'little boyish' outfits in public
1000 Wearing baby clothes/jammies
1000 Wearing baby-ish dresses.
1000 Wearing baby/sissy girl clothing
1000 Wearing babyish clothes (onesies, shortalls, etc)
6110 Wearing babyish clothing
1000 Wearing babyish clothing (onesies, sleepers, shortalls, etc.)
1000 Wearing babyish night clothes
0001 Wearing bonnets
2110 Wearing childish clothes
1000 Wearing childish clothing
1000 Wearing "childish" clothing, including footed sleepers
0100 Wearing childish shirts
1000 Wearing childish t-shirts
0100 Wearing childlike clothes (footed sleepers)
1010 Wearing cloth diapers
0010 Wearing cloth diapers and having someone pin them on me
1000 Wearing cloth diapers and plastic baby pants 24/7.
2000 Wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants
1000 Wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants - both dry and wet
1000 Wearing clothes
0100 Wearing clothes outside
0100 Wearing clothes that make the diaper obvious
0100 Wearing clothes that pull up in the crotch
1000 Wearing cute childish clothes
3000 Wearing cute clothes
0100 Wearing cute diapers or cute "little girlish" underwear
0100 Wearing cute dresses.
1000 Wearing cute nursery print plastic baby panties and ruffled diaper covers.
1000 Wearing cute, infantile baby clothes
0100 Wearing denim overalls
0010 Wearing diaper to a doctors appointment
1000 Wearing diaper to sleep
1000 Wearing diaper under clothes in public
1000 Wearing diaper, baby clothes
158101 Wearing diapers
1000 Wearing diapers (especially when wet or poopy)
1000 Wearing diapers / plastic pants
3101 Wearing diapers 24/7
0010 Wearing diapers 24/7 for a while
1000 Wearing diapers 24/7 with plastic pants
1000 Wearing diapers all the time.
1000 Wearing diapers and AB type clothing in public
1000 Wearing diapers and baby clothes
1000 Wearing diapers and baby pants
0100 Wearing diapers and buttplugs
1000 Wearing diapers and masturbating in them.
0010 Wearing diapers and nursing my wifes breasts while she plays with me
0010 Wearing diapers and possibly sissy girl clothing exposed in public, including being caught
1000 Wearing diapers and using them (both #1 and #2)
0100 Wearing diapers and using them at home with my wife consent
1000 Wearing diapers as punishment, or comfort, or humiliation, or funishment. being reminded of my diapers, being made to ask if I can remove a diaper, or change. diaper sex with the diaper pulled down, or masturbation, diapers used as a chastity device. Forced masturbation in diapers. Yes, diapers can obviously be sexual to me.
1000 Wearing diapers at home.
1000 Wearing diapers at home/in public
2000 Wearing diapers at night
1000 Wearing diapers discreetly in public.
1000 Wearing diapers discretely under my clothes in public.
1000 Wearing diapers during travel
1000 Wearing diapers everywhere
4000 Wearing diapers in public
0100 Wearing diapers in public (but very discretely)
0010 Wearing diapers in public and locked by a dominant
0001 Wearing diapers in public as a comfort/coping mechanism
0010 Wearing diapers in public discretely
1000 Wearing diapers in public, with no one knowing
1000 Wearing diapers in the public an using them while being close to other people (in a crowd,when speaking to sales people,in a restaurant etc.)
1000 Wearing diapers myself
0010 Wearing diapers out in public under clothes
0010 Wearing diapers outside
1000 Wearing diapers throughout the day
1000 Wearing diapers to bed
0010 Wearing diapers to bed every night
0100 Wearing diapers together with BDSM stuff (handcuffs, latex, masks)
1000 Wearing diapers under clothes
1000 Wearing diapers when told to. I find that when I am told to wear by my caretaker, I feel a lot more safe, and more into the "play"
1000 Wearing diapers while engaging in sexual activity
1000 Wearing diapers while sleeping
0001 Wearing diapers while suffering from diarrhea
1000 Wearing diapers, especially thick ones
0001 Wearing diapers, even under clothes, in a place frequented by actual children, such as the zoo.
1000 Wearing diapers, plastic pants and AB clothes at home
1000 Wearing diapers, wearing ONLY a diaper, wearing a diaper in public, sucking on a dummy, drinking from a sippy cup, talking like a little child,
1000 Wearing diapers,coloring,snuggling,cartoons,AB parties,
0100 Wearing diapers/nappies
1000 Wearing disposable adult diapers.
3000 Wearing disposable diapers
1000 Wearing disposable nappies
1000 Wearing dresses and girls clothes
1000 Wearing dry diapers
5110 Wearing footed pajamas
0010 Wearing footed sleepers while diapered.
2010 Wearing footie Pjs
1000 Wearing for extended periods of time.
1000 Wearing frilly lil girl clothes
1000 Wearing girl close
1000 Wearing girls underwear (around my GF feels naughty which she buys for me)
0001 Wearing girlz stuff!
1000 Wearing in general
0131 Wearing in public
0100 Wearing in public - wetting freely anywhere
0100 Wearing in public or for long periods
0001 Wearing infant clothing
1000 Wearing just a diaper
1000 Wearing just a t-shirt and diaper
1000 Wearing just diapers around the house
0100 Wearing just plastic pants
1000 Wearing kid style clothes
0010 Wearing kid style clothing
1000 Wearing kid's clothes: rompers, colourful tights, bib overalls, cozy coveralls, everything related to diapers including printed plastic pants
2000 Wearing little girl clothes
1000 Wearing little girl dresses
1000 Wearing little-girlish/frilly dresses
0001 Wearing locking items of clothing such as locking plastic pants, sleepers..
1000 Wearing lots of different outfits/nappies/plastic pants
1000 Wearing makeshift babyish clothing.
0010 Wearing more baby clothes
0010 Wearing more fitting diapers such as goodnights
1000 Wearing more than one diaper at a time, often 2-4. additional padding in front or crotch also adds to the reality that I'm in them.
0100 Wearing multiple diapers & rubberpants, then fillind them with some cLEAN liquid, until they become squishy(not USING them)
1200 Wearing multiple diapers at once
1000 Wearing multiple diapers together
0010 Wearing my baby dress in public - ah again one can dream some more.
1000 Wearing my baby outfits under my street clothes but in an ibvious manner
1000 Wearing my butt plug
1000 Wearing my CB
0100 Wearing my diaper and just my diaper and a shirt in the store
1000 Wearing my diapers in public
0100 Wearing my footed sleepers
1000 Wearing my romper suit
0100 Wearing my wife's clothes
6000 Wearing nappies
1000 Wearing nappies all da time
1000 Wearing nappies in public
1000 Wearing nappies in public (discreetly)
1000 Wearing nappies to bed
1000 Wearing nappies, kying in them
1000 Wearing Nappy's, sleeping in my cot, being changed by mummy, playing games with mummy, going to the beach dressed as a baby, wearing a bib when eating, having a bath with mummy cleaning me. wetting my nappy.
0010 Wearing nothing but a diaper
0100 Wearing nothing but a T-shirt and diaper around the house.
1000 Wearing nothing but my diapers and a shirt
0100 Wearing nothing except a nappy (at home)
1000 Wearing one myself with my girl wearing a diaper at the sametime cuddling after sex
0010 Wearing onesie over a diaper (not baby-styled) one that covers thw whole body (maybe even head, but no the face)
2411 Wearing onesies
1000 Wearing onesies ,rompers,etc.
1000 Wearing onesies / footed pajamas
1000 Wearing onesies and other babyish clothing.
1000 Wearing onesies over my diaper under normal clothes
0100 Wearing onesies/rompers (sometimes)
0010 Wearing onesies/sleepers
1000 Wearing onesie or romper
1000 Wearing only cloth diapers and platic pants.
0100 Wearing only my wet diaper when the house cleaners com over to clean the house.
1000 Wearing onsies, footed pajamas, bib overalls, all while diapered
0001 Wearing or carrying anything related to infantilism in public
0100 Wearing other baby clothes
0100 Wearing other babyish clothes
0010 Wearing other babyish clothing, particularly a onesie
0010 Wearing other clothes, eg onesies, footed sleepers
1000 Wearing overalls, shortalls, onesies, and footed sleepers
1000 Wearing overnight
1000 Wearing pacifiers
1000 Wearing panties
1000 Wearing plastic babypants and masturbating.
1000 Wearing plastic or rubber pants
1000 Wearing plastic panties
6020 Wearing plastic pants
0010 Wearing plastic pants with AB scenes and colors
0100 Wearing plastic pants/locking plastic pants.
1000 Wearing plastic/rubber pants
0010 Wearing plastick pants - never tried ones, but curious what might it be like
1000 Wearing pretty (generally pink) dresses that are far to small
1000 Wearing pretty baby dresses
2000 Wearing pretty clothes
1000 Wearing pretty diapers, which either came from the manufacturer that way, or by adding wallpaper border patterns.
1000 Wearing pretty dressses/female clothes and nappies
1000 Wearing puffy disposable diapers
1000 Wearing pull-ups
0100 Wearing regular pajamas (plaid cotton pants) over a diaper
0010 Wearing rubber baby clothes
1000 Wearing ruffled plastic panties
1000 Wearing satin or silk babyish/'sissy' dresses and similar clothing. (The clothes absolutely -must- be made of satin or silk or I'm not interested.)
1000 Wearing several layers of absorbant stuff from pullups inside to diapers and big siapers outside.
0100 Wearing short shorts (cotton, leather or shiny nylon/lycra) on top of my diaper - in public
1000 Wearing shortalls at all times when not at work - at home and in public
1000 Wearing shortalls(pink or yellow corduroy) and wetting a cloth diaper and messing it and going in the public)
1000 Wearing skirts over my diaper
4100 Wearing sleepers
0100 Wearing sleepers and other toddler clothes
1000 Wearing sleepers at night
1000 Wearing sleepers/onsies
0100 Wearing sleeprs/onesies/etc
1000 Wearing slightly exposed diapers in public for the humiliation rush
1000 Wearing slightly oversized soft/poofy diapers, made according to my own cloth designs (the feeling is very very important to me--I couldn't settle for other's works, so I made my own and arrived at a suitable design after much trial and error)
1000 Wearing soft, warm and comfy clothes with characters on.
0010 Wearing spreader pants
0001 Wearing tacky diapers
1000 Wearing terry nappies
0010 Wearing the clothes.
1000 Wearing the diaper
1000 Wearing the thickest diapers possible
3000 Wearing thick diapers
1000 Wearing thick diapers & wetting them
1000 Wearing thick diapers and drinking from baby bottles
1000 Wearing thick diapers in public
1000 Wearing thick diapers with footed sleepers
1000 Wearing thick disposable diapers 24/7 wearing thick disposable diapers 24/7
0100 Wearing tight shortalls
0010 Wearing to the doctors office
1000 Wearing toddler clothes
1000 Wearing toddler clothes, shortalls etc
0100 Wearing toddler style clothing. (onesies, sleepers, etc.)
0100 Wearing two diapers at once without cutting slits
1000 Wearing very thick cloth diapers with plastic pants
0100 Wearing wet diapers for extended periods of time.
1000 Wearing wetting diapers wearing wetting diapers
1000 Wearing wetting night time diapers
1000 Wearing, occasionally wetting
1000 Wearing, playing with, and using diapers
1000 Wearing, using
1000 Wearing, wetting, and occasionally messing diapers, including in public/school settings
1000 Wearing,wetting and messing diapers
1000 Wearing/changing in public restrooms
0010 Wearing/using a diaper in public
4000 Wearing/using diapers
5100 Wearing/wetting diapers
1000 Wearing/wetting diapers, especially cloth ones
0100 Web surfing
1000 Webcams
1000 Well, "relieving sexual tension" through online roleplay.
1000 Welting diapers
0100 Wet
4000 Wet diapers
0100 Wet my diaper
1000 Wet my diaper and wear it for hours.
0010 Wet my diaper while being spanked
0010 Wet myself (in my panties, not diapers)
0100 Wet sex
66110 Wetting
1000 Wetting (and on rare occasions messing) my pants
1000 Wetting / messing
0001 Wetting / Messing diapers
1000 Wetting /using the diaper
8000 Wetting a diaper
0010 Wetting a diaper - visibly - in public
1000 Wetting a diaper and being carefree
1000 Wetting a diaper and being in it for extended amount of time
1000 Wetting a diaper myself and filling it before it leaks
2000 Wetting a diaper/pull-up.
1000 Wetting an messing my diapers
1000 Wetting and mesing in my diapers
3001 Wetting and messing
7100 Wetting and messing diapers
0010 Wetting and messing diapers in bed and sleeping in it
1000 Wetting and messing in a diaper, sometimes in just my underwear.
1000 Wetting and messing my diaper
0100 Wetting and messing myself
1000 Wetting and sometimes messing, being in them for long periods of time.
3000 Wetting and wearing wet diapers
1000 Wetting diaper (keeping on for 1 hour)
0010 Wetting diaper by accident
72200 Wetting diapers
1000 Wetting diapers and being changed.
1000 Wetting diapers at home.
1000 Wetting diapers discreetly in public.
0100 Wetting diapers freely
0010 Wetting diapers on a long bus ride
1000 Wetting diapers OR clothes
0100 Wetting diapers/nappies
3000 Wetting disposable diapers
1000 Wetting GoodNites
0100 Wetting in front of friends with my pants down
1011 Wetting in public
0010 Wetting more consistently
0100 Wetting my bed in hospital and waiting for them to suggest a diaper.. Happened twice.
0010 Wetting my clothes in public
1000 Wetting my diaper and sleeping in it all night
0010 Wetting my diaper in my sleep
0100 Wetting my diaper in the movies or mall
1000 Wetting my diaper, wearing it wet till it almost leaks
12210 Wetting my diapers
1100 Wetting my diapers in public
1000 Wetting my nappy or my bed while sound asleep -> not only pretending, but really becoming a bedwetter is sth. I have trained and still enjoy training
1000 Wetting my pants
1000 Wetting my pants in public
0100 Wetting my pants in public visibly by accident.
0100 Wetting my pants without diapers
1000 Wetting my pants, especially the way I would have as a small child newly out of diapers
1000 Wetting my yoga pants or panties or jeans
4100 Wetting myself
3100 Wetting nappies
1000 Wetting nappies (occasionally messing)
0100 Wetting on roadtrips
1000 Wetting or messing diaper
1000 Wetting or messing in public
0001 Wetting or soiling diapers
0100 Wetting other's diapers
1000 Wetting Pull-ups
1000 Wetting the diaper
3000 Wetting them
1000 Wetting them often as I can, as long as my diapers can handle it.
0010 Wetting with someone
0010 Wetting without a diaper and getting put in a diaper
1010 Wetting/messing
1000 Wetting/messing diaper
1000 Wetting/messing my diaper
0010 Wetting/Messing my diaper without waking up at night
1000 Wetting/messing my nappies
0100 When I was around eight I would show my diaper to the lady that worked for my dad and she did see it she said are you wearing a diaper I said yes. I wanted here to change me but she wouldn't.
0100 When my boyfriend tells me a story
0100 While masturbating, will always manipulate the plastic pants so that I can hear and feel them.
0100 Whilst being spanked for wetting myself uncontrollably..How such an action which is deemed childish is actually more adult.
0001 Whining or crying
0100 Whiskey tasting
0010 Wife being in diapers.
0010 Wife "care giving" me.
1000 Wife wearing diapers
1000 Wife wearing diapers (no pants / obvious about it)
1000 Wife wearing diapers (under cloths, subtle about it)
2000 Wife wetting her diaper
0100 Wondering how to get by at the store if the clerk asks me what I'm doing with diapers at my age
0200 Woodwork
0010 Working towards incontinence
0010 Would like to be a baby for an entire day. Have girlfriend change me, feed me etc.
0010 Would like to have someone be the caregiver - Mommy or daddy
1000 Would like to wear cloth diapers and plastic pants
0010 Would love to spend an entire weekend or longer being babied by the right person
0100 Would love to wear just a diaper outside any were
0100 Would love to wear only a diaper and tee shirt outside
0001 Would not avoid anything if forced to do it.
0010 Would try anything
0001 Wow can't think of any
0100 Wrapping up in a blankee like I'm a snake ^^
0100 Writing
1000 Writing AB/DL erotica
0100 Writing and drawing about infantilistic themes (I'm babyfur). drawing in general, as it's stereotypically a childish thing. I pick child-looking tools to draw, such as bright-colored pencils, hero-themed eraser and, if possible, I'll draw while wearing a diaper. It's a way to roleplay, I think.
1000 Writing stories
1000 Writing stories or putting my ideas about diapers in writing. I especially like to imagine being entrepreneurial, designing diapers, making videos, taking photos etc.
0001 Yelling caregivers
0100 Zoo
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