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AB/DL Survey #2 Texts - Diapers

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Edit 31 December 2016: This page was updated as part of the tenth year standards update.

Part five explored diaper preferences, including AB/DL's fantasy diaper. That is, the diaper they fantasize about, unbound by reality or practicality. Many of the responses are presented below after a non-systematic sorting for readability.

60)What do you think influenced your selection of fantasy diaper, and would you like to describe that diaper in more detail?





Because of the number of possible combinations and the need to be able to contrast Q7, Q58, and Q62, only the basic few types could be included. For the same reasons, the choice of gauze, flannel, birdseye, or terry was also not offered among the cloth diaper options, and no pull-up options were given.

Compatibility with Adult Toys



Infinite Capacity







What babies wore

What I Wore as a Baby

What I Also Wore as a Baby

Part 0 - 1 - 2 - Interests - 3 - Conditions - 4 - Changes - 5 - Fantasy Diapers

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