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AB/DL Survey #2: Diapers and More

The second survey of this series explored the AB/DL community in greater depth, focusing mainly on etiology. By surveying other conditions, preferences about diaper types, other interests, etc., it attempts to provide more insight into why AB/DLs are AB/DLs.

Data collection for the first survey started in 2008 and closed in 2009.

Summary Results

When reading the summary results, please keep two properties in mind. First, these summaries average across all responses: Male and Female, AB and DL, etc. Averaging across groups that are different may give odd results.

Second, these results describe a sample of the AB/DL population. Specifically, the sample described includes only the AB/DLs who were able to complete the survey and volunteered to do so. For example, no responses were received from AB/DLs born before 1925. This might be more due to the presently small number of octogenarians who complete online surveys, as opposed to a historic absence of AB/DLs.

'Part Zero': Questions#1-6 covered the basics; AB to DL mix, sex, gender, sexual orientation, and birth year.

Part 1: Questions#7-17 explored birth order.

Part 2: Questions#18-29 gauged the distributions of four interests that are often associated with with AB/DLs; masochism, transvestism, furry fandom, and fetishism.

Interests: This essay question asked "Would you like to describe these interests and how they relate to being an AB/DL for you?"

Part 3: Questions#31-47 briefly touched upon some other conditions that have been associated with AB/DLs.

Conditions: This essay question asked "How have the conditions affected or been affected by your being an AB/DL?"

Part 4: Questions#48-57 asked about trends in the importance of some aspects of AB/DL games, scenes, and fantasies over time.

Changes: This essay question asked "If your AB/DL interests have changed over time, why do you think they did so?"

Part 5: Questions#58-63 explored the type of diaper preferred in fantasy and reality.

Fantasy Diapers: This essay question asked "What do you think influenced your selection of fantasy diaper, and would you like to describe that diaper in more detail?"

Analysis and Discussion

The first study, Diaper Preference among AB/DLs, showed that the type of diaper that an AB/DL prefers in fantasy isn't necessarily the type he or she wore as a baby. On average, there was a five-year age difference in the ages of AB/DLs reporting preferring a specific type, and AB/DLs reporting having been raised in that type.

Birthorder of AB/DLs explored the position that AB/DLs had in their family, the oldest, the 'baby of the family,' or somewhere in between. It showed that being "the baby of the family" didn't make one more likely to be an AB/DL. However, since AB/DLs were more likely to report their older siblings being all girls than all boys, it is possible that being babied by older sisters did.

A third study, Other Conditions Prevalent among AB/DLs showed that paraphilic infantilism and diaper fetishism were not the only influences on the desire for diapers and/or babyhood for a minority of AB/DLs. Incontinence was explored, as was Asperger's syndrome and obsessive compulsive disorder. It suggests that infantilism and diaper fetishism might have some connection with disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder or Asperger's Syndrome. However, most AB/DLs don't have these or any of the other surveyed conditions.

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