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Survey - AB/DL Practices - 3 - Coming Out

Sections: Basics - media (texts) - partners - coming out (texts) - needing diapers (texts) - significant others (texts)

One burden that AB/DLs bear is the need to choose whom they should tell about their interests. This section touched on whom the surveyee has come out to, how it turned out, and how they would recommend others to do it.

24)Do you think that anyone else knows that you are an AB/DL or are involved with one?

N % Option
1 763 72% Yes
2 291 28% No

Since the following questions related to coming out or being out, suveyees that answered 'no' were asked to skip to the next section, needing diapers.

25)Do your parents know about your being an AB/DL or being involved with one? Please answer for the parent that you have the closest relationship with if the answers are not the same.

N % Option
1 438 50% Probably not. I've decide not to tell them.
2 17 2% Probably not. I've decided to tell them, but haven't yet.
3 70 8% Probably not, and I'm not sure what to do about it.
4 36 4% Yes. We were open about it from early on.
5 76 9% Yes. I took initiative and discussed it with them.
6 19 2% Yes. A related topic came up, and I took the opportunity.
7 205 23% Yes. I got caught, they found my diapers, saw files on my computer, etc.
8 13 1% Yes. They were told by someone else.

26)If your parents know, would you want them to forget?

N % Option
1 141 17% No. I'm happy with how things turned out.
2 57 7% No. I wish I'd come out sooner and wouldn't undo it.
3 69 8% Yes. I want a 'do-over' so I could prepare better, time it better, etc.
4 166 20% Yes. I wish they never knew.
5 382 47% They probably don't know.

27)How many of your non-AB/DL friends know that you are an AB/DL or are involved with one?

N % Option
1 21 2% All of them
2 79 9% Many of them
3 401 46% Few of them
4 351 40% None of them
5 4 0% All my friends are AB/DLs
6 16 2% I don't have any friends

28)In hindsight, how many of those non-AB/DL friends who know would you want to know?

N % Option
1 100 12% None. I wish I hadn't told any of them.
2 271 31% Only a few
3 94 11% Most of them
4 172 20% I'd tell all of them again.
5 227 26% I don't have any non-AB/DL friends that know.

29)How many of your coworkers know that you are an AB/DL or are involved with one? If you are a student, please include classmates, excluding friends.

N % Option
1 6 1% All of them
2 7 1% Many of them
3 72 8% Few of them
4 703 80% None of them
5 87 10% I don't have coworkers or classmates

30)In hindsight, how many of those coworkers who know would you want to know?

N % Option
1 195 23% None. I wish they didn't know.
2 57 7% Only a few
3 11 1% Most of them
4 34 4% All.
5 553 65% I don't have any coworkers that know.

31)Which method (or methods) would you recommend others use when coming out? Please check one, two, or a few.

N % Option
1 116 13% Get 'caught.
2 115 13% Talk about it after drinking/getting drunk.
3 181 21% Wait for a related topic to come up, such as in a TV show.
4 347 40% Ask about secret fantasies or another related topic, and then share your own as part of the conversation.
5 64 7% Leave a printout of a website or an article out to be found.
6 182 21% Initiate a discussion with a simple, prepared statement.
7 157 18% Initiate a discussion with a structured presentation; including lead-in, definitions, and expected questions.
8 171 20% Don't come out. Keep it a secret.
9 41 5% Other: please explain in question #32.
10 194 22% I haven't come out to either friends or coworkers

32) What suggestions would you give to others who were thinking of coming out? For example, do you have tips about how or when to come out, or suggestions about determining whether or not someone would want to know? (Optional)

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