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What Would it be Like to Wear Diapers 24/7

Many ABDLs fantasize about wearing and using diaper full-time. But is the reality of being in diapers on a 24/7 basis really fantastic?  This question was asked to the Babyfurs Yahoo group.  

Chipper Started wearing on a 24/7 basis over 2 years ago, and is un-potty trained "I've found that having to be diapered completely ruins any enjoyment you get out of being diapered."
Pandr Panda Started wearing on a 24/7 basis over 8 years ago, and is un-potty trained "Before I was 24/7 it was fun, but now..."
Anonymous intermittent in the daytime, but wears at night for the past 3 years.  Has become a bed wetter. "...I like needing to wear diapers to bed."
Orca was 24/7 for 2 weeks "24/7 is a 'frame of mind' as much as it is wearing diapers all the time."
Draco Americanus 24/7 for 2 years and counting "I find wearing diapers 24/7 to be a freedom that can not be matched."
Proxima Centauri currently 24/7
Jimmy Lapine "I need to be padded 100% of the time" "...enjoyment ... is as much [what is]
in your head as it is in your pants."
Fox Cub 2 weeks "Though fun in short doses it gets to be a burden"
BitterGrey 2 months

More detailed accounts of the experience of being in diapers twentyfour-seven are available from Ben and BitterGrey.


What I have learned over the almost 2 years I've been close to 24/7 is that it is NOT all its cracked up to be. I'm not diapered all the time by choice... I trained myself to have no control while diapered and it just completely destroyed my control, and now most of  the time I have to be diapered 24/7 . I've found that having to be diapered completely ruins any enjoyment you get out of being diapered.

Having to be 24/7 makes you very uncomfortable out in public because the diapers make it so you have no air circulation down there, so you get very hot, and very uncomfortable. Also, unless you work somewhere you can change often, you have a tendency to get diaper rashes allot in some VERY uncomfortable places.  So all and all, my suggestion to anyone thinking about going 24/7 is don't, its generally a bad idea! But that's just from my experiences! :)

Pandr Panda

Being in diapers all the time has its drawbacks, especially if you worked in food services like I do.  Before I was 24/7 it was fun, but now that I find myself having to depend on diapers for the last eight years now and don't look like I am ever going to be out of them again I have found that at times they are very uncomfortable and can leave you needing a change and no place to get changed at, and if you are not careful and very clean you can get very bad diaper rash which in itself is very uncomfortable.


I tried wearing 24/7 on and off for years now and I still come upon the same problem, convenience. The best example I can think of is Six Flags Theme Park. I didn't wear a diaper there, but when I was going to change from my shorts to some pants because it got cold, I said to my friends (who are AB aware) that "I need to get changed, be right back." One of them was surprised and asked if I really wore a diaper there, to which I replied "no". It made me think, though. When I was in the bathroom/locker room changing into something warmer for the evening (I get hives from the cold) I thought about how awful it would be to change a diaper there, in fact there is no place in the park where it wouldn't be cramped and busy except the First Aid Station, and even then the rides that already have tight seats would be tighter and the day so much hotter and sweaty. Plus the log flume and the innertube rides would be out unless you wanted to get changed right after.  [Some pools and water rides do not permit diapers.  Leakage can spread disease, and loose gel can cause expensive damage.] Plus all the walking around the entire day would make an awful rash even if you didn't wet. Just where the leg gathers rubbed.

I have been in diapers every night for the past 3 years though, and discovered that I am now a bed wetter. I imagine with some time and training I could stop, but I like needing to wear diapers to bed. That is inconvenient too, however. An example was when I was going to a friends with some pull on diapers to spend the night on her couch. My partner and I were to make Thanksgiving dinner the next day and I needed to get up at 5AM to prepare so it was best that way. I would never want her to find out about me wearing diapers, even though she would understand.

On the plus side of diapers all the time, if it hadn't been raining that night at Six Flags, everyone would have seen that I wet my pants on the Tower of Terror after fainting. Dropping several stories to what seemed would be my death was not my idea of fun. Give me a loop-d-loop roller coaster anytime.

Orca _)\_

The longest period of time I have been 24/7 has been 2 weeks. Although I don't wear diapers all the time, I wear them often and there are times when it is more convenient to NOT wear them. (Like when going to the pool, or on very hot days, or to work, etc.)

There are SOME people who DO wear 24/7 by choice and have successfully integrated them into their life and routines, such that they are not a hassle.

I personally would like to try 24/7 for longer periods of time to experience it for myself. Proper cleansing and use of a good moisturizing cream can prevent the majority of rashes. It also helps a lot to shave all hair from "down there" and to drink enough water to keep your pee diluted.

Yes folks, you *can* work your mind so that you're incontinent only when in diapers and dry when not in diapers.

I find that after being in diapers for a period of time, I need a day or so to become "reliable" again. That time will vary with the individual, but it *is* possible to turn control on and off. It takes work, some concentration on letting go (as strange as that sounds) and most importantly the WANT to not have control. If there is any doubt in your mind, it's not going to happen as easily (or at all).

The first thing to do is to wear diapers often, wet them often and stay in them for a while. It's important that you feel totally comfortable in diapers since being nervous tends to keep sphincter muscles shut fairly tight.

After you feel comfortable, just relax. If you feel the urge to go, just go whenever and wherever the need strikes. The reason for this is to imprint on your mind that it's okay to go as soon as the body needs to. At the same time, keep telling yourself that you can turn this on and off. (mind over matter)

Now this isn't going to work overnight... It takes time. It took me a good 2 years to be able to wet in my sleep and not have control during the day, but *only* when I was wearing a diaper.

I want to stress that you really and truly have to *want* to do this, including subconsciously.   Confidence in yourself and confidence in your diapers are needed most.  If there are any kind of doubts, feelings of shame, guilt, or wrongness, then being able to achieve that level of control (or lack thereof) will be difficult, if not impossible.

Bear in mind that going 24/7 can get expensive and time consuming. A practical compromise is to use cloth at home or for short outings and disposables when traveling or away from home long enough where a change is required.

24/7 is a "frame of mind" as much as it is wearing diapers all the time. It's something that has to be experienced "in the fur" to form a real personal opinion on it.

Best thing to do is to try 24/7 for a week, then extend that as you become more comfortable with it. If it becomes too much of a hassle, then you can stop at any time.  :-)  But at least, you've tried it.

Draco Americanus

I my self have worn diapers 24/7 for over two years now and still Love it! I find it being more of a freedom then a hassle as I am not tied to a potty like most people. I also hate using public restrooms and before going 24/7 I usually wore even time I left the house for well over 8 years now. I have not lost total control over my bladder as I could never let my rectum go. There are times when I leak now but it's usually only when I have a full bladder. The muscles that control the valves tend to get weak and the size of the your bladder goes down (I am seeing a doctor just to be safe as that might have not been my fault). But all of these usually are reversible.  If I wanted to go back and not wear diapers I can retrain.

People that have no control and can not retrain may have a problem and need to see a doctor if they wished to get out of diapers. I still exercise my muscles some so I can go with out diapers when needed or not wet them when I know I will not be able to change. Learning to go pee in a urinal with out untaping is a plus, just pull "it" out from the side as if you where in undies.  I also change my diapers in my car rather then a public restroom.  This avoids any stares.

There are cons to wearing 24/7 but I believe the pro's out weigh the con's. You may also have to experiment with different brands of diapers as some diapers that are great for AB use suck for 24/7 use as they can be too thick or hot under clothing or chafe. You may find it necessary to modify a diaper. I can not stand 3 tape per side diapers, they fit too tight and chafe me or cause a rash so I rip the bottom tape off and that fixes that. I find depends work the best for me under most conditions except when I am not able to change For summer use go with a cloth like [back sheet], they have down sides but tend to be less hot, and [more] breathable, like undies.

I also use diaper rash cream at least once a day and that has ended diaper rash for me.  What I would suggest is to experiment:  Try it for a week with different brands of diapers.

I find wearing diapers 24/7 to be a freedom that can not be matched.   A diaper can give you the freedom to not have to hold it when no potty is available, to not have to put up with discomfort of holding pee or needing to suffer needlessly, when in a diaper one has the freedom to choose. Most people only have option A (potty) I have option B (diapie). Some people if they can't find a potty will pee out next to a car or other object. In my state that can be considered a sex crime!

Proxima Centauri

There are different levels of being 24/7. Some people just WEAR the diapers all the time, but don't use them. Some people wet, but don't mess. Some wet and sometimes mess, some wet and mess ALL the time. I wet, but I don't mess too often. Mostly because wetting is pretty much unnoticeable, but it's pretty obvious if you've messed yourself. That, and the fact that cleanup after a messy diaper is a lot of hassle.

The biggest problem with wetting is the unexpected leaking, which can happen no matter HOW good your diaper is. I was quite upset (but thankfully at home) one time when my thick diaper leaked all over, even through the protective rubber panties. It was just a matter of sitting in JUST the wrong way, and it allowed a leak to form. I'm true to my equine character in that when I wet, I wet a LOT!!! Diapers work better with small piddlings - flash floods are often a problem, but it's something one learns with experience.

If you're going to 24/7, you REALLY need to shave your diaper area. This has several advantages - the most important being that it's a LOT easier to keep yourself clean, and that eliminates a lot of the problem with diaper-rash. Think about it, if you're NOT shaven, and you just wet (let alone mess) the hairs are going to absorb all that urine and ammonia. Wash-cloths or wipes which work fine on bare skin are NOT going to remove it from hair - you'll need to shampoo for that. Secondly, if you're going for the lil'-fur look, you sure shouldn't have any hair there... :)

After shaving, apply a WATER-BASED baby-lotion. The J&J lotion in the PINK bottle is my personal preference. Do NOT use baby-OIL or an oil-based lotion. They will cause severe burning and itching. Don't use baby-powder on your front, just lotion. A light poofling of baby-powder on your bottom will not only make you smell nice, but it will also keep the diaper from sticking to your skin. I know SOME folks who just POUR the stuff on - don't do that. A huge amount of powder will just turn into urine-soaked MUD when you wet, and lead to a bad case of diaper-rash, not to mention that it's a terrible waste of powder. Just a little bit - a poofling as I like to say, is all you need. :)

The best way to avoid diaper-rash is to make sure to wash with each diaper-change. At home, a well-rinsed wash-cloth is best. Away from home, alcohol-free wipes are a good substitute (and they smell nice). If you DO get a rash, the best cure is AIR. One advantage of not being TOTALLY diaper-dependent is being able to air-out for a while (like I'm doing right now for example) - your skin will really appreciate it. Second best thing is a good, medicated, diaper-rash ointment. They're all pretty good, so just pick whichever one you like the best. Remember that it's pretty greasy - so a little goes a long way, and make sure to thoroughly wash your hands before trying to tape up a diaper - the ointment (or baby lotions, oil, or powder) will make the tapes useless. Also make sure you don't get any on your rubber panties if you use them - it will do nasty things to most rubber or vinyl panties.

Jimmy Lapine

I need to be padded 100% of the time and it is not always happy-happy fun time. I won't say it ruins any chance of enjoyment because that is as much in your head as it is in your pants.

It is an inconvenience. I can't say that I'm going to stay dry until I can get somewhere nice and then go pee-pee. When I start wetting myself, I can't stop it and wait for a better time or place to continue. If I start peeing my pants in a restaurant, a store, or driving somewhere, I have to let it finish on its own, not when I want it to.

If it is just a little amount, then it isn't too great a problem. Just wait a bit and change whenever you can. If it is a flood that will leak out all over your pants, then you need to find the nearest restroom pronto. Hopefully you have a diaper change handy, otherwise you'll be waddling out somewhere to get one, feeling pretty much like a water balloon about to pop.

Yes, it does get a bit warm wearing a diaper full time. You are after all, covering your butt in a piece of plastic and lots of fluffy material. Use lots of baby powder and wear loose fitting clothes to keep things cooler and it isn't as bad. Cleanliness is the only thing that will keep diaper rash in check. Change at your earliest convenience and when you get somewhere private for awhile, go nakies to air yourself out.

Attitude is the one thing that will help if you are like Chipper, Pandr n' me and can't help it. I'm not going to say it's an orgasmic experience, nor is it shameful and disgusting either. It will be whatever you let it be.


As for diapers on a 24/7 basis, I can say I have experienced it myself for as long as 2 weeks straight. Though that does include using the potty for messing since clean up is a squick point and very time consuming. I know there a lot of people out there that fantasize about being incontinent so they will have to have diapers. For my experience it isn't all that great. Though fun in short doses it gets to be a burden on my active lifestyle after a while. Always having to have a change with you and changing in a public restroom just isn't all that fun for me. Though don't get me wrong, I'm usually diapered at work and do end up changing in the handicap stall, but usually at very off peak times so none of my coworkers will hear the tapes :>

Just my experiences; your mileage may vary.


Once, I had an opportunity to wear diapers continuously for a couple of months.  It was an adventure.  (As everyone should, I kept a journal of those months:July, August, and September. The first time is always a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, so take notes!)  

On this journey, I discovered that diapers are like chocolate cake.  The first slice of the cake is wonderful.  The second is usually good to.  However, the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth slices can be nauseating.  

Going back into diapers sounded like a good idea at the time, and it started out great.  However, the misadventures became regular inconveniences.  The new aspects of life became chores. I stopped wearing them full time.

Of course, even now I get the itch to go back into diapers forever. This would be foolish for me. I wouldn't enjoy it, and I owe it to myself to try to enjoy every diaper.

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  Reader Comments:
  • Iluvmydiapers commented "I started out wanting to wear diapers at a early age. I spent my youth always wanting to wear diapers and did what it took to always have a ready supply of diapers for me to wear.

    When I turned 18 and moved out of my parents house after getting my first job, I purchased my first package Pampers size large with my first pay check and started wearing diapers as often as I wanted. I soon found myself wanting to wear diapers all the time and having a actual need to wear them would be helpfull. Once I found adult diapers on the market I purchased them as started wearing them 24/7... I would wear them to work, around family, every wheres I went I was always diapered. I soon found out that it was easy to wear diapers without anyone knowing I was wearing them. By the time I turned 20 I had decided that I wanted to 'need' to wear diapers and set out on loosing control of my bladder. This was no quick simple task. It took the better part of 3 years to untrain my bladder to the point that it would empty itself without any warning signs. I soon found myself needing to wear a diaper just to keep from wetting my pants, once I reached this point I knew I was now completely dependent on wearing diapers.

    I am 47 years old now and have not worn underwear for the past 24 years, just diapers, wetting them when ever, where ever.

    Some may think this a stupid thing to do, however I find it relaxing to wear a diaper and to find myself wetting myself and not being able to stop it from happening.

    Would I change my life style if I could, no!.

    I enjoy who I am, I also enjoy wetting my diapers, and I have also enjoyed messing my diapers for the past 10 years, but I still retain control of that, and try not to mess myself at inopertune times, like while at work, but will just let it happen most any other time."
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