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Diapers and Fufu clips

By BitterGrey

The fufu clip is a simple yet unique piece of genital equipment. It might have been primarily intended to feminize male anatomy by holding penis and testicles inside the body. When used with a diaper, it might provide an interesting, emasculating experience.

What is a Fufu clip?

The fufu clip has two nested loops, a bit like a paper clip. The inner loop is large enough so that the scrotum can pass through, but not the penis or testicles. The left and right of the scrotum is then tucked under the outer loop. The clip is held in place by friction. This forms a pocket that contains the penis, with a slit opening, and vaguely vagina-like folds. The resulting profile isn't truly feminine: There is still a bulge formed by the organs tucked under the skin. (Under a diaper, this might be more pronounced than if the testicles were simply tucked down, and this bulge would be more up-front. However, the external male organs are not.

Sizing and Application

The etsy source doesn't give much information about sizing or use. If the inner loop is too small, urine might not be able to flow through the slit readily. If the inner loop is too large (as is the case with some metal clones) the penis might be able to pop out. A slight, maybe-transient pinching on the top of the scrotum might be necessary to help hold the clip in place.

Putting on the clip is not complicated. Start by drawing the central portion of scrotum through the inner loop. The testicles will move inwards as slack is taken up. After much of the scrotum has passed though the inner ring, invert the penis, and then continue taking up the slack. Ideally, the penis should line up with the slit afterwards. Finally, pass the scrotum back through the outer loop, and tuck the right and left sides of the scrotum under the outer loop.

Users more familiar with chastity cages might try to start by positioning the testicles and then penis. This process is awkward: It requires the user to keep all three tucked while drawing the scrotum through. Inverting the penis only first might be less awkward, and reduces drawing the scrotum through into one unbroken step.


Fufu clips isolate the penis from external stimulation. However, they might not have been intended as chastity devices. Specifically, there is no provision for locking them in place. A chastity belt built around a fufu clip would be vulnerable to pullout, but of the scrotum instead of the penis. There is no sense of locked denial from the clip itself. Adhesives or piercings might add this, but these aren't established practices. They may be hazardous and should only be considered with caution.

However, access to remove the clip (and access the penis) can be denied by layering the clip under a properly-secured diaper. Erections might be somewhat suppressed, but might still try to unclip the clip if not secured by a diaper or otherwise. (Friction might be less effective if surfaces are wet.)


If the urethra is lined up with the slit, wetting might not feel much different. Non-diaper wearers might need to sit and manually hold the folds apart, hoping to minimize dribbling, splashing, etc. Diaper wearers might feel the flow on a small area of the scrotum as it flows directly out. If slightly misaligned, there might be flow between the internal folds of skin. There there may also be a sense of a pressure pushing the clip away. This sensation might be stronger if the flow is of high pressure or flow rate.

The initial wet spot is at a roughly-feminine mid level, between the usual up or down penis positions. This might not make as good use of the padding in back as the down position. Similar to most chastity devices, fufu clips prevent the penis from shifting between positions unintentionally.

Users retraining for conditional wetting might notice that the fufu clip doesn't trigger their 'in diapers' flags while a chastity cage might. These flags might include the down position, thermally conductive contact with something that isn't the body, etc. However, other users' training might result in different flags, which the fufu clip might trigger.

It might be possible to modify the inner loop so that it unreliably seals a volume around the penis, forming an uncontrolled external bladder. In addition to the mechanical complexities of the unreliable clamp, there also might be a risk of UTIs due to backflow from the external bladder into the actual bladder.

Long-term use might be limited by the difficulty of cleaning out the folds and around the inverted penis effectively. This might be less of a problem for non-diaper-wearers. (However, they would face greater issues of preserving and directing the urine stream. Leaking or dribbling would be more of a problem.)

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