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Adult Babies on Television

Television, while still a major source of opinion and information for much of the civilized world, is limited in what it can provide. Like any broadcast media, it needs to attract and appeal to a broad audience. This limitation particularly affects minorities, such as the Adult Babies and/or Diaper lovers (ABDLs). Television has increased the visibility of the ABDLs, but has created or perpetuated some negative stereotypes.

News programs tend to be the most negative. Wearing diapers, playing with stuffed animals, etc. isn't newsworthy, so the vast majority of ABDLs don't make it onto the news. Of course, every population has its bad apples. In addition to these, ABDLs sometimes need to live with the fallout from diaper-related news caused by non-ABDLs. For example, Lisa Nowak's diaper use was probably a mere practicality: Among astronauts, using MAGs (Maximum Absorbency Garments) is just part of the job. The danger here is that brief sound-bytes, expounded upon by late-night comedians, might start to seem substantial.

More substantial, at least in the time allotted to specific ABDL characters, are scripted shows such as CSI. CSI's "King Baby" devoted a full hour-long episode to the death of an adult baby. This permitted time to explore his nursery, diaper use, etc. Characters who are diaper lovers (DLs) have also appeared on TV shows, but DL activities require more careful editing for television.

Appearances on unscripted shows have been largely limited to talk shows. The producers of these shows know that bizarre and explicit visuals attracts viewers. As a result, adult babies have become a favorite topic, because most adult baby activities can be shown on TV. However, with these shows it is hard to tell what is fictional or staged. The guest might be a paid actor, or a real ABDL who was contractually bound to follow stage direction - including wardrobe selection. To try to preserve an illusion of realism, these realities aren't shared with the audience.

Overall, the ABDL community has benefited from the increased visibility, at the cost of reinforcing negative marginalization. The core aspect of being an adult baby - a desire to wear diapers and act like a baby - are conveyed to the general population. Some adult babies and diaper lovers found out they weren't alone through TV shows. However, this core aspect is sensationalized, usually with negative details. Clearly, not all ABDLs are white-trash millionaire Las Vegas kingpins in affairs with Octomoms whose unknowing wives are waiting backstage while as they reveal all after driving across country to kidnap astronaut rivals for their boyfriends' affections while serving in the US Senate. Most people know they can't believe everything they see on TV. The basic facts are that ABDLs are ordinary except for their desires for diapers and/or babyhood, and that ordinary people generally don't get on TV.

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