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AB/DL Survey #1: ABs, DLs, Etc.

The goal of this first survey is to get a better idea of how alike we really are, and how ABDLs fit into the larger fetish and BDSM communities. Previous ABDL surveys would typically mix the answers from ABs, DLs, and AB+DLs together. As a result, these surveys could show the diversity of ABDLs, but not how much ABs had in common with other ABs, and DLs with other DLs. This survey will use information from some answers to group and interpret other answers. As a result, it might achieve broader results than previous surveys.

Data collection for the first survey started in 2006 and closed in 2008.

While more detailed analysis is ongoing, the single-question results are summarized in the links below.

When reading the summary results, please keep three properties in mind. First, these summaries average across all responses. Averaging across groups that are different may give odd results. For example, people on average have one testicle and one developed breast. Clearly, most people have either two testicles or two developed breasts. Averaging across dissimilar groups, while mathematically correct, might give results that could be misinterpreted. Second, these results describe a sample of the ABDL population. Specifically, the sample described includes only the ABDLs who were able to complete the survey and volunteered to do so. For example, those who did not have internet access or time to complete the survey would not be represented. Finally, three sets of preliminary results were published in 2006 and 2007. These might have affected the context in which later surveyees answered the questions. As a result, the final results might differ from those preliminary results.

Part 1: Questions #3-7 covered the basics; AB and DL mix, sex, gender, sexual orientation, and birth year.

Part 2: Questions #8-12 gaged on the importance of various aspects of ABDL games, scenes, and fantasies.

joys: Question #13 asked surveyees to share what they really enjoyed in terms of being an ABDL.

Part 3: Questions #14, 15, and 17 touched on the childhood of ABDLs, specifically how their urges emerged or were first noticed.

events: Question #16 asked surveyees what events they associated with the start or realization of their ABDL desires.

Part 4: Questions #18-22 touched on the struggles of ABDLs, attempts to quit, and religion.

messages: Question #23 asked surveyees what lesson, truth, or tip they would send back in time, to themselves as a child.

Part 5: Questions #24-31 focused on roleplay among ABDLs.

Part 6: Questions #32-35 briefly explored sexual arousal and practices.

Part 7: Questions #37-38 asked about the element of choice.

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