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The Clinical Mental Health Experience of Persons with Paraphilic Infantilism and Autonepiophilia. A phenomenological research study - Appendix C

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Appendix C of The Clinical Mental Health Experience of Persons with Paraphilic Infantilism and Autonepiophilia. A phenomenological research study, a doctoral dissertation by Dr. Rhoda J. Lipscomb, PhD, LPC, DAACS, BCPC. It is also available in PDF.

Background Information

  1. Age ___
  2. Gender
    1. Male
    2. Female
    3. Transgendered
  3. Marital status
    1. Single – never married
    2. Living with partner
    3. Married
    4. Separated
    5. Divorced
    6. Widowed
  4. Level of education
    1. Did not graduate high school or GED
    2. High school diploma/GED
    3. Some college
    4. Associate’s degree
    5. Bachelor’s degree
    6. Master’s degree
    7. Doctorate/advanced degree
    8. Trade/technical certification
    9. Other ______________________
  5. State you live in: ___________________
  6. Occupation: ___________________________
  7. Sexual orientation
    1. Primarily with women
    2. Exclusively with women
    3. Primarily with men
    4. Exclusively with men
    5. A mix of men or women
    6. Solitary sex, no desire for partner
  8. Which of the following sexual behaviors have you engaged in?
    1. Bondage. Receive ___ or Give___
    2. Domination ___ submission ___
    3. Spanking. Receive ___ or Give ____
    4. Watersports. Receive ___ or Give____
    5. Fetishes for particular items (describe and list) ___________________________________________________________________
    6. Preferences for specific parts of a partners body ___________________________________________________________________
    7. Pain. If yes, receiving ____ or inflicting_____
    8. Public exposure: ________
    9. Voyeurism. Prefer to watch men ___ women ___ both___
    10. Humiliation. If yes, receiving ____ or inflicting ____
    11. Pornography. If yes, is there a particular type of porn you prefer__________________________________________
    12. Age play. If yes, do you prefer to role-play ___ or regress ___ and what age or ages do you prefer to role-play/regress to? _________
    13. Other: ___________________________________________________________________
  9. As a child did you experience physical, emotional, sexual or other kinds of abuse? If yes,
    1. Physical
    2. Emotional
    3. Sexual
    4. Neglect
    5. Other _______________________
  10. At what age were you potty trained? ___________ Don’t remember ___
  11. After becoming potty trained did you:
    1. Need to wear diapers during the day
    2. Need to wear diapers at night
    3. No diapers, yet accidents during the day
    4. No diapers, yet accidents at night
    5. Don’t remember
  12. At what age do you remember feeling a desire to wear diapers after no longer needing them _______________
  13. When you discovered you enjoyed wearing diapers was the feeling:
    1. Erotic & sexually arousing
    2. Confusing
    3. Fearful
    4. Embarrassing
    5. Other. Please describe ___________________________________________________________________
  14. Did you reach puberty
    1. Earlier than your peers
    2. About the same time as your peers
    3. Later than your peers
    4. Don’t remember
  15. At what age did you reach your first orgasm _____ Don’t remember ____
  16. Did anyone discover your secret regarding wearing diapers? ____ If yes, how did they react? ___________________________________________________________________
  17. Once you began wearing diapers for sexual arousal, how often did you
    1. Wear them _______________
    2. Fantasize about wearing them _____________________

(multiple times a day, once a day, weekly, monthly, or longer period)

  1. During this time did you have other sexual fantasies that did not include diapers/age play? ____ If yes, did most fantasies:
    1. Involve diapers/age play
    2. Involve typical sexual behaviors with a female
    3. Involve typical sexual behaviors with a male
    4. Involve typical sexual behaviors with either
    5. Involve other types of atypical sexual behaviors. Please list: __________________________________________________
  2. What percentage of sexual fantasies during the ages of 10 to 20 years involved diapers/age play?
    1. Less than 10%
    2. 10 - 25%
    3. 25 - 50%
    4. 50 – 75%
    5. 75 – 100%
  3. In your youth were you ever sexual with a partner? ____ If yes,
    1. Were diapers/age play involved? ____
    2. Did you need to fantasize about diapers/age play to become aroused? _____
  4. Were your early sexual experiences with a partner
    1. Mostly positive
    2. Mostly negative
    3. Neutral
  5. As a child/teen when you engaged in ABDL activities did you:
    1. Engage only alone in the privacy of your home
    2. Engage with a consenting friend/lover in private
    3. Surprise a friend/lover by dressing in diapers without their prior knowledge
    4. Go outside of your home in a diaper/baby clothes
  6. As a child/teen did you ever wear diapers or use baby items to:
    1. Feel better
    2. Soothe yourself
    3. Help you sleep
  7. Any other childhood/teen experiences related to your diaper/age play fetish that you think is important for this study to know: ___________________________________________________________________

Current Information

This section is related to actual experience in your adult life with diapers and age play. Definition: Rarely – less than once a year; Sometimes – 1-10 times per year; Often – 1-20 times per month

Do you…?NeverRarelySometimesOftenDaily
Wear diapers____________________
Wear plastic/rubber pants____________________
Use a rubber sheet____________________
Wet diapers during the day____________________
Wet diapers at night____________________
Soil/defecate in diapers____________________
Masturbate in diapers____________________
Nurse from breast____________________
Nurse from a bottle____________________
Use pacifier____________________
Wear bib____________________
Eat baby food____________________
Sleep in a crib____________________
Use high chair or playpen____________________
Play with doll/teddy bear/blocks____________________
Use baby powder____________________
Use baby oil____________________
Use baby lotion____________________
Use diaper rash ointment____________________
Use wet-wipes____________________
Wear onesie____________________
Wear baby sleeper____________________
Watch AB/DL porn____________________
Watch other types of fetish porn____________________
Watch typical/non fetish types of porn____________________
Engage in sex play with a partner while in diapers____________________
Engage in sex play with a partner without diapers____________________
Engaged in bondage as part of sex play____________________
Enjoyed being submissive to a partner____________________
Engage in other fetishes (list) ________________________________________________________________
  1. Who participates with you in your age play/diaper practices?
    1. No one
    2. Spouse
    3. Lover
    4. Non-sexual friend
    5. Dominatrix/sex worker
    6. Other __________________
  2. Would you rate your age play/diaper fetish interests as weaker than, equal to, or greater than your interests for typical sexual interactions? ___________________________
  3. At any time do you enjoy/fantasize about urination or defecation in a diaper? _____________________________________________________
  4. The main reason you engage in age play/diaper fetish activity is:
    1. I cannot help it
    2. I prefer and enjoy it
    3. I am required to do so by another for discipline/punishment
    4. Other _____________________________
  5. Do you find wearing diapers sexually arousing?
    1. Always
    2. Most of the time
    3. Occasionally
    4. Never
  6. Are you currently involved in a sexual relationship? _________
  7. Does your partner participate in your age play/diaper activities?
    1. Never. They do not know about them
    2. Never. They know, and prefer not to participate
    3. Never. They know, and prefer I do it with someone else
    4. Sometimes. They enjoy it too
    5. Sometimes. They don’t “enjoy” it yet do it because I like it
    6. Sometimes. They participate begrudgingly
  8. Has your enjoyment of age play/diapers ever caused problems for you?
    1. Yes in my personal life
    2. Yes in my career
    3. Yes in my romantic relationships
    4. Yes in all of the above
    5. No in my personal life
    6. No in my career
    7. No in my romantic relationships
    8. No in all of the above
  9. In age play/diaper play are you:
    1. Always the adult role
    2. Usually the adult role
    3. Always the baby role
    4. Usually the baby role
    5. Can play either role
  10. How much money have you spent in the past 12 months on items such as diapers, baby clothes, supplies, professional services? __________________
  11. Have you ever used the services of a professional dominatrix or sex worker? _______ If yes, how many times? _______

Mental Health Issues

  1. Within the larger fetish community, how well accepted do you feel by others with different fetishes/kinks when they discover you engage in age play/diaper fetishes?
    1. Well accepted
    2. Moderate acceptance
    3. Neutral
    4. Some disapproval
    5. Little acceptance
  2. Of those people in the non-fetish community, how well do you feel accepted when people learn of your fetish?
    1. Well accepted
    2. Moderate acceptance
    3. Neutral
    4. Some disapproval
    5. Little acceptance
    6. I have never told anyone
  3. If you have had negative experiences with in the fetish community or the non-fetish community, how has this affected your self-esteem/sense of self?
    1. My self-esteem is not affected
    2. There is some affect to my self-esteem
    3. There is a moderate affect to my self-esteem
    4. There is a significant affect to my self-esteem
    5. I feel terrible about myself for having this fetish
  4. Have you ever sought out counseling or therapy services? _____ If yes, was it related to your age play/diaper fetish issues? ______
  5. If you engaged in counseling or therapy services for what areas did you seek help?
  6. (check all that apply)
    1. Dealing/understanding my age play desires
    2. Dealing/understanding my diaper fetish desires
    3. Difficulty in a relationship
    4. Depression
    5. Anxiety
    6. Anger management
    7. Self-esteem
    8. Looking for a “cure” to my age play or diaper fetish
    9. Non-fetish sexual issues
    10. Difficulty with school/work
    11. Other ______________________________________________________
  7. How long were you in therapy before you told your therapist about your age play/diaper fetish desires? ____________________________
  8. How did your therapist react?
    1. With judgment
    2. With disgust
    3. With curiosity
    4. Was he/she unaware this existed
    5. Was he/she knowledgeable
    6. Was he/she compassionate
    7. Was he/she understanding
    8. Was he/she attempting to fix/cure you
    9. Other reaction ___________________________________________________________________
  9. If no, what has caused you not to seek therapy services?
    1. I felt no need
    2. I was afraid the therapist would judge me
    3. I was afraid the therapist would try to take away the fetish I enjoyed
    4. I wanted to address issues such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem, yet feared the therapist would tell me my fetish is what caused them and just give me drugs
    5. I heard horror stories from other fetish friends about bad experiences with therapy
    6. I had my own bad experiences with therapy
    7. What I read in psychology classes or literature was so negative I was afraid to go
    8. Other _________________________________________________________
  10. If you were to seek out therapy, what would be the ideal therapeutic approach to best help you? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________
  11. What other questions that have not been covered by this questionnaire do you believe would be important to be asked in order to give a better understanding to the mental health community? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________
  12. Are there other people you know in the ABDL community who you think would be a good candidate and willing to participate in this study? If so, would you be willing to pass on the contact information (phone number or email address) so they can make contact? ___________________________________________________________________

Dissertation: 2014| HTML conversion: 14 September 2014

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This work is copyright Dr. Rhoda J. Lipscomb, PhD, LPC, DAACS, BCPC, posted by permission. Dr. Lipscomb can be reached at dr.rhoda@yahoo.com.