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Objects in motion tend to stay in motion, while objects at rest tend to stay at rest... unless they are wolfcubs.

Playing with BitterGrey on FurryMUCK

By BitterGrey

On FurryMUCK, BitterGrey appears as a non-anthro (short for non-anthropomorphic, not humanized) wolf cub that acts too big for his britches. For example, he might boast about being the "strongest biggest baddest alpha-est male wolf", even when he's in diapers and surrounded by characters that could toss him around like a stuffed toy. (Of course, he won't do this with an older male wolf in the room, who might put him back in his place.)

The contrast between player and character makes playing him as a character interesting, but it can complicate playing with him for others. I'll try to clarify.

Special Considerations

skunkycub.gif Consensual non-consent: I play a cub by choice. Along with being cute and fluffy, a key part of being a cub is not getting his way all the time. For example, if decorated with ribbons, he'll protest that he isn't cute and object to looking girly. He'd similarly object to being treated like a stuffed toy, mind-controlled into being well-behaved, etc. Remember that this is just the character talking. Out-of-character (OOC) comments will usually be whispered or paged as needed.

Diapers & babyhood: BitterGrey (the cub) enjoys diapers and parental attention, but is shy about admitting it. At any given time, he might or might not be in diapers even though he's not completely trained. When wet, he generally won't ask to be changed. This is partially because the character is prideful, and partially because the player doesn't want to impose on caregivers.

Non-anthro: Unlike many characters on FurryMuck, BitterGrey isn't physically anthropomorphic. That is, his body is much like that of a real wolfcub. He is quadrupedal (walks on four paws), and his small size makes him portable. His non-anthro lupine build makes him durable. He considers himself indestructible. He can run and is reasonably agile, but hasn't grown into his paws yet and so might stumble over them or slip. He lacks thumbs, which complicates changing out of diapers, clothes, etc. that others have put on him. He's colorblind, but is familiar with the concept of color and that pink is girly. BitterGrey does talk.

In play, others can use their choice of anthro or non-anthro behaviors when interacting with him. BitterGrey responds to either, but results might vary. (By the way, the basic non-anthro response for an insubordinate cub is to flip him over onto his back and hold him down, usually with one paw on his chest.)

General Considerations

Experienced roleplayers on MUCKs or elsewhere might already be familiar with these.

Interaction: When interacting with another character, especially one-on-one, avoid breaks in the interaction. In real life, even if listening to a monologue, your physical presence and expression are an ongoing form of interaction. In text-based MUCKs, this isn't true. For example, some novice babyfurs might lay passively while their diaper is being changed. This can make things dull for the caregiver. Interaction can be preserved by giggling, smiling, cooing, squirming, etc. (Spraying might also be considered, in moderation.)

Text-based reality: FurryMUCK is a text-based reality, and so it is limited only by imagination and communication. Of course, there needs to be a balance. Spelling out every single detail would be excessive, and would preclude others from contributing. However, leaving too much unexpressed might result in different players imagining different things. They would then proceed in ways that don't make sense to each other. FurryMUCK has a "spoof" function that can be used to express details without actually saying or doing something. This becomes easier after players become familiar with the defaults of FurryMUCK. For example, since many boys on FurryMUCK have sheaths, tucking them in the "down" position when putting a fresh diaper on doesn't work very well.

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