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Dribbling After Wetting

By BitterGrey with contributions from JamieBoy.

"The little dribble always feels as nice as letting go in a diaper, but it's something you can practice ALL OF THE TIME when you're not in a diaper and/or being forced to do things "the other way" because of adult situations." - JamieBoy

Our urinary systems default to staying closed and clear of urine, except when wetting. Retraining closure successfully would cause urinary incontinence, and so should only be considered by those who are certain that they want to wear diapers all the time. In contrast, retraining the clearing of the urethra can give a small amount dribbling out after urination, at least for males. This is one approach to a slight, uncontrolled wetting.

Developing this dribbling is conceptually simple, but since we have been clearing our urethras after wetting for so long, that habit might be persistent. JamieBoy writes "Instead, just ease into the peeing, and just give yourself plenty of time afterward (better done sitting) for things to dribble out, BUT DO NOT try to close the flow... "

Of course, this practice is not without drawbacks. The dribbling might be to little to give a sense of wetness, or too much to avoid visible wet spots on the pants. Cotton undies and synthetic pants might give the widest margin for this. Odor also might be a problem - both of the urine and the wet fabric, as well as a residual odor if the clothes weren't effectively laundered. If the urethra isn't eventually cleared, there also might be a risk of urinary infection.

In the longer term, there a few unknowns. Our potty training didn't differentiate between closing and clearing, so retraining one function might affect the other. Additionally, as men get older there might be an increased tendency for them to dribble. These might or might not be issues for you, but you should be aware of them before retraining to dribble after wetting.

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