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'Rebar' hypnosis files

By BitterGrey

Steel has limitations as a structural material. Over long spans, it tends to buckle and fold like a cheap coat hanger. However, it is particularly effective as a reinforcement for concrete: The concrete keeps the bars from bending, while the bars keep the concrete from cracking and crumbling. The ribbed steel reinforcing bars are called "rebar" for short.

Will-supplanting, mind controlling hypnosis usually only happens in movies and other works of fiction. However, there have been a few hypnosis files that affected me quickly - seemingly even before I listened to them. These files weren't inherently better than the others, but simply more compatible. Like rebar, they offered definition while drawing support. Based on a limited sample, these rebar files had three things in common.

Compatibility with lifestyle and livelihood. The file needs to mesh with what you do. Call it an unconscious safeguard. Call it a pragmatism that is hard to fully escape.

Compatibility with the listener's identity. The file needs to mesh with who you are and how you see yourself. A wetting file that draws on an AB's sense of babyhood to reinforce the suggestions won't work as well for DLs or urophiliacs, who don't identify as babies.

Compatibility with other suggestions and files. The file needs to mesh in with all the other files that you expect to work. A cluster of suggestions that all mesh with your wants might work better than just one. However, rejecting some suggestions might cripple all of them.

If you aren't getting what you want out of hypnosis, perhaps it isn't a matter of file quality, but of file compatibility. This perspective isn't a new scientific discovery: It isn't scientific and might not even be new.

Of course, this makes finding the right file harder. If quality alone mattered, we could look for files that worked for others or cut straight to the expensive files, hoping that they were somehow better than the free files. Compatibility is a much more personal matter. Still, the search for the right files for you might be more rewarding than the endless pursuit of wrong files.

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