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Mapping Paraphilic Infantilism - Results - Figure 3

By B. Terrance Grey

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 Figure #3 - Diaper Type and Importance.

Figure Description

This figure is a 3D bar plot correlating the importance of diaper feel/sound/smell with the requirements for the diaper. 35% of ABDLs considered the diaper feel/sound/smell to be very important, and the diaper type critical. Another 45% were one step removed from this mode. They reported feel/sound/smell being important instead of very important, the diaper's presence critical (but not the particular type), or both.

Questions and Results Crosstabulation

This result involved questions number 8 and 27. The interim results are crosstabulated below.

8)[How important are these specific aspects in scenes, games, or fantasies to you?] The feeling/sound/smell of the diapers.

  1. Very important
  2. Important
  3. OK
  4. Tolerable
  5. Must be absent

27)How important is the right diaper (and diaper cover) for you?

  1. Diapers are critical, and the diaper must be of a right type. Other types might be practical, but just not the same. An ABDL or ageplay scene without a diaper (either on me or my partner) just wouldn't work.
  2. Diapers are critical, but the type of diaper isn't. An ABDL or ageplay scene without diapers (either on me or my partner) just wouldn't work.
  3. Diapers are optional. An ABDL or ageplay scene without a diaper (either on me or my partner) might work.
  4. Diapers might be OK, but not really what I'm into.
  5. Wearing a diaper is unpleasant. I'll have more fun without it.
Type Critical Critical Optional OK Unpleasant
Very Important 406 224 21 1 1
Important 144 156 44 8 0
OK 36 59 33 6 0
Tolerable 8 12 2 1 0
Absent 2 3 1 4 0
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