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Psychosexual Infantilism in Adults: The eroticization of regression Appendix D

Appendix D of Thomas John Speaker's Doctoral dissertation "Psychosexual Infantilism in Adults: The eroticization of regression"

(The pre-OCR version is available as well.)

name age   orientation   relationship
"A"   Ronald 55 hetero married
"B" Alex 54 hetero married
"C" Louis 52 bisexual none
"D" Damien 47 gay unknown
"E" Bobby 37 gay none
"F" Lawrence 33 hetero married
"G" Richard 40 gay none
"H" Salvadore   51 hetero widowed
"J" Ricardo 49 hetero widowed
"K" Susan 29 hetero married
Carlos 39 gay with lover
"M" Sonny 41 bisexual none
Lee 39 gay with lover
Howard 34 bisexual with lover
Matt 45 bisexual married
Will 37 hetero married
Jerry 39 bisexual divorced
Gabriel 45 gay none
Issac 46 hetero married
Bill 32 hetero has lover
Jenny 29 hetero has lover
Leonard 43 gay with lover
Sam 35 bisexual none
Nino 31 hetero none
Mark 35 gay with lover
John 26 bisexual female lover
Patrick 43 hetero with lover
Eric 30 hetero with lover
Mike 41 hetero with lover
Gordon 33 hetero with lovers
James 36 bisexual married
Stephen 35 hetero married

Dissertation: 1986| HTML conversion: 19 Sept 2010

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