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After all this talk about morality and everlasting life, its time to discuss something that also has an eternal significance...

Will there be a Nursery in Heaven?

By BitterGrey

Unfortunately, a conclusive argument cannot be supported. The Bible does not mention a nursery in heaven, but then again, neither does it mention any nurseries on in Jerusalem. It is safe to assume that the stable was an exception, and that there were nurseries back then. This is simply because people have always needed a place to raise their children.

But will there be children in heaven? Well, in light of eternity, children grow up really fast. That, and there won't be any marriages - we will be like the "angels in heaven" (Matthew 22:30). (This, of course, assumes that the angels in heaven aren't currently engaging in wild, extramarital orgies and so becoming pregnant. ) There is also a minor point that if people had children in the Eternal Kingdom, its population would increase at an exponential rate. That is, it would get very crowded very fast. Bummer. Sounds like a good argument for recycling - not just diapers, if you understand. Not only that, but even if the number of babies remained constant, the landfills of disposable diapers would eventually reach planetary proportions. But then again, it is the place where all things will be made new.

I still think it will be a cool place, even if it might not have a nursery. Why? Because God will be with us, and he is the ultimate Daddy. Christ frequently called to Him "Abba." Many stuffy, bookish types leave this untranslated and use the ever so formal "Father" next to it. Perhaps this is because they are insecure in their own manhood. In Aramaic, the word means "Daddy," "Dada," or "Papa." He meets our needs (Matthew 6:31-33). He cares for us (1st. Peter 5:7). He watches over us (Psalm 23).

The only thing He lacks is a tangibility, a presence, but this will change. He will be close to us (Revelation 21:3) and wipe away our tears, and keep us safe, and sooth our pain (21:4). There won't even be monsters under the bed at night (21:25).

There may or may not be diapers there, but we will all be changed (1 Corinthians 15:51). We may or may not be breastfed, but the land will flow with a river greater than milk and honey. The old order of things will have passed away, and it will be a very cool place.

- Updated:30 March 2011     

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