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Diapers and Chastity

By BitterGrey

TLDR: A chastity cage or belt can enhance the experience of wearing diapers through specific synergies, although there are a number of complications and conflicts that might limit the appeal of the combination. Some might enjoy permanent chastity, while others might practice it only intermittently, perhaps enjoying a fantasy of permanence. While not particularly dangerous, the use of a chastity device includes some manageable hazards. Some synergies, conflicts, and hazards are specific to those equipped with penises.

Diapers include an aspect of chastity, to some extent enclosing genitals, conceptually putting them out of sight and reach until changing time. Some enjoy wearing an additional chastity device - a chastity belt or more commonly a chastity cage - under diapers. Some might enjoy how the device buries one component of adulthood more deeply than the diaper alone does. This might be part of a chaste and diapered lifestyle, without conventional sex. Others might only wear them intermittently, and enjoy how the device prolongs a scene by delaying masturbation. However, wearing a chastity cage or belt under diapers might be more common as a fantasy than as a practice, as there are some practical complications.


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